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In today’s competitive world, Education is of utmost significance. It is a powerful weapon which can pass on a better earth for the Gen Z. Acknowledging this scenario, Footprints Preschool and Daycare is striving hard with a vision to disrupt the learning landscape to its best! Established in 2012, the institute is rolling-out Play School and Day-care programs for the parents looking for world-class education and child-care for their children. Currently, Footprints has preschools in different parts of the country including Delhi NCR, Lucknow, Kanpur, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad.
One of the biggest challenges the pre-school faced is assuring the parents that it is true to its commitments. As such, Footprints came up with Live CCTV Feed which parents could watch through their mobiles. This ensures that if the institute has organized a dance activity at 11 AM on Thursday, it would be executed with sheer dedication! It consistently focuses on maintaining child/teacher ratios and trainings with complete transparency.
Footprints is one of the pioneer of CCTV live feed and has successfully created trustworthy relationships with parents. Today, the parents are just interested in some key updates like ‘did the children eat’ and ‘how much they have eaten’, along with the activities they performed. For this the institute has developed a Footprints App – through which parents receive live mobile updates in the form of messages. This app is active and is running successfully on both Android and iOS platforms with over 10K downloads on Android. The pre-school had also added various easy-to-use features to this app including self-service portal, online payment, and customer support.
Meet the Exceptional Leaders The Inception Saga
Raj Singhal is the CEO at Footprints Preschool and Daycare. He has been instrumental in stirring a Product Development Firm to 10M USD, and three Countries as Co-founder and COO before his successful exit.
Purvesh Sharma is Co-founder and COO of Footprints Preschool and Daycare. Prior to starting Footprints, Purvesh was co-founder and CEO of an eLearning company with 50,000 Customers in 120 Countries. Purvesh’s vision for life is helping people lead meaningful and fulfilling lives and he believes that revolutionizing education is the source of the same. Purvesh is alumnus of IIT Delhi.
Ashish Aggarwal is the CFO of the institute. He has a wide experience of working with banks in India and Japan which includes his noteworthy contribution at CITIBANK, Tokyo.
IIT-Delhi alumni, Raj and Purvesh as parents faced problem in finding a world-class pre-school and day-care service for their children. Raj in his last venture was travelling to the US and the UK and there he saw the quality of day-cares to be of a very high quality. While in India day-cares were largely sleeping and eating centers were operated under poor safety and security measures which had hardly any reasons to rely-on. Keeping this in mind, Raj in association with Purvesh and Ashish, Co-founded Footprints Preschool and Daycare with an aim to surpass the traditional barriers of the education space.
Another core member of the institute is Amita Bhardwaj, the VP. She has twenty-seven years of experience in functioning at various play schools. Heading six branches (3500 Kids) in her last position with the Leading Play School chain, Amita is the only ‘Highscope Certified Trainer’ in India.
More about Footprints
For the safety and security of children the pre-school has adopted several measures including
CCTV Auditing – Live CCTV streaming’s that are viewed by the in-house audit team to ensure all safety and security protocols are met.
Soft Padding – Covering the spaces between the doors and sharp edges to avoid getting fingers between the doors.
Herbal Pest Control – A routine herbal pest control is done every weekend along with a thorough deep cleaning of the premises.
Cushioned Flooring – It reduces the risk of getting injured significantly.
Guard App – All visitors have to enter an OTP to enter the premises.
Biometric Access – All Parents and staff are given biometric access.
Female Staff – Footprints only employ female staff except the guard. Every quarter, there is a mock evacuation drill that happens at the centre. The staff also gets trained in fire evacuation, fire mitigation aids and resources.
The Employing Procedure
Before joining there is a medical check along with background documents that the employee has to submit. Footprints also outsourced a BGV agency for doing background checks and police verifications. There is a three weeks training programme ensuring that each ‘supermam’ has to go through before being on the job.
The Existing Picture
Most of the institutions are not exposed to the new-age technology that has come up which can really help a campus to be at a safer place. In some cases, it is reluctance to spend money on security and safety. The institute believes that the willingness to spend on education as consumer is also in question.
“If we don’t pay our teachers well and expect them to be teachers for passion, we will not attract best talent and that will eventually decrease quality of education including safety and security. When you don’t have enough quality people, not only quality of education but all aspects including safety and security will go for a toss,” says the core team.

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