Budli: Bridging the Digital Divide in India

Rohit Bagaria , Founder and CVO, Budli Internet | Insights Success | Business Magazine

Established in 2015, Budli Internet Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneering company striving to transform the ReCommerce industry. The company plays a pivotal role in enabling the clientele (consumers and businesses) to buy as well as resell their used gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Living by its name Budli – change, the company is working with a vision to revolutionize the Re-commerce landscape by filling the loopholes in the digital space and reducing e-waste. The company sells certified pre-owned refurbished gadgets at competitive pricing with warranty and guaranteed buy back across the country. With concrete endeavors and will, Today, Budli successfully operates across 25,000 pin codes with over 325,000 registered users pan India.
Embracing new-age technologies and delivering trust, convenience, and value-for-money to the buyers and sellers is what best describes the company. By using Dynamic Instant Pricing System (DIPS), maintaining partnerships with e-commerce companies and 1000+ offline retailers for exchange, it offers users which best suits their portfolio. B2B selling to companies with guaranteed buyback has made Budli a one-of-its-kind brand in its sector.
Since inception, the company has featured in various renowned media publications like BBC, CNBC, and Fortune Magazine. Adding more spice to its glory is its list of awards including CNBC Business Excellence Award, EO Startup of the Year and Business Leadership Award.
Meet the Zentrepreneur
Rohit Bagaria is the Founder and CVO of Budli. He has completed is education from UC Berkeley, California and St. Xavier’s, Kolkata. He is a seasoned zentrepreneur on a mission to provide technology access to the masses through re-commerce at ease. Rohit has more than one-and-a-half decade of experience in various sectors including software startup in Silicon Valley, manufacturing and international B2B sales across 35 countries, and e-commerce in India, China and the US.
Rohit has earned several awards and has been featured in various national and international media publications. He is also invited to speak at various forums including Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and Calcutta.
Apart from all this, Rohit is passionate about writing and is also the author of a book titled ‘Embrace Change’.
The Initial Journey
“In life, we regret more of the things we do not do than the things we do. Unless we are prepared to fail, we cannot succeed,” says Rohit.
For Rohit, entering into the business world with a vision to improve the selling experience, where the e-commerce space was focusing on the buying experience was not an easy task. His idea was to provide an instant price discovery mechanism, offer free shipment pickup across India and prompt direct payment to the user after verification of the device. Acknowledging the unsolved problem, finding a tech-enabled logistical way to solve it and understanding the viability and scalability of the business, led to the foundation of Budli.
Building a POC and MVP without a professional team and financial backup was a major challenge for Rohit. Slowly and steadily his concrete efforts outsourced the website, successfully. Now, the website was aboard but had no firm marketing approach to reach the masses. His conviction and abilities to improve the selling experience helped him to outshine every barrier coming his way. Stirring comprehensive operations related to tech, marketing, product design, finance, sales, packing and delivery, Rohit converted every challenge into an opportunity and stepped towards scripting his own success story through Budli.
More about Budli
“We try to find technology related solutions which are sustainable and scalable,” says the founder.
Budli objectifies the loopholes through its novel design thinking process, ideate on creating solutions, run experiments to validate them and measure the results in order to roll out out-of-the-box solutions for the clientele. Being a tech-focused company, it consistently endeavours to embrace technology to the core. This helps the company to empower its proprietary tech platform for efficient transactions.
Budli’s WhatsApp AI Chatbot – BELA offers customer support and solves customer queries with utmost proficiency. Providing employees the necessary guidance and freedom to operate along the way gives it an edge over the competitors.
The customers save upto 66% compared to new or rented devices when aligned with the company.
Get it Right!
Rohit believes that Clarity, Certainty, and Purpose to stand against all odds are the keys to unlock the doors leading to success. Apart from all this, patience, perseverance and passion are also essential to withstand the market complexities.
“I believe that entrepreneurs overcome their problems using these strengths along the way,” asserts Rohit. Besides, the long-term success of any company depends on its vision and core values, which can never be replicated.
Future is Now
Re-commerce is in the same space where e-commerce was a decade ago. Some of the key challenges have also been similar as that of being a category creator. These include creating awareness, building credibility and in reverse logistics. The evolution of the whole eco system including the growth of e-commerce and organized retail in India is helping solve these problems. Re-commerce market is flooded with opportunities as well as challenges. Acknowledging this scenario, Budli is continuously embracing new-age technologies to expand its online presence. On the other hand, it is also focusing on expanding its offline existence with the help of its partners.

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