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Avekshaa Technologies

Avekshaa offers products and solutions to proactively manage and continuously improve the Performance, Availability, Scalability and Security (P-A-S-S™) of complex, business-critical applications and IT systems for leading enterprise clients across the globe. Avekshaa’s P-A-S-S™ Assurance Platform based performance engineering and assurance solutions enables early detection and prevention of technology failures, and helps extract the maximum value from the cleint’s hardware and software investments.
Aims to be Global Market Leader in P-A-S-S™ Assurance space
Rajinder Gandotra, founder and CEO of Avekshaa Technologies , with his team of partners is building a world class technology firm. Avekshaa is the pioneer in introducing a paradigm shift in the way the P-A-S-S™ requirements are delivered to business critical applications and IT systems. By using a proactive, holistic and integrated approach to solving P-A-S-S™ issues, Avekshaa has wow-ed CIOs across its ET500 clientele.
The company has successfully delivered significant efficiency improvements in some of the most transacted, highly complex and real time systems across the globe. Given the adoption of the latest technology trends, these situations of increased complexity and customer expectations are becoming a norm and hence need to be solved comprehensively.
Avekshaa & Rajinder has been widely covered in print and online media – 60+ press mentions.
Under Rajinder’s leadership, the company has been consistently recognized for its excellence, innovation and value delivered. He has also been awarded recently by the “The Smart CEO-Startup50”.
Proven Track Record
Avekshaa’s P-A-S-S™ Assurance Platform – led solution prevents and rapidly resolves P-A-S-S™ related issues across all layers of technology stack. It enables in-depth evaluation of P-A-S-S™ from an architectural perspective and identifies practical solutions for transforming IT system efficiency. It unlocks complexities of integrated applications that use heterogeneous technologies in multi-vendor scenarios, thereby making it easy to isolate and resolve complex issues. The P-A-S-S platform is capable of identifying issues in impacted technology layer and supporting it with sufficient empirical analysis where source code is not applicable. This data driven approach helps engage with relevant vendors in deploying timely fixes and to provide faster resolution for complex technology issues.
Vision and Mission
Avekshaa’s mission is to help their clients focus and grow their business efficiently and profitably by making their IT systems secure, faster and predictable, with a vision to be, “The leading global niche provider of P-A-S-S™ assurance products and solutions that will transform theirr customers’ IT delivery, paving the way for better business results.”
Future Agenda
The company has achieved the trust of their global clients by advising them by a vendor-neutral and technology-agnostic approach and has delivered improved profitability, customer service, and operational efficiency.
The company plans to aggressively pursue the new solution approach it has so far adopted along with the many products that it is developing to continuousaly differentiate and deliver significant value to its customers worldwide.
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