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Fortune Cookie UX Design
Fortune Cookie UX Design

Many Companies try to create a great experience for customers. But few are willing to make the changes required to deliver on that promise. In fact, most don’t even realize just how bad their experience can be. One such company taking care of the customers and providing services on the promised date within time is Fortune Cookie UX Design.
Serving Customers Globally
Fortune Cookie UX design is a global digital consulting and UX design company. It works with Fortune 500 companies across segments including BFSI, healthcare, media, telecom, manufacturing, auto, education and more. Headquartered in India, the Company has offices across Singapore, Dubai and Mexico with a client base spread across the world.
FCUX works with the customers’ right from the inception to the execution for any digital product or platform as partners through the entire process. As a company, FCUX works on a consulting and execution model, helping their customers with digital transformation, new product conceptualization, process digitalization, design strategy, UX design delivery and user research.
Gauging Changes for Users
A product has to evolve, pay attention and notice subtle user inclination. A successful product is the one which is able to gather insights about how a product can be utilized and can anticipate user’s behavior to modify itself to create more personalized, intuitive, and responsive experience.
The problems that seemed challenging earlier are simply not the problems that will define UX design in the future. UX design is not merely about the ‘look & feel’ of a product but rather the entire set of features and functionalities that a user will interact with on a digital platform. UX is an ongoing process to gauge changing needs and desires of users. UX has immense growth opportunities in future with augmented reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed reality a combination of real environment, augmented reality, augmented virtuality, and virtual environment.
The Unique Innovator & Futurist of FCUX
Shashank Shwet is the Founder and CEO of Fortune Cookie UX Design, where he is on a mission to spread design thinking and UX design to make digital products useful and easy. Shashank brings extensive experience in digital strategy, design and tech and often spends his time advising Fortune 500 organizations on digital transformation and conducting product lockdown workshops across the world. He sits on the board of ImaginXP – a curriculum company in UX design and one of the largest UX training companies in India, which he founded. He is also mentoring various startups in e-commerce and consumer space. A major force behind creating a UX ecosystem in government and organizations, Shashank is a prolific speaker & writer and has written various papers on innovation management with design, UX governance and Digital by DNA.
Prior to founding FCUX, Shashank was the head of marketing of a mountain view based startup. Shashank’s deep rooted understanding of technology and time spent in the valley has made him a unique innovator and futurist, capable of combining design, technology and business to craft successful digital ecosystems.
First UX Design Agency
Fortune Cookie UX Design has been successful in introducing UX design to new industry segments through its consulting and execution model. They believe, “For us design strategy is important and we use various copyright studies and tools such as Digital by DNA – a process digitalization study, Innovation Management – framework to institute a culture of organizational innovation and institutionalization of UX to define right digital and design strategy for an organization.” Each one of these studies is based on the principles of UX design and the company leverages the tenets of user centricity to help organizations become digitally advanced.
FCUX is also one of the first UX design agencies built for scale. They already have presence in India, Singapore, Dubai, and in America with one of the largest global and enthusiastic teams of digital consultants, UX designers and researchers.
Defeating the Uphill Battle and Advancing Success
As FCUX is one of the first few to create a UX ecosystem in India – they have to spend a great deal of time in first evangelizing their customers about the importance of UX design. It was an uphill battle for the company to prove to the industry stalwarts and senior managers who came from a product centric thought process to move to a user centric way of thinking and building products.
As Indian founders are taking UX to the world – the company faced early push back working with Indian designers. The world has changed today and Fortune Cookie has been able to create FCUX as a brand that works with major Fortune 500 customers across the globe. However, finding talented resources who can deliver global projects is an ongoing challenge and as a UX design agency. Fortune Cookie has a robust internal training program for UX designers.
FCUX’s Groundwork for Future
The future of UX design lies in the explosion and disruption brought in by the technology.
FCUX follows a consulting and execution model to help their customers understand technology, understand their users and define the right digital strategy that will be built into a successful product with user experience. A strong understanding of digital platforms and existing and upcoming technologies has been one of the driving factors for FCUX’s success. FCUX says, We no longer live in the era when technologies took decades to build and people took 30 years to eventually adopt them. We have more early adopters today than ever before.
We take pride in the fact that every member of our team, be it a digital consultant, UX designer or researcher has a deep understanding of technology, be it AR/VR, AI, machine learning or any backend platform used for development.”

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