Carrot Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.: Innovation Digitized

Carrot Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. is a product development and technical consulting services company focused on Enterprise Mobility. It develops cost effective products for business automation to increase productivity, visibility and revenue cycle.
“formmit” – its flagship product – is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) framework that empowers users to build enterprise applications for smartphones, without any programming knowledge. One can create custom interfaces, build workflows, define user access rights and also generate reports. A fully functional enterprise app can be up and running in as little as 15mins. It can further be integrated seamlessly with most of the popular enterprise applications running in the office or in the cloud. As data moves between devices and the connected systems in real-time, users get access to live data for making the right business decisions.
“formmit” works on a cloud based SaaS model, which keeps the cost of deployment and usage low for its customers and ensures the latest version of the app for all users. The app is secured and awaits a security certification. “formmit” is currently available only on Android and will soon be available on iOS and Windows as well.
The app can be used by field force staff like – sales/marketing, service engineers, order booking, payment collections, delivery, and also for vehicle and person tracking.
Due to the sheer speed at which organisations can go live with their enterprise mobile applications, it has a great potential in addressing the needs of organisations of all sizes. Carrot is busy extending the “formmit” framework to work with wearables and IOT enabled devices.
“formmit” was awarded the “Innovation Award 2015” by the “Karnataka Small Medium Business Owner’s Association”, when it was still in its initial development stage.
Avinash Naimpally, Founder of Carrot Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd, is a technocrat with 18 years of rich it experience working with various organisations of all sizes, both domestic and international.
With the recent boom in mobile technology, he teamed up with few trusted individuals and started Carrot Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd in September 2015, with the intention to take on the world of Enterprise Mobility head on.
Ankur Hegde, Co-Founder – an alumnus of IIM-B and has 17years of experience managing mobility product and application life cycle during his stint with companies like Infosys, Kyocera and Vodafone.
Priya Naimpally, Co-Founder – a PGD in Financial Management and financial planner by profession with 10years of experience handling operations for MNCs, like Nichimen Corporation and Firmenich.
They also have 2 very senior consultants helping them respectively with their marketing and funding strategy.
“formmit”: Real data in real-time
Carrot strongly believes that their success lies in the success of its customers. Going by this philosophy, Carrot works closely with its customers, listening to the smallest of their needs. Then they put in an earnest effort to address that need through improvisation of their products and services.
Carrot has less than a dozen employees but it proudly boasts to have some of the best resources on board. It credits all its success in this short span to its highly talented developers.
Developing a product is one thing and selling it is another. Carrot has entered into strategic tie-ups with companies with excellent track record, for sales of their products and services.

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