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WishBox Studio
WishBox Studio

In every space, where there is digital presence and influence of technology and computer science, there comes the necessity of User Interface and the significance of User Experience. Scientists are not just merely spreading intelligence all over the world; rather, they are giving intelligence to everything it is creating. Even the UX/UI designs have now entered the phase of intelligence. To stand out in this ever-increasing digital clutter, the designs are becoming more user-centric and tailor-made. The UX/UI designers and the designing companies are using trends like vivid colors, introduction of video, absorbing storytelling techniques to engage users and pull in traction.
In this vast world, it is often difficult to get what people actually desire and there is hardly any enterprise providing solutions that are customized on the basis of one’s need and necessity. To overcome such problems and help businesses with extraordinary UX/UI solutions, WishBox Studio enters the market with a platform where good ideas give birth to great design and maintain an absolute tandem between both. Like any other versatile studio, WishBox Studio likes to dabble in numerous things and provide multiple offerings including website design, publications, branding, and packaging. The biggest service the company provides is a team that is fiercely strategic, which works hard on solving problems through design and gives functionality an equal amount of importance along with just “beautiful” design.
The extraordinary services of WishBox have earned them the privilege to work with some of the greatest businesses all over the globe including AmCham, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Ikea Foundation, Dalmia Group, BBC Media Action and Evidence Action.
The Leader with a Foreseeing Vision
With a vision to build a bridge between communication and design and offer a creative solution to every problem, Shilpa Wadhwa, Co-founder of WishBox Studio, started the company in the year 2009. After graduating in Communication Design from NIFT, New Delhi, Shilpa, started the design studio with a motive to provide Communication Design services across verticals and lend integrity to each brand’s communication and imagery. During the last seven years of WishBox Studio’s journey, she has given all her efforts, experience and knowledge to take the company to a level where big corporates not only feel comfortable but also rely on them for their UX/UI solutions.
Providing Creative Solutions to Every Problem
When a company focuses solely on design driven thinking, the creative outcome is highly purposeful. But WishBox Studio strives to give creative solutions to problems and that is what puts them in the spotlight. In simpler words, the company puts great design into something with flawless functionality and the result is extraordinary.Their designs are not just a visual treat, they are also executed perfectly keeping functionality in mind.“What also sets us apart is that we do not judge the business/product, if the product/business is not stimulating for any other designer, we take it up as a challenge and turn it around,”-asserts WishBox Studio.
In the time of such rush and urgency, there is always a tendency for companies to focus only on deadlines and timeliness and due to this, the outcome is not always inspiring. But sometimes the timelines are not in focus at all which drags the whole process, it doesn’t do any good to a hyperactive brain when timeliness go off and designers tend to lose momentum because of long periods of silence. The greatest challenge that WishBox Studio declares to face, is to do outstanding work while keeping the project on track, time-wise. There is also a tendency for clients to take the safer route. But an aversion to take risks or experiment with new ideas leads to a certain kind of monotony in work. WishBox aims to overcome these hurdles.
Tackling all Challenges and Creating path-breaking ideas
The industry experts say that this is an interesting time for all creative fields, due to the influence of the internet, an explosion of startups, and an emergence of entrepreneurs with path-breaking products and exceptional ideas; and Wish Box Studio says that this is what is helping them to make their job interesting and challenging. They always make sure that their designs are helping them to do justice to a great product or idea. People are consuming information, ideas and products like never before, and hence UI/UX plays an important role.
Currently, the scenario suggests that the UI/UX sector is undergoing a major overhaul. The target is to strike a balance between SEO and great design without being text heavy and still an A grade on the SEO report card. This is quite daunting, but possible. While talking about the preparation made by the Company to stay on top of the game, they said, “There is no preparation we need to do, it’s a natural process to evolve and when designing UI/UX, always design for the future, which means to keep an eye on growing and declining trends.” While keeping an eye on this company, its work and contributions to the industry, one can easily claim that WishBox Studio stands for great designs and that’s the thing on which they never compromise. “Broadly speaking, design is a very dynamic field, one must always be on one’s toes.We cringe when we come across a bad design, we have always believed in changing the world, one creative at a time. Till that is not done we have a lot of work to do! ”, said Shilpa.

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