A Bond beyond the Boundaries!

‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

A beautiful phrase in Sanskrit reads “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”. It means “The World is nothing but One Family”. The beauty of this phrase sparkles even more, once we delve deeper into its meaning. It gives a message of peaceful-coexistence; the co-existence which fosters the environment of peace and prosperity across the globe. It illuminates the path of global citizenship. The citizenship that creates the much-needed economic balance among the countries of the 21st century.
Humanity was never meant to grow in isolation. The history of mankind itself speaks on this ideology. Whenever we have united and fought for a common cause, we have blossomed with the fragrance of success, every-single-time. But, there are some incidences too when we tried fighting our individual battles on our own, and kissed the palms of defeat as a result. The message we received was crystal-clear. All we needed to do was to make the right choices. And, we have chosen the right ones indeed.
In the 21st century ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ is not just a choice to make, it is the ‘Call of the time’. The times in which we are living now, world has moved far-far away from the challenges of the battle-fields. The challenges we are facing upfront are of much greater significance because they have a direct impact on the population at large. We are talking of the challenges of running on the path of economic development, removing economic imbalance, bringing food to every platter and fighting the common enemies like poverty, illiteracy and un-employment. Quite understandably, these battles are too difficult to be won if fought individually. But, we are fortunate to have the tools of globalization and liberalization in our hands. The tool which continually shatters the boundaries of demarcation across the countries, the boundaries which has kept the children of humanity separated for a long time.
Today, if any Multinational company in a first world country makes enormous profit, it shares the pie with several third world countries either by the means of revenue, or by the provision of their services or by employing their work-force.
On one hand, when Indian doctors and engineers have been contributing towards health-care and infrastructure development in countries like the USA, the UK and Japan; at the very same time, the multi-billion-dollar firms of the USA, the UK and Japan are burning their night oils to bring electricity and internet to multiple corners of Indian villages which are isolated from rest of the world.
Spark of Amalgamation
Different sections of the planet have been gifted with different kind of resources and natural habitats. Some countries have been blessed with high minerals and oil reservoirs, while some are having rich sources of engineering developments. While some have the richness in sectors of educational advancements, some have the power to feed the world with their agricultural capabilities.
The question arises; do they have the monopoly of exhausting the resources that belongs to them? Certainly not. Obviously, they will have the fair share of the benefits but the same should also be shared with the not-so-fortunate ones. The best thing is that this is actually happening. The boundaries are being shattered with every passing day. The gulf oil from Middle East is running billions of the vehicles across the globe. The agricultural food from countries like India is feeding many empty stomachs of relatively lesser developed countries. Students from any country have the access to move and gain the degrees from any country of their choice. The job-seekers have the flexibility to pick and choose the profession across the globe as per their liking and capabilities. Even at the cultural front, the age-old traditions of Yoga, which was originated in India, is benefitting multiple sections of the western civilization. Such is the beauty of amalgamation.
Essence of Togetherness
Gone are those days when a sudden plan to travel offshores used to bring multiple headaches to individuals. Be it a medical emergency, a business tour, a vacation on holiday or any educational tenure; people have been travelling a lot, more than they have ever done in the history before. Today, with improving bilateral ties among the countries, the VISA and Passport norms have been eased. Moreover, we have a plenty of valuable immigration consultants to provide the much-needed guidance one need to plan their movement outside their native countries.
Even if one travels to the farthest parts of the planet, one will always get a hint of the diaspora they belong to. Indian rice-curry in American suburbs and western food chains in Indian markets are few real proofs of amalgamation.
The world has been shrinking at a fast pace and the mentality of acceptance has been expanding at a greater pace. This was never seen before. For the realization of the dream of ‘One-Family’, the situation can’t be better. All we need to do is to break the shackles of conservative ideologies and open our arms, open our arms to embrace the brotherhood and open our arms to embrace the inclusiveness.
Together we can win more. Together we can achieve more. Let’s spread the message of togetherness. Let’s be the Family that we are always believed to be.

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