BrandLoom Consulting: Helping Brands to Serve Customers Better

BrandLoom Consulting
Avinash Chandra, FOUNDER, BrandLoom Consulting

The emerging startups of India are embracing innovation and advanced technologies to take their business to newer heights. They are passionate about changing the status quo of any existing marketplace. These startups empower their employees and allow them grow and become better versions of themselves. They extract valuable information from every feedback they receive from their clients, investors, advisors, and so on, and utilize the same to achieve further success in their endeavours.

One such major startup which making tremendous impact in the field of digital marketing is none other than BrandLoom, a trusted GoTo market business and brand consulting, experiential design, and digital marketing agency in India. It focuses on helping the brands to serve the customers better.

The person responsible for the growth of BrandLoom Consulting is Mr. Avinash Chandra, the Founder and CEO. He is an internet entrepreneur and a branding, digital marketing, and e-commerce consultant. In an interview with Insights Success, Mr. Avinash tell us about his journey and the inception of BrandLoom, its operations, the various services it provides, and its plans.

Following are the highlights of the interview:

Kindly mention in detail about your startup, its inception story.

BrandLoom was born in 2015. It became increasingly clear that the internet was altering our lives, and digital marketing was emerging as a promising sector. With BrandLoom, we hoped to bring together a group of talented people who not could not only deliver individual aspects of digital marketing- but also help brands grow holistically.

Since then, we have been going strong. Taking a holistic approach has not only helped us deliver the results we promised to our clients- but we have also done so in an organic way. BrandLoom’s focus on ROI has helped it become one of India’s most sought-after digital marketing agencies.

We are among the handful of agencies in India that focus on branding. Having established many brands in the market by crafting the right identities for them and positioning them correctly, we have successfully helped our clients find their niches in which they flourish.

Brief us about your journey towards starting your business.

In my career in marketing, I have worked with many companies for 20 years. First, as a marketing professional and then as the head of marketing for brands like Philips, Bausch and Lomb, Hanes, Invista, and Opple- I gained valuable insights and skills that gave me the confidence to strike out on my own.

Starting BrandLoom was a dream come true. The world of digital marketing and branding is exciting- and every day, there is a new challenge that pushes me to do more, learn more. I am lucky to find people who share my vision, and with their help, I have been able to build sustainable and profitable brands.

What is the current scenario of the industry that you are catering to?

It’s a no-brainer that digital marketing is booming now. But you have to delve deeper. For one, with Covid19, many companies across industries are in a tight spot. When companies aren’t able to keep their operations running normally, they cut back on marketing. As a result, many digital marketing companies are also facing tough challenges retaining business.

Secondly- we have seen a mushrooming of digital marketing companies and freelancers who don’t have the necessary skills to help their clients in the long run. Brands that go to them usually don’t come back because of the unsatisfactory results they get. Many companies have learned the hard way that they have to be very careful about the choice of their digital marketing partners- and as a result, are being very particular about who they hire. This is leading to the weeding out of weak players.

Third- consolidation is happening for both the reasons above. Many companies are now either shutting shop or being absorbed by bigger companies.

And all this is happening while the march of technology and the public’s consumption of digital media continues unabated. We are witnessing some interesting changes all this is bringing about- and we are excited to grab the opportunities this presents.

Is your startup bootstrapped, or are you looking for funding options?

We started as a bootstrap company. For now, we are not seeking external funding. We work hard to deliver results to our clients consistently- and we have managed to grow even during tough times.

How has the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic influenced your business operations?

2020 was a tough year for everyone. We have faced uncertainties as well. However, we have been lucky to acquire new clients- and we did not have to resort to extreme measures that many other companies had to take.

We also have gone remote successfully. Thanks to collaboration tools and some clever work, our team is coordinating virtually, and deliveries are going on uninterrupted. Client servicing, too, is now done virtually- which means we have to be extra alert to ensure no miscommunications or delays in delivery.

As a startup, what steps are you taking to acquire new customers or retain the existing ones in these challenging times of Covid-19?

We are expanding into New York and London, which has helped us connect with overseas clients and prospects. Covid-19 has made clear that quality work can be done from anywhere and that location should not be a factor in getting the right people to do your work.

Covid-19 has also forced companies to rethink their marketing approaches. By understanding the needs of their target audiences and finding the most ROI-effective solutions, BrandLoom has managed to serve companies reach out to their customers and prospective customers in novel ways – which is how we have acquired new clients.

For existing or new clients- our strategy has been simple. We have not let distance hamper our client-servicing capacities. Our team is working diligently to ensure that our clients have their needs met and coordinating with them virtually. We ensure that communication is flowing smoothly across the board and are delivering on our promises on time.

What kind of products or services your startup offers?

BrandLoom offers both digital marketing and branding services. We can help our clients with digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, website development, web content creation, SEO, video marketing, and content marketing.

We also offer branding services like brand positioning, logo designing, visual branding, brand strategy, brand building, and brand consulting.

BrandLoom also offers business, branding, and digital marketing consulting services.

What kind of challenges have you faced while incorporating your company?

Like many others, we also went through birthing pains. Be it acquiring clients or finding the proper infrastructure- we had to sort out many things. But the biggest challenge was getting the right people for our team. It was not just a question of talent, but we needed people whose values and vision aligned with ours. Today, I am proud to have a supportive and bright team with me.

Where do you envision yourself and your company in the long run, and what are your future goals?

I see BrandLoom as one of India’s most prominent digital marketing and branding agencies in the long run. As I said before, we are also expanding our footprint overseas- and I hope to solidify our presence in the UK and USA subsequently.


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