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Brij Design Studio
Brij Design Studio

The role, influence, and impact of design thinking in the product development have garnered tremendous respect and attention. Today, user experience and user interface is thought of as a new & emerging concept in web design and development. Many companies therefore have embraced a more humble mindset to serve people’s needs. Brij Design Studio is one such company, which is serving people’s need with creativity, innovation and making them smile.
A Creative Design Studio
Brij Design Studio is a multidisciplinary creative design studio offering customized branding solutions with fresh & innovative ideas. They take pride in their work and everything they create is executed with precision and love. The websites build by them revolve around user experience (UX) and usability, while keeping true to the very last pixel of the selected design. The company specializes in conception, interaction design, visual design, and branding for clients spanning art, culture, and commerce. They strive for minimalist and effective solutions, modern aesthetics, and desirable outputs across all media.
Till date Brij Design Studio (BDS) has completed more than 5000+ projects for over 100 clients, both locally and internationally. They offer creative solutions for leading industries such as Jewelry, Fashion & Art, Restaurants, Financial, Hospitality, Health & Fitness, Real estate, Electronics, Construction & Manufacturing, Apparels & FMCG brands.
With a dedicated and enthusiastic team of artists, designers, strategists, technologists, visualizers, art directors, photographers & creative thinkers, the company works towards innovation in Marketing + Design. A number of unique solutions are also offered by the company to solve everyday design & development problems in branding, website design and development.
Asserting on Current Trends
Nowadays, being creative is not enough. Web developers & strategists need to keep up with new technologies and trends. Current trends in UX-UI designing are completely customer oriented. Everything that affects an end user is the part of the design process. To achieve this, the company digs deep to find the solutions that work for the client’s specific situations, and it does that by creating User Interfaces that are clean, friendly, expandable and intuitive.
BDS works to improve people’s experiences with technology by translating customer understanding into results. The company research, tests, evaluates and uses the technologies that best fit with each project. This way BDS gains new perspectives, and the ability to build lighter & faster websites that are friendly to search engines. To sum it up they have a unique design led approach, guided by creativity and evolution, and not budgets and accounts.
The Passionate Lady
Kruti Chatwani heads the team at Brij Design Studio as a Brand Communication Specialist with a belief of crafting ideas and concepts that revolve around making communication simple yet effective. With her journey as a creative design lecturer at SNDT College to the field of advertising and communication, there’s lot she has experienced. Her approach towards every project is identifying a need and thereafter determining a process that best fits the situation. As far as creativity is concerned, her guidelines are universal design and accessibility and principles that allow content and design to be easily accessed by all the users, regardless of their limitations or abilities. Her approach is to know more about the company, its product, create a strategy around it and guide through the visual concepts of the project. As the development team develops materials, she modifies the development and aligns it with the goals of the project.
Work Culture & Challenges
BDS is transparent with its clients. They believe that this fosters great working relationship and leads to incredible results. For the company, every brief is a challenge to change something ‘ordinary into extraordinary’. Putting themselves into the needs of the users is their strength. As an outsider, the company develops solutions with an unbiased view. They also experiment with different ideas until landing on a creative direction, uniquely tailored in solving the problem at hand.
BDS believes that the industry they are in is about constant development and regressive critical thinking. Speed, retention and integrity are main challenges faced by the company while designing the UI & UX of any websites. Most UX challenges arise from having too much information or simply a physical limitation. In those cases, BDS believes, ‘less is more’. The rule on excellence applies to their clients too. It is not a one-way solution of brief fulfillment or one-off jobs, but a collaborative effort, putting a decade of expertise in creating world-class websites at the heart of not just successfully achieving business goals, but exceeding them.
Preparations and Future
BDS only works with the people who are capable of delivering excellence in everything they do. The whole team of the company is handpicked and highly trained. The company doesn’t use any contractors or recruiting services, as they know that their offering is the excellence in the team. The company also actively shapes and observes its development process.
BDS asserts, “Our passion is ingrained in our INNOVATIONS”. They use it to come up with new ways to address day-to-day business challenges. They also use their TECH KNOWLEDGE and experience to build, maintain and integrate any system and device, giving unlimited space for developing ideas.
Birju Chatwani (Founder of Brij Design Studio) says, “Our clients tell their clients about us. Then they tell their friends. It means we don’t need to advertise or brag about our portfolio, and we don’t need to grow super quickly. We just make great websites and happy clients. The only way to succeed digitally is excellence throughout.”

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