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Ranked high in an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies and chosen in the top-tier list – TachTech, a San Francisco based information technology solutions provider is flying high with its excellence in IT solutions.
TachTech is a global provider of information technology solutions. Their passion for people, business, and technology results in superior experiences for their clients. TachTech is Committed to deliver and adapt solutions that position their clients for optimal performance and sustainable competitive advantage. TachTech’s approach aligns innovation and best practices with each client’s unique constraint and business strategy.
Kyle Rosenthal, A Technology Evangelist
Kyle Rosenthal, Founder and CEO of TachTech, has over twenty years of experience in information technology. He has a long-standing reputation in the San Francisco Bay Area as a community builder, emerging technology evangelist, and proponent of best practices in web scale infrastructure and monitoring.
Services Offered
TachTech is designed to deliver IT innovation in an unprecedented way, and offers global logistics services traditionally associated with large firms whose primary value is logistics versus technical leadership.
TachTech delivers a broad range of products and expertise spanning network, storage, compute, virtualization, and security. Today’s data center best practices demand this breadth of expertise, along with programming capabilities to leverage the DevOps approach to agile operations. TachTech also provides global logistics and integration services to help ease the challenges and lower the costs associated with its clients demands for international expansion and support.
TachTech addresses the needs of both traditional and agile IT environments while delivering global logistics capabilities that include importer of record services to more than 75 countries.
Key Values
TachTech is connected to this culture of innovation in a special way, and has shown it can deliver results as evidenced by its growing client base and industry recognition. All of this could be only possible on the basis of high values followed. TachTech follows values like integrity, persistence, resilience, teamwork, empathy and most importantly, putting people before profits.
TachTech differentiates itself by providing highly innovative and tailored solutions that only a smaller provider has the agility to provide, coupled with the global logistics capabilities of large providers.
Future Perspective
TachTech recently announced its global expansion to more effectively serve clients in more than 75 countries. This includes offering importer of record services to ease and speed up international deployments, and the ability to deport equipment globally.
In addition, TachTech is developing a plan to offer international integration centers. TachTech projects that a portion of the market will align with innovative practices from established vendors, while others will seek more open solutions that efficiently leverage hardware commoditization.
Valuable Guidelines For New Startups by TachTech
Culture is a key. The right culture will glue a team together to adapt to market opportunities and yield success. Be prepared to be humbled daily, and to gain a deeper understanding of the values that drive your culture. You will need to be a student and a teacher.
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