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Space Design Agency
Space Design Agency

User acceptance and adoption are vital elements in having a successful product. That’s why it has become critical to engage a professionally sound partner like
Space Design Agency (SDA) as your strategic UX UI partner. At SDA, they craft ideas, develop concepts and design delightful user experiences and bespoke digital products that help people’s lives richer, happier, and easier.
SDA is one such rapidly growing and trustworthy brand for the remedies in web/mobile application design development; website design and development, branding, videos design services. Making an honest beginning in the year 2015, the company now beholds a proud & satisfying clientele of around 50, and adding.
They achieve this with their pixel perfect designs, engaging apps, meaningful content, and helpful marketing. Whether it is for company or a product, SDA develops engaging apps/websites that reflect the brand and keep client’s customers coming back.
Dedication and Patience that keeps Siddesh original
Siddhesh Nimbalkar, CEO at SDA, is a science graduate whose passion took him to venture out in this digital territory. The capacity to interconnect the two impossible dots of complexity in modality of technical specifications to the art that would bewitch the client is the thing Siddhesh tend to master in. And so does the Space Design Agency! While Siddhesh is known for his dedication towards work, the other proud differentiator is the high level of patience that he has imbibed in his personality. And that makes all the difference.
Expansion with Advancement of UX Design
UX Design is a crucial aspect of any product, service, process or a system. Currently, there is a revolution going on in the field of UX and the practitioners are adapting better approaches to help in arriving at the correct approach for a problem statement.
With the expansion of utilities pertaining to Smart Data, mobile devices and Internet of Things, the need for User Experience is also expanding into new areas. Predictions are made that there would be huge demand on integrated solutions on multiple platforms and this can be possible only when there is a proper implementing of design principles and processes.
Acquainting the Importance of User Experience to Customers
At SDA, they have a very open culture and robust internal process that ensures their employees are always in touch with the latest trends. They prefer employees– who are not just with great tool knowledge, but who are also passionate about what they do. This ensures that every individual is able to assimilate the need of the customer and is able to empathize with the users to arrive at the correct solution as per the context.
SDA have a highly experienced team who understand the need across various domains and are capable of wearing many hats to help the customers understand better.
Aim High, there’s Less Competition up there
Glass Break Response: At SDA whether its task of major client that been working with them for years or someone coming to them for a minor workout; they respond to each & everyone with the same intensity & agility.
Out of the box thinking: Each team member working on the project would not necessarily look at the things from outside anymore. Rather, SDA decide to stand out every time with the work in terms of its design & UIUX.
SDA is passionate about the things they craft: There are a good number of people who design websites but only the designers, who are able to convey the pervices, products and brand message are successful. This element, gives SDA the opportunity to underscore the important features of the product and services. This can be done in a million creative ways. They believe this feature is often underutilized and hence is never dealt in full measure. To create such feature in the web content, one has to work and rework to achieve the right effect. This can be achieved only through a flair for imagining things and a passion to achieve the right effect or perceive the right effect.
SDA learn your business first: SDA works a lot on customer requirement analysis so that they can build a good design bring the right product to your satisfaction. These in-depth researches of businesses are important to craft the right digital strategy. They consider the digital experience of customers is pivotal and long lasting. It is, therefore, critical that your products and services should be well presented with all the key information. A good digital strategy engages the prospective customers further and converts them to loyal customers.
Improving itself upto 100% Customer Satisfaction
SDA’s firm belief in the ethos ‘P2P – Connecting Pixel to People’ is one of the significant reasons that their work is consistently bridging the gap between the stakeholder offerings and the consumer expectations. The scientific User Centered Design approach of the company helps clients achieve great results. SDA’s continuous test and validation of its concepts with the consumers at different stages of the project is evidence to their best services. Additionally, the company has flexible working models with the clients where they work on onsite engagements, long term engagements, retainer ship, provide continuous workshop and training for their internal teams, etc.
Aspires to become a Product Company
In an attempt to make world digitally a better place, SDA have few product ideas lined-up, which will bring the ease to the end users as well as the companies. In the next couple of years SDA will be a Product Company along with the services they are providing now. With a team of, very analytical, perceptive, passionate, creative, active listeners and rational convincers, SDA foresees a successful journey to become a full-fledged designer enterprise, which develops designs that are not only artistic but also fulfills the user’s need. With the experience in regards to lack of creativity which is required to work in coherence to technical expertise in this field; the SDA is also planning to enter into the sector of training.

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