Blackberry Ready to Roll Out “Crisis Communication” Platform in India

Canadian smartphone maker and enterprise software giant BlackBerry is ready to roll out its secured network crisis communication platform in India, sensing the good potential for it, basing  on the background of events like Chennai Cyclone which adversely affected the post cyclone connectivity in the city.
Having instigated the discussions with enterprises for potential arrangements, Blackberry will initiate pilot projects with some enterprises within a short notice, while full commercial contract may come up before the second half of 2017. The company is also looking forward for bringing solutions through its AtHoc division.
According to the reports by Blackberry, they are looking forward at the potential for the solution, which tends to be  huge in India, and it could contribute 15-20% of its revenue here over a period of time, as the market size for the technology is ready to reach multi-million dollar per year in India.
BlackBerry’s AtHoc is looking forward at tapping the defense and security sector, with the aim of assisting government agencies, airports authorities and metro train projects like Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), and also enterprise verticals like healthcare.
AtHoc’s suite unifies crisis communications within the organizations with their people, devices and external entities. It also provides a multi-channel communication system allowing users to send the same message as a text message, phone call (automatic text to speech), email and voicemail.
At present AtHoc, which was bought by Blackberry, specialises in critical communications and is dedicated towards providing solutions to 80% of the US federal government.

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