Bonito Designs: Curating Aesthetic Designs for Living Spaces

Sameer A.M CEO Bonito Designs

Designing a home is more than just furnishing it with the latest and trending pieces of furniture and décor. The design and interiors should speak volumes about those residing in it.  It should contribute to the warmth that the inhabitants’ exhibit in this place they call their home. It should reflect the personality and choices of the people inside. Elevating interior designing into an art of understanding spaces and customizing them to reflect the identities of their owners, Bonito Designs is a bespoke interior design studio that essentially brings in stories to spaces. It acquaints, familiarizes, and understands the vision of the space owner and then strives to reflect them in a manner that corresponds, and exceeds the vision of its clients.
A Multi-faceted Persona
Sameer is the CEO at Bonito Designs and his primary responsibility is to nurture harmony within functions at the company. He also leads the firm and is in charge of the entire business development, strategic planning, operations, and communications that take place inside and outside the company,
He pursued Computer Science at SJCE, Mysore after completing his schooling from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Shimoga. It is his inquisitive mind that drove him to a network marketing company during his college days. He became a part of several leadership workshops, conducted seminars, and personally trained prospective learners. This experience allowed Sameer to acquire essential people management skills, helped him understand and tackle cultural barriers and improved his delegation abilities, a trait that kept him in good stead for the future challenges to be faced during Bonito Design’s inception.
Sameer had his heart set on entrepreneurship. He waited for the right time and opportunity, and along with a few friends kick-started Bonito Designs in 2012. Their initial research of the industry informed them about the deep mistrust existing in the industry among clients and service providers. This prompted the team to position Bonito as a design studio that values customer insights the highest and keeps the client involved at every stage of the designing and execution process. Today, Bonito Designs stands for authenticity and personal spaces that are tailored around people who are going to live in those spaces.
Creating Beautiful Identities
Bonito Designs was conceptualized as a differentiated entity in the interior designing domain, focusing more on distinguishing a space by giving it an identity of its own. The term ‘Bonito’, which means beautiful was chosen as it aptly reflected the exotic design ideas crafted by the team and the end-goal of the organization, i.e. making homes beautiful for its customers. To attain this goal, Bonito works through 5 phases-Acquaintance, Design Phase, Production, Execution and the final Handover.
These phases help the company in knowing the stories of families and individuals that Bonito aims to ensconce in its design offerings.  It fuels the entire efforts of the team during designing, manufacturing, and execution stages. At every stage, clients’ inputs and involvement is given paramount importance. A dedicated Customer Relationship Manager constantly guides the clients and acts as a bridge to help them smoothly go through the entire designing process.
Befriending Technology
In order to ensure transparency and offer customers a chance to propose iterations, Bonito Designs has also launched an app for all the partakers of the project. The tech-based app acts as a central repository and guides throughout the project pipeline. It allows customers to be a part of the project by enabling them to track the progress at which the project evolves. The company soon plans to extend the app services to the on-site employees and other employees as well.
Bonito Designs helps millennials design their future ready homes with features such as automation lighting and home lock system. The company also offers one-year free post-sales support service. Post one year, the studio provides service support on a request basis at a nominal fee. It also offers guarantee/warranty claims for all the brands that they have listed in their portfolio. Additionally, Bonito Designs undertakes orders for modular kitchens, modular wardrobes, designer storage cabinets such as entertainment units, crockery cabinets, cots, decor paneling, false roofing and other visually dependent elements that define the aesthetics of the house.
Setting Goals                                   
Bonito Designs has worked on over 1000 projects and aims to aggressively bolster its operations in other cities as well. Sameer aims to expand Bonito’s services across the country. He is also looking forward to acquiring top-notch talent from all corners of the country and brings in multi-dimensional industry expertise to increase the baseline quality of the firm. He also plans to offer a gamut of products & services allied to its core designing services. With a vision of being the go-to platform to create innovative spaces that reflect owner’s personality, Bonito Designs aims to blur the lines between the formal, logistics and capacity oriented vocation of interior designing to the aesthetical journey of giving an experiential makeover to a space that becomes an active ingredient, and not a passive backdrop, to the memories that are created within its confines!

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