Cumulations Technologies: Adding Innovation in the Mobile World

Cumulations Technologies| mobile application development company

Cumulations Technologies is an industry leader in the mobile application development industry having expertise in building IoT apps for Android and iOS development with strong backend support.
Cumulations started its journey in 2012, as a mobile application development firm, and have served the wide range of organizations from Startups to Enterprises and variety of verticals. In the process, they have acquired the high degree of proficiency and competency in delivering profitable, user-centric & robust end-to-end enterprise technology solutions to their customers. The company’s agile development philosophy ranked them top mobile app Development Company by their clients.
Cumulations is a brain child of 3 engineer buddies: Madhu V Swamy, Praveena Kumara, & Pradeep VR. Cumulations started with identifying quality as the biggest challenge in India. Immediately, they dug more into the problem and found out that it was the lack of passion towards app development.
“It was not so easy travelling on the path of entrepreneurship as that was the trend had begun back in 2012, when we started. We were focused, determined on what we intended to do and Cumulations traveled the path of product building and then implementing it in target markets all by itself, we have a firsthand experience of product shaping from its inception to market launch. This helped us to understand the expectations of our clients and to stand ahead of their expectations.” says Praveena Kumara, Co-Founder.
“I’m proud to say since its inception; Cumulations has a track record of 100 percent delivery of their assignments. This was possible because of our dedicated team. Cumulations have an open work culture with no restrictions. Cumulations encourage employees to think independently in day‐to‐day job. Cumulations is all about a team of people who are self motivated, innovative, smart, and the company leaves no stone unturned to boost their confidence by mentoring them with right thoughts.” says Pradeep, VR, Co-Founder.
Their Values
“Think before [strategizing/designing/coding]” has been mantra of their success. Cumulations are committed to maintaining strong relation with their customers. They strive to earn users trust by being trustworthy, transparent, and accountable. The team is well versed with technologies like NFC, WiFi Direct, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart, Zigbee, Beacons/iBeacons, MQTT, UPnP, and others with top-notch UI& UX.
Cumulations has core expertise in building apps in the domain of IoT, and they are thorough with the in and outs of IoT mobile app development ecosystem which makes them a center of excellence for IoT. Cumulations’ understanding of the hardware and firmware world and building apps for that hardware has been the biggest differentiating factor. This is reflected in their portfolio apps.
Cumulations’ Assured Product Delivery
Cumulations consider app development as product development, and they believe in assured product delivery to their clients. Their track record of 100% delivery of assignments is an example of their expertise and passion in this domain.
Global Prosperous Future
Cumulations are looking forward to establishing partnerships with OEMs, ODMs, and IoT solution providers as their affiliated software partner for IoT apps and cloud. The company is currently focusing on Indian and Chinese OEMs and multinational corporations in India. Also it is expanding its marketing reach for mobile apps development to product owners and SMEs in North America.

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