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Enterprises are more than ever seeking to derive value from their data, to drive business results and customer engagement. As data grows, analytics progressively moves to real-time and becomes more complex, the role of Big Data is in focus. There are forces at play that enterprises must embrace driving profound changes in data management, such as: The penetration of mobile devices, personalization of services, internet of things, online commerce and the expectation of customers and consumers for instant response. DataMetica is world-leading in Big Data analytics, helping organizations gain competitive edge and drive success from their data, to save cost, to become a real-time enterprise, to modernize their information management strategy, tools and processes.
Experienced and Skilled Team Behind DataMetica
DataMetica founders, Rajiv Gupta, CEO and Dr. Phil Shelley, President, bring extensive business leadership skills with IT and analytics backgrounds. With decades of collective experience, they gained skills in Big Data and Advanced Analytics while working together at Sears. As early adopters of Hadoop, building and running large-scale production Big Data environments taught them the importance of a reliable, well-governed and an integrated approach to new data platforms and advanced analytics. The extended leadership team at DataMetica bring deep operational knowledge, patterns, tools and services, with many years of hands-on large-company knowledge, showing clients how to integrate Big Data solutions into an established data management landscape.
DataMetica was fortunate to start with customers from day one. Their track-record was well known and their expertise and operational experience were recognized by peers in other companies; these factors helped to attract clients even before they founded the company. DataMetica leads the Big Data industry with extensive use-cases, governance, data modeling, techniques and methods to migrate workload and run operations in large enterprises. Initiatives are focused on driving value from data in ways previously impossible..
DataMetica offers a blend of Big Data and Analytics best practices, methodologies, standards, templates, automation and process orchestration. The firm incorporates standardized and “ready to deploy” models, frameworks for rapid delivery of high quality application services. They offer proof-of-concept leading to production, with application accelerators, tools to handle metadata and data movement accelerators, all to minimize the total amount of effort & cost spent by an organization when implementing Big Data solutions.
DataMetica’s foundation is a pool of skilled Big Data resources, staffing clients needs for projects and operational support. A robust project governance model with a dedicated account team is put in-place for reliable communication and alignment. Highest visibility and oversight from DataMetica Executives, along with a strong core multi-functional team, delivers results, reliably and fast.
Mission of DataMetica
DataMetica has the single-minded mission, to design and deliver enterprise-class Big Data solutions, with agility and reliability. They dedicate their business process and innovation know-how, their deep industry expertise and worldwide resources to working together with clients. Particular areas of strength include all aspects of Big Data, Data Governance, Nosql, Cloud, both structured and unstructured Data Processing, Web Analytics, In-memory processing, Real Time Analytics and Data Science.
Future Plans
Being recognized as delivering results, reliably and quickly at a cost that is affordable: This model is creating waves in the IT industry.

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