Inno Apps India: Offering Easy Expansion in Storage & Services over Mobile & Internet (IoT)

An entity of INNO Group, INNO APPS INDIA is a rapidly growing international IT services company, led by highly experienced professionals with global experience, having offices in Dubai, India and USA. INNO APPS INDIA specializes in mobility, IoT, cloud enabled solutions and services for various enterprises, serving its customers since 2006.
Satya Madala, Founder & CEO of INNO APPS INDIA is renowned Technologist & Entrepreneur in Mobile space. One of the Top 10 Company leaders in Hyderabad in Mobile Space, and also Top 100 companies in India, he has over 15 years of Technology expertise in Information Technology, and handled multiple projects in Major technologies.
Varied range of services
INNO APPS INDIA offers Internet of Things Cloud Platform under the brand of SKIBOX. The platform is designed to handle the needs of today’s requirements of easy integration along with scalability. It offers data acquisition, processing and visualization capabilities. This scalable platform is capable of collecting data from a number of IoT devices (like android, ios and any media devices) in the field and storing it in the secure central data server. Numerous widgets are available to process and visualize these data enabling analytics.
RFID services
INNO APPS proudly presents RFID services for Helathcare, Logistics, Education, Retail, Financial and Automobile industry.
UX Design
INNO APPS INDIA’s services ranges from UX Design to Mobile Application Development. Some of the technologies used by them widely is Java, C#, .Net, PHP, Joomla, WordPress, Megento, etc.
Innoapps India offers:
Product Engineering, from concept to delivery, like, UI/UX Design, System Architecture, Project Management, Development and Testing. Mobile App Development & Customisation, INNO APPS INDIA offers Native & Hybrid Applications, M-Commerce Apps, Interactive & Informative Apps, Puzzle/Board/Card Games, Social Network Integration and Multiple Resolution Support.
Web Solutions, they offer Static & Dynamic Web Design, Complex UI Designing, Interactive, Informative Web Desiging, SEO, SMO, SMM and Internet Marketing.UI/UX Design, INNO APPS offers Wireframing, Prototypes, Content Strategy and Information Architecture.
Enterprise Mobility Services for Automobile Industry;
INNO APPS have developed a device called ‘INTELLICAR’. It is a plug ‘n’ play device that is connected to the OBD port of the car. Once connected, the device collects information using radio-frequency identification (RFID) from various parts of the car like the engine, air bags and others and configures itself.
The data is collected along with your location and transmitted to the ‘INTELLICAR’ platform through the mobile app. It is then analyzed and a report on condition of the car, driver’s capability, control and other details is generated. Through this patent-pending technology around engine prints, they present the final analysis to their customer.
INNO APPS provide services, like Mobile Brochure, M-construction (Product named as SITE), Restaurant POS software, Smart POS and Mobi Coupons. Their Dashboard Apps are being utilized to monitor school activities on mobiles, which will increase the transparency to the parents. Dashboards are customized for each school or college. Mobile Ticket allows travelers to buy and display tickets on their smartphones; eliminating waiting in lines for them whilst drastically reducing the operational costs for travel agencies.
Satya says, “We engage flexibly with our customers, providing time and cost leverage through our proven delivery models.”

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