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The current day professional world is an open marketplace with increasing complexities and layers of enmeshed challenges. Given the current global digital explosion – India alone has nearly half a billion internet users – it has become extremely important to be involved in higher networking to learn from and master solutions to existing as well as future challenges.
Networking, however, is more effective with easy accessibility to capable and available professionals, given a favorable, firm ecosystem. Blue Tie Global Pvt. Ltd. thus steps in, as a one-of-its-kind platform offering access to profiles of relevant professionals, replete with their requisite information and professional goals. Its algorithms successfully enables effective networking, even beyond the personal connections.
The company empowers objective-driven technology and caters to the needs of professionals by helping them identify and connect with other professionals with complementary objectives. Thus this platform efficaciously addresses the essential need of the hour and improves productivity, thereby helping the users to disassemble professional convolutions. BlueTie stands tall in taking away all formalities and intricacies of building bridges with people far from the reach of common customers. Widening horizons to network with relevant professionals, BlueTie plays a pivotal role in sharpening the focus on rolling out a mutually synergized experience.
Recently, BlueTie was also recognized as the Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award at the 11th Edition of the International Achievers Conference held in Thailand recently.
The Professional Journey
Acknowledging the loopholes in the effective networking, BlueTie placed its cornerstones in the latter half of 2016 with an aim to transform the networking landscape for better. The journey stemmed from the desire to bridge this gap by enabling individuals to discover and communicate with professionals across diverse geographic locations. The platform focused on helping individuals collaborate with other professionals with symbiotic synergies that match their objectives at that time.
With concrete endeavors, the company engaged Sweden based Jorgen Nilsson, CEO, Zenterio and the UAE-based Khalil Mohd Al-Hindwan, VP, TransSys Solutions as the global advisors. These personas made swift moves in focusing on the aspect of global expansion for BlueTie. Today, the company has grown from a team of fifteen to over fifty, backed by investments of over 1.2 Million USD.
Meet the Proficient Duo
Kalyan Garud and Kunal Garud, the Co-founders of BlueTie and brothers by relation, come from different professional expertise. Having founded and led an advertising agency, Shrooms Creatives, Kunal comes from an entrepreneurial background. He oversees the operations and product evolution at BlueTie to keep it evolving in the right direction in line with the global vision.
On the other hand, Kalyan comes from a corporate sector with experience in global IT companies such as IBM, KPMG, Mahindra Satyam, etc for over a decade. Currently at BlueTie, he fosters an ecosystem of growth by cementing the overall organizational pillars and the technical infrastructure for the products to ensure the realization of its vision in the longer run.
The duo understood the importance of networking and recognized that the biggest hindrance in effective networking was the absence of a platform which enables professionals to network and collaborate with a purpose, thus bringing to life BlueTie.
“We strongly believe that shifting focus from only network building to networking is the key!” says the duo.
The Curated Set of Services
The company firmly believes that networking is a one-stop solution to all professional problems. Some of the core features of BlueTie are:
Objective Based Networking – Users can meet and network with the right professional for every objective. Users can choose their networking objective and connect with professionals who share a co-relating objective
Get Searched Precisely – The platform allows users to choose their fortes (Skills, Certifications, Software expertise) and get searched by those who are looking for professionals with the same skill set.
Go Beyond Your Personal Connections – The professionals who complement the objectives that the users are looking to achieve can be beyond their limited personal connections. BlueTie allows one to look beyond one’s personal connections, and reach out to professionals in a cordial manner, cutting straight to the chase without the frills of introductory obligations.
Acknowledgement – Interactive and effortless acknowledgement system so that the professionals can utilize their time effectively thus reducing the scopes of miscommunication.
Networking, without Network Building – BlueTie enables professionals to start networking the moment they join, without the hassles of building and maintaining huge lists of personal connections.
BlueTie Pin – A Professional Contact detail for all professional communication dissuading the use of any personal information in order to minimize spam
A Bigger Canvas
Blue Tie Global believes that the foremost thing to stand out from the clutter is to stay updated with the trends and be prepared for the future challenges. “You always need to keep learning not only from market success but also from market failures. Understand what is relevant to you, absorb it and put it to use,” asserts Kalyan.
Being in any kind of business, the biggest difficulty that any startup faces is to execute its innovations. A startup where ‘no idea is bigger than execution’ is the sustainable one and will have a long term differentiation factor in the ecosystem. In short, the game plan is to apply the learnings, stick to the vision, and bring the innovation to execution,” Kalyan Garud included.
A decade ago, E-commerce industry saw a huge impetus triggered by the availability of a huge potentially virgin market. The investment bait was the expansion of customer base as opposed to the unit economics which was then considered as a long run business objective.
Now, there is a similar wave for networking. With the emerging career scopes, networking has become a must for every professional. Different platforms offered different ways of building huge networks, lots of them discontinued while some settled to become industry leaders. However, all these platforms focused on the connection-based approach and the other avenues were left unexplored, limiting the scopes of actual pure networking. BlueTie thus focuses on leveraging these gaps and providing a platform which enables professionals today to bring effectiveness in the way they network, by introducing and inculcating objective-based networking.
Fueling the Emerging Masses
For budding entrepreneurs, the energy that is driven by their passion is the key to unlock the doors to success. Kalyan Garud, advices the young minds to make sure that they complete the cycle. “There will be times when you are just two steps away or likely to fail, its’ fine! Backing out or leaving that undone will do more harm than failure. Do not give up, complete the cycle that you started. Most of the startups or ventures fail not because they don’t have the potential; it’s because they fail to complete the cycle.”
Kalyan also asserts the importance of validating your ideas. However convinced one is with one’s own idea, to make it fool proof, it is important to validate it with a proper documentation and experts who have an experience in the field.
Lastly, for young entrepreneurs, starting early gives an upper hand. There is little or no added responsibility. There’s a lot to learn and very little to lose. Youngsters can explore more, take more risks and decide on what they want to settle.
So, the company edifies the emerging entrepreneurs to inculcate the habit of starting things early and taking it to a closure, irrespective of how big or small the startup is. This habit is worth a million dollars!
Turning More Pages
Cherishing a futuristic approach throughout the organization, BlueTie is moving forward to expand itself into a multi-dimensional one. It looks forward to evolve as a frontrunner in newer avenues of networking along with bringing more effectiveness and efficiency to the existing avenues.
The second objective down the line is to place its best foot forward for and expand globally. Currently having PAN India presence, the company aims to be a leader in the emerging markets, starting with South East Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and so on. The company is all set to launch one of its major roadmap items in the near future.
BlueTie looks forward to evolve as a frontrunner in newer avenues of networking along with bringing more effectiveness and efficiency to the existing avenues.
“With over 185k+ users and a new professional coming aboard every 70 seconds, we are on our way to add many more feathers to our cap,” conclude the co-founders.
The BlueTie mobile application is available for download on the Google Play Store as well as the App Store.
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