Daisaria Associates: Contributing to Architecture with a 60 years of legacy

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An architect doesn’t just create a building but creates a piece of history. One look at the architecture of a building gives a lot of information about the time it was built in. The Indian architecture is no exception as it is inspired by and inspires many other styles and most importantly the needs of the changing times. The Architectural Industry is often considered complicated and volatile and has changed a lot over the years. The current situation is driven by the client’s need for one-stop-shop for all their needs. Sensing this requirement for an architectural firm that can deal with the entire project as a one point contact for easy functioning and decision making for the project, Daisaria Associates have pitched in with their world-class services. The firm provides full professional services that include feasibility study, architectural design, interior design, liasoning /tenders and project management. It has also avidly been associated with International & National Architectural Competitions and Public Infrastructure projects.
Handling the Heritage
Daisaria Associates was founded in 1960 by Late Valjibhai Daisaria. Presently, it is led by Ar. Manoj Daisaria and Ar. Karan Daisaria.
Ar. Manoj is a graduate from Rachana Sansad’s Academy of Architecture also holds an LLB degree to support the legal assistance required for liasoning projects in Mumbai. Being one of the active members and past president of PEATA (I) Practicing Engineers Architects and Town-Planners association, India he has most definitely contributed significantly to the real estate fraternity through his knowledge and expertise in building regulations and guidelines of development in Mumbai. He is the Principal Architect of the firm, and undoubtedly one of the top Liasoning Architects in Mumbai. His avid knowledge of the current regulations of building rules and approvability of projects definitely slots him as one of the reputed Architects in the fraternity.
Ar. Karan, a post-graduate from Columbia University, New York is the Design Head of the firm, and believes with the legacy of 60 years also comes an expectation to do better. His focus has been to make the company diverse in the nature of projects and compliant with today’s technology and needs.
From public infrastructure to private real estate and from international competitions to urban design within Indian contexts, the team has broadened their horizons in every way. With Daisaria Associates’s intense & knowledgeable internship programs, trustworthy client relations, it is on the way to becoming a one-stop solution for architectural, interior design, and liasoning & project management services.
A One-Stop Solution
Daisaria Associates is one of the very few firms across India to have a plethora of services integrated within its work domain that makes it a one stop solution in the private and public real estate fraternities. It involves residential, townships, malls, I.T. Offices, commercial buildings, schools and residential/commercial interiors. It works with productive teamwork and utmost professionalism to ensure a high level of quality and professional standards both in design and project management. The aim is to ensure quality work and project completion within the budget and time constraint.
With Ar. Manoj Daisaria at its helm, the firm is the leading Liasoning Architect firm in Mumbai wherein it caters to municipal approvals from all governing authorities from MHADA to MCGM. It also delivers Architectural Design, Interior Design, Urban Design and Public Infrastructure and is working on Residential, Commercial, Mixed Use, Townships, Museums & Schools and Project Management Consultancy.
Evolving with Opportunities and Challenges
The firm believes that currently, the major opportunity which sometimes is also a challenge is to dive into the pool of the new arena of software that is introduced to aid the architecture sector. Leveraging technology is crucial and it is important that the firm is well updated with the current trends of the market and smoothly integrate the same within the fabric of the firm.
It also believes that with an efficient team, one can overcome most challenges of the real estate market. That is precisely why the office culture and work environment at Daisaria Associates has always induced innovation and rendered high efficiency. In order to keep the dynamism of design enthusiasm alive in the minds and hearts of its architects and interns, it works on various national and international design/concept-based competitions. From designing a habitat on the mars to a bazaar in Istanbul, from a floating pavilion to a school on a giant wheel, they have done it all. Design competitions aim at motivating creativity, generating team building and restoring innovation in the minds of the employee family.
Daisaria Associates also has one of the most intern friendly, rigorous and progressive internship programs that started in 2017. Within 2 years it has welcomed interns from over 25 cities & 35 colleges of India, diversifying the studio and opening arms to a platter of different ideas and thought processes. To quote what Ar. Karan Daisaria believes in “Our studio is synonymous to representing India”
Taking Things Forward
The past six decades have seen Daisaria Associates complete over 10 crore sq. ft. of construction area across Mumbai and beyond. It has made sure not to restrict itself to one type of domain of work only, and in broadening its horizons by diversifying its scope of involvement in a project. It has made sure that in the sector of private real estate it stands beside its clients in guiding them from the feasibility of the project to the right ticket size of homes and offices to reach optimum profit margins.
Keeping up with the momentum, the firm envisions moving forward and becoming all-encompassing by incorporating more services within its domain like legal consultation, Structural Design, MEP Design etc. On the design front, it envisions that within the next 10 years, it shall have some iconic projects in Mumbai and beyond under the brand of Daisaria Associates in the domain of Residential/Commercial Real estate, public infrastructure and Interior Design. To quote the management, “We believe that architecture is an amalgamation of user-based aspirations, sensitive urban methodologies and prospective pedagogues. Our highly equipped staff and architects make sure that client expectations are evolved into project realities.”

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