ETERNITY ARCHITECTS™ & INTERIORS: Designing a Better Tomorrow

In today’s era, embracing modernization has been the key to success. Be it any sector or industry, conventional strategies and business model have taken a paradigm shift to acknowledging the rapid advancement in the business world. One such landscape that has witnessed large-scale growth over the last few years is the Architecture &Interior Designing space. One such prominent player that has contributed to this progression and has successfully cemented its place in the segment is ETERNITY ARCHITECTS™ & INTERIORS.
ETERNITY is a dedicated consortium of architects & designers inspired by the intense desire to create apt design solutions keeping in mind the necessity of its clientele. Conceptualized in 1993, the entity has evolved as a design-oriented organization and with a perfect blend of energy and business acumen acquired over the years. Few of the exquisite services that have driven ETERNITY to stand tall amongst the competitive industry are listed below:

  • Large scale luxurious residential projects
  • Farm houses with landscaping & paraphernalia restoration projects
  • Health clubs
  • Institutional projects
  • Corporate projects
  • Commercial projects
  • High-end projects with variations in interior style furniture designing and manufacturing

The Adroit Leader
As the Founder, Sanjay Sareen is one such charismatic and inspiring leader who not only dreamt of building a castle but was determined to create a platform that would deliver countless architectural marvels of tomorrow. An alumni of Chandigarh College of Architecture, he completed his B. Arch and had bagged the gold medal in 1990. Additionally, he has also attained a Diploma in interior designing from the prestigious British School of Interiors, London.
His penchant for designing the elements differently and conceptualizing beyond the obvious has been his forte over the years. His expertise in crafting innovative designs perfectly blended with unmatched aesthetic sense has marked his supremacy over other market players. Managing the planning and designing of the architectural projects, his personality is a distinctive representation of his commitment towards the success of Eternity. Understanding the importance and having the confidence in his team, Sanjay offers interactive platforms that assist his staff to grow and develop alongside the company and Sanjay. He strongly believes that “aesthetic values and their diverse aesthetic expressions are a reflection of individual architects personal expression, based on designers’ tendency to experiment with form, materials, and ornament to create new aesthetic styles and aesthetic vocabulary and thus his desire to create beautiful and aesthetic spaces was the core of inspiration”.
“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”- Frank Gehry
Despite challenges and obstacles, Eternity has never drafted away from its passion of achieving ‘better than best’ solutions for its clientele. The company devotes time to understand the physiology and perception of the clients instead of imposing its own pre-defined generic-solutions. By interpreting the needs of the clients to the core, for Eternity every project is unique and holds special relevance in its journey to success.
Encouraging Creativity and Innovation in the Workspace
Team Eternity firmly believes that every Studio has its own culture which invariably takes the form of a family. Sanjay defines Motivation as the state, process, and mechanism concerned with production and thus he is stands as the pillar of motivation for the entire team. He further adds, “It is important for the employees to swing in the direction of the prevailing wind otherwise it will ultimately slowdown in the collaborative process”. Responsibility, Authority, and Answerability are the three elements that he abides for ensuring a seamless union of design development. His meticulous attention to every minute aspect of design and architecture has helped the team to convert every challenge into opportunities that came their way! Also giving back to the society is of prime importance for Eternity. It always aims to give it back to the society by involving into social projects on other levels as well. Few are listed below:
Ashram (spiritual level)
– Up gradation of gardens (Society level)
School in Bareilly (Education on national level)
Today’s Marketplace and a Sneak Peak to the Future
“Architect should be sensitive to the responsibilities that come with the profession.”- Sanjay
Opining to the words above, Eternity has successfully managed to integrate the constant changes in the industry. Technology and innovations has opened new avenues that were unheard of in the past, however embracing the progress and getting informed is the best way to be a part of the evolution process. Striving to attain aesthetics that derives beauty from pure functionality creating vision of harmonious design and innovating planning, Sanjay has been at the forefront to lead the changes. He further asserts – “We always try to take ETERNITY on next level and so to achieve further, we are collaborating with architects outside India like ‘Italy’ and ‘Sweden’ to understand their design approach and concepts to create something out of the box”.
Determined to set new benchmarks in the industry, Eternity has invested time in researching about the innovative concepts from the global design hubs like Italy, China, Dubai and more. It has incorporated these architectural master pieces and has showcased them at its exclusive showroom at Noida, India. Calling ‘Innovation’ as the new future, Eternity is open to explore new concepts and ideas and implement them to bring the latest in trend to use.

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