SABERNI: Redefining B2B Marketing with Innovative Thinking

Mr Umang Sharma, COO and Head of Marketing_SABERNI Software LLP
Mr Umang Sharma | COO & Head of Marketing | SABERNI Software LLP

The B2B marketing witnessed a paradigm shift during 2020; the industry that historically focused on product attributes and lead attribution was forced to reset during a year full of crises. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated new marketing trends, and traditional means of engaging, selling to, retaining customers became further outdated.

The changes are here to stay and organizations that have been able to develop resilience have come out without much negative impact from the pandemic. A mature marketing for business-to-business focussed organizations is now central to their success.

SABERNI is one of the few marketing outsourcing organizations that is globally taking the lead towards a technology drive and performance-oriented marketing maturity. It is a global company that provides integrated marketing solutions to assist organizations achieve their goals and result oriented marketing strategies to improve their digital demand generation pipeline and brand value. SABERNI collaborates with some of the top organizations across the planet and provides meaningful experiences to their customers through innovative thinking and implementation of technology.

Walking on the path

SABERNI started of its journey in 2015. It is a completely bootstrapped operation and has been open for collaboration between likeminded people. At the beginning, as with any homegrown organization, there were challenges such as managing operations, client acquisition and finances.

Mr. Umang Sharma, COO and Head of Marketing said, “at the beginning, it was a difficult decision to make but the drive to get the world to respect business to business marketing outgrew the comfort of a regular job.”, “Fortunately the marketing leaders I had previously worked with were conducive to new ideas leading to our first few clients” he added

Talking about the Leader

Mr. Umang Sharma, an IIM B alum, has been at the forefront of the paradigm shift that is transpiring globally with B2B marketing.

He has led to a creation of a qualified pipeline of nearly a Billion U.S. dollars since the inception of SABERNI for 32 various clients across America, UK, Asia, and Australia.

Right before he had started SABERNI, he headed marketing operations for a very fast-growing, Global organization that was focussed on Life Sciences.

How do we see B2B Marketing evolving

The customer’s buying behaviour of a B2B product is fundamentally different from a B2C product and yet the metrics and processes that most marketing managers implement are not designed for B2B Marketing.

Therefore, it is always seen that wasted marketing dollars and metrics do not necessarily denote positive contributions of marketing to overall organizational growth.

SABERNI is an attempt to change how this world looks at B2B marketing. The company is performance driven and results oriented. It develops frameworks that have fundamentally been created with keeping B2B marketing dynamics in mind and are needed for a high-performance marketing engine.

From the Box

SABERNI provides post-modern marketing. The company is catering to the industries that have a rather complex sales gestation cycle i.e., IT/ ITES, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Education-Tech, and Professional services. It provides true marketing outsourcing solution, a marketing data management solution, and marketing technology solutions.

Dealing with the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted on the businesses badly. But the pandemic brought forth the need for more focused, process-driven marketing operations. It has mandated true digitization incubation across various industries. The need for good marketing has never been more apparent. SABERNI look forward to working with organisations who want to develop a future ready outlook and resilience in their operations.

True customer centricity has been a hallmark of the operations at SABERNI. The company is one of the few agencies, who only has customer success managers as its team understand that sales is not a function of selling but just a derivative of a meaningful dialogue that transpires between two organizations. It has not only been able to retain its customers but also has been able to grow its customer base during these times.

Looking at the Horizon

Talking about the future aspects, Mr. Sharma said, “SABERNI sits at an intersection where we help our clients to create and manage a meaningful conversation between their clients. We have been witnessing CAGR of 73% and it’s increasing rapidly. We are poised to be a 200-member team by FY 2021. We would love to continue using technology and human ingenuity to create and maintain such meaningful dialogues for our customers.”

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