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Zycko was founded with the original business concept to provide a portfolio of accessories and infrastructure into the networking channel. As a value added UK IT distributor, Zycko’s offering includes pre-sales expertise, technical support, custom configuration, industry-leading accredited training programmes, full demonstration and proof of concept facilities, financing, and in-house marketing support.
David Galton-Fenzi, a Growth Enabler
Appointed as Sales Director from September 2001- March 2013, David Galton-Fenzi, is now working as a CEO of Zycko from April 2013. Prior to joining Zycko, David held the position of Sales Manager at Comstor and was instrumental in the period of rapid growth that saw sales ramp up from $50m to over $500m per annum.
Services offered by Zycko
Zycko has an extensive suite of professional services and business services that they utilise to research the market, complete due diligence, provide partner enablement, create sales tools, fully support solutions, and help drive business generation. These services are wrapped around technology areas including network and communications, accessories and infrastructure, monitoring and management, storage and virtualization, cloud and performance management.
A characteristic which differentiates Zycko from its competitors is, its focus on new and emerging ‘for the next generation’ best-in-class technologies. Zycko takes active responsibility for driving market demand, whereas other distributors concentrate on fulfilling more established brands while simultaneously offering competitive vendors. Their model of ‘distribution’ will never be able to compete with Zycko for depth of knowledge, vendor focus, market confidence & loyalty. Zycko also offers a global services and fulfillment program, allowing European based partners to deliver managed projects worldwide.
Roadblocks overcome
On the basis of their core principles & philosophy, high adaptability, knowledge, capability and differentiation, Zycko proactively accelerated the evolution of many of their vendor channel programs and customers. Their key values such as collaboration, clear communication and enablement is within their DNA and it is these values that have seen Zycko grow both in front end revenue and profitability in the ever changing ever more competitive world of IT.
Future Vista
With the vision to continue their transformation into a worldwide services organisation through leveraging their unique technical and enablement expertise, Zycko aims to be recognised as the go-to services partner for SIs, SPs and VARs for delivering next generation best-in-class technologies.
In the future it is going to be important that Zycko stay one or two steps ahead of their SIs, SPs and VARs customers in order to help them lower the initial cost of investment and then allowing them to exponentially scale their own services securely on demand.
Suggestions for new startups
The root to any successful project is its ‘preparation’, seek industry advice, do extensive market due diligence, employ good people and find a way to keep them.
Source : http://www.insightssuccess.com/

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