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Founded in 2014, Gloocal Communications is an experienced PR Agency based in Mumbai, India. Gloocal is a well-equipped team of passionate consultants, has a proven track record in working with various local and multinational brands. Gloocal PR is considered as one of the ‘Best PR Consultancy’ in Mumbai with effective & successful PR campaign. Gloocal Communications is a leading Public Relation & Digital Marketing Consultancy who has serviced in the area of Healthcare, Lifestyle, Travel & Tourism, Pharma, Real Estate, Hospitality, Entertainment, Startup, Arts and Interior& Home Decor with the network in New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Bangalore and Chennai.
Trailblazers behind Gloocal Communications
Parag Dhurke, Co-founder, Managing Director & CEO of Gloocal Communications has completed his MBA from JBIMS. Parag is an Entrepreneur & accomplished communicator with a decade of experience in Corporate Reputation, Strategic Planning, and Creative Development and Media Relations. He has been recognized alongside for his expertise in Integrated Communications and drive for excellence in the Public Relations field. During his long-stint of 10-years in the PR industry, Parag has spearheaded many leading accounts from varied fields, ranging from FMCG, IT& Technology, Infrastructure, Hospitality and Healthcare (Hospital & Pharma) and many lifestyle clients. His expertise in image making for specialists doctors and entrepreneurs allows him to stand out and gain recognition amongst the industry experts. He led several healthcare PR campaigns at Fortis Healthcare, Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai etc. like the Cricket Match for Knee & Hip surgery patients. Children against tobacco, Guinness World Records achievement has helped brand to gather huge community momentum for their cervical cancer awareness, Drawing competition among school children to educate them about deadly diseases like Cardiac, Cancer, Obesity etc. These campaigns have been identified as inspirational and thought provoking from the healthcare point of view. His innovative PR strategies have helped corporates & individual to achieve their goal.
Bhaskar Tare, Co- Founder & Director of Gloocal Communications, with more than 10-years in Public Relations, Bhaskar has spearheaded many leading accounts in different fields. Having hands-on knowledge about PR and strong media connect, he has provided consultancy to the clients from varied sectors, such as Healthcare, Travel & Tourism, Arts, Education, Real Estate and Politics. Bhaskar’s initiatives with the media and persuasive skills have helped him establish a reputation as a leading PR specialist in the communication industry today.
At Gloocal, he leads the client management team & media relations.
Gloocal Communications delivers measurable value to both reputation and the bottom
line by creating multi-dimensional communications programs including:
Public Relations
Gloocal’s PR services involves Healthcare, Consumer Products and Brands, Corporate Communications, Technology Communications, Beauty, Travel & Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Entertainment & Sports Marketing, Public Affairs/Government Relations, Crisis Communications, Not for Profit, Event Marketing, Social Media, and SEO/Online Reputation Management PR.
Many things altogether make a brand. The most important thing is the lived experience of the brand. Branding is more than a company’s name and symbol. A brand is created and influenced by people, culture, messages, words, visuals, style, perception, PR, opinions, news media and more than all, Social Media. A good branding of your company nurtures, supports, develops and continuously cares in order to survive and grow.
Gloocal’s branding services involves Branding & Positioning, Design Thinking, Company & Product Naming, Corporate & Product Branding, Brand-Standard Manuals, and Logo Design.
Web Design
In today’s world of techno-savvy people, Internet is the only way for web designers and developers to make a big business and for that they need to keep up with upcoming trends and latest technologies.
Gloocal offers best in class services in Web site Design & Development, Blog site Design & Development. Gloocal designs blogs for your product, which provides a glimpse into future developments; even it makes you stands out from the rest.
Social Media
Gloocal is one of the best platforms for the social media space, they provides well-researched, comprehensive content that’s useful for all levels of social media marketers. Gloocal’s focus has always been to make a positive brand reputation for their client. They help their clients gain tangible results from their social media activities and advising clients on developing online media campaigns.
Gloocal’s services involves Social Media Strategy Development, Social Media Consulting, Social Content Creation, and Promotions
Gloocal offers strategic planning, a form of document made by them which is used to communicate with the organization, the organization’s goals, the actions required to attain those goals and all the other critical elements developed during the planning exercise.
Branding campaigns raises awareness and visibility of your product or service. To help reach these objectives, Gloocal’s campaign creation increases traffic to your website for encouraging customers to communicate with your brand.
Most advertisers with branding goals are primarily concerned with creating brand awareness. They may want to track conversions like page views instead of purchases.
After establishing a complete branding campaign, Gloocal chooses the best place to display your advertisements, and thereby they do measurement & monitoring for your brand followed by monitoring conversions, impressions, and other statistics.
Gloocal’s Core Values
Brainstorming”, the most important thing to start with a structured, analytical process, helps them to develop innovative & result oriented ideas. Gloocal’s prime focus is their clients’ goal to be achieved with planning & timely execution and for that they are actively interacting with their clients to deliver service excellence with cost effectiveness.

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