Juego Studio: Contriving Visually Enticing and Technically Superior Games & Mobile Applications

A team that is passionate, enthusiastic and innovative in the matter of designing games, additionally, strong and skilled designers, programmers, test engineers and artists who provide a fantastic gaming experience, is the real asset of Juego Studios. A perfect blend of technology and creativity is the need for creating an engaging gaming experience for the users, which is the characteristic of Juego Studios.
Suman BK, Co-Founder & CEO of Juego Studios has completed B.E in Computer science and Engineering from VTU. After working with companies like, Robosoft, Sourcebits & Tritone as a programmer & Architect, Suman founded Juego Studios. An Energetic entrepreneur & passionate gamer, he handles the innovation department, human resources management and operations in the organization.
Rudresha M, Co-Founder & COO of Juego Studios has completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Bangalore University, Bangalore. Having years of working experience in the domains of IT Market Analysis, Business Analysis and Business Development, Rudresha takes care of the Finance, Sales & Marketing functions in Juego Studios.
Development Services across Various Platforms
Being a leading game design & development company, Juego Studios has 150+ successfully delivered projects 60+ clients across 20 countries. Juego Studios offer services ‘Built for any kind of activity!’ as follow:
Game Development: By using an intuitive user interface, the proficient game developers at Juego Studios develop the next generation Window games for various platforms like Mobile, Tab, Online, Desktops, Smart TV, VR devices etc.
Art & Design: Juego Studios is one of the leading game art & design studios, with a strong and creative designers, well experienced across all major platforms like consoles, desktop, mobile, tablets and online.
Digital Gamification: A process of applying and using game elements, mechanics and techniques to various non-traditional gaming areas. Juego Studio offers Gamification which enables intuitive learning, immersive experiences and such experiences based engagement.
Game Porting: It helps to port Facebook games into an iPhone, iPad, android, windows-Facebook game porting to iOS. This is the newest service being provided by leading game development companies.
Virtual Reality Applications: Along with creating games for mobiles, PC, Facebook & browsers, Juego Studios has also been creating virtual reality Apps & Games.
Augmented Reality Games and Applications Juego Studios: Juego Studio has created such augmented reality based FPS games besides some others, including games of genres like adventure, survival, RTS, etc.
Juego Studio also offers, Animation and Visualisation/Simulations apps services too. Suman says, “We do not want to be a company which does everything and anything, our current focus and strength lies in gaming, and along with gaming technologies like Unity, Unreal & other frameworks we deliver games & solution based application in form of gamification, VR, AR etc.”
Headquartered in Bangalore-India and with sales offices in Miami-Florida, Jeddah-KSA, Juego Studio, is a team of 100 +, who has worked for fortune 500 companies like Disney, WB, Animoca, 20th century Fox, puma and many more to come in the future. Suman adds, “We are excited about the emerging technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and launch of Oculus Rift, Hololens, Real Sense etc, and we aim to develop quite a few promising games and apps in the days to come.”

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