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A perfect blend of ‘Kala’ and ‘Aayojan’ i.e. blend of ‘Art’ and ‘Planning’, since 31 years, Kalayojan has set standards of ethics and rationale for design practice. In the world of competitive architectural practice, the name of Kalayojan stands out prominently.
Today, Kalayojan is one of the leading architectural firms in India offering full services in all disciplines of this field with the promise of the highest degree of quality and best prevalent standards of practice. Presiding over a transition from instinctive design style to nationwide design practice, Kalayojan has now forayed into the global arena.
The Pillars of Support
Ar. Sanjay Porwal, the Principal Architect
Architect Sanjay Porwal graduated from Sir JJ College of Architecture in 1984. After two years of training with architects Yahya Merchant and Premnath, he did a post-graduate program at the Urban Design Research Institute (UDRI), Mumbai. At the beginning of his professional career, he had the opportunity to work under the guidance of leading Indian architects like Charles Correa, Uttam C.Jain and others. He established his practice within two years after graduation in the name of Kalayojan at Mumbai. His office is now involved in projects of various scales ranging from single residential/ office building to large scale city master plans.
Ar. Pathik Joshi, the Executive Director
Architect Pathik Joshi graduated from Kamla Raheja Institute for Architecture, Mumbai (K.R.V.I.A). After graduation, he went to the USA for his masters in Urban Design at the University of Texas at Austin. After working in the USA for some years, he came back to India and joined “Kalayojan, architects and urban designers” as an Executive Director. His versatile international experience in architecture, master planning, and research has made him an integral part of “Kalayojan”. He now is involved in city master planning, campus designs, Architectural, and Urban Design works at Kalayojan which are located in various parts of India and Africa.
Ar. Abhilasha Porwal Joshi, the Executive Director
She has worked on several architectural projects from institutional to Private homes and also high-end interiors which break away from traditional detailing and imagination with a flavor of contemporary materials and technologies. She is known to create a vibrant and interactive environment in the workspace. Being very detail oriented she ensures a high level of personalization in her designs. And an ardent follower of minimalism, her approach to design is environmentally conscious.
More about ‘Kalayojan’
Today, Kalayojan’s name is reckoned for competitive architectural designing and is synonymous with its simultaneous application of logic and play, a deep sense of proportions and an eye for detail in all works. The organization, today, holds a diverse portfolio of projects covering almost all aspects of architecture viz. institutional, residential (private and group housing), commercial, infrastructural, interior, and landscaping.
Kalayojan’s projects are located at Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttaranchal, and other states in India and outside India as well. Though the practice includes residential, commercial, interior and urban design works, it is currently in the realm of public buildings, with the institutional design largely engaging its studios.
Exceptional Utility
Since from the inception, Kalayojan has set standards of ethics and rationale for design practice. What distinguishes a Kalayojan building/ interior is its masterly ability to translate contemporary condition of practice into an exciting and sophisticated art of living spaces, the virtual and the real.
Notable Moments
Till today, the company has received more than fifty awards and media recognition from the various prestigious felicitators. It was a very proud moment for Kalayojan, when its principal architect, Sanjay Porwal, was conferred the prestigious Commendation Award “Architect of the Year” by J.K.Cement for the development of 115 acres Visveswaraya Technological University campus at Belagavi in Karnataka. Another such occasion was the prize for “Aesthetics Matching with the Environment” awarded by the Indian Institute of Bridge Engineers to its design for the flyover with an underpass at Shivaji Chowk in Latur.
Promising Future
Here is a short poem written by the principal architect which exemplifies the total ambitions for the future.
Been here for quite some time,
Time to move ahead.
Seen all the scenes around,
Let me see scenes of my dreams ahead.

If I measure the boundaries of ambitions,
It’s not possible.
The more I walk towards it,
The more it runs ahead.
The same plans, the same buildings,
The same rooms which divide people.
Think I must make a house
Without walls-n-doors ahead.
-Ar. Sanjay Porwal

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