Revolutionary Companies Rewriting the Business Paradigm

With the pandemic a year old and some solutions in place to combat it to a large extent, few companies with their revolutionary concepts have shown to the world that this could be the beginning of a new era. While most of the companies adopted a wait and watch policy, these companies refused to be bogged down by the global health crisis.

This business revolution was possible only because of the information revolution that has thrown us a platter full of choices. These revolutionary companies are leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance or transform their business models and improve customer experience, thereby transforming markets.

Revolution is an integral part of an organization’s success and to remain on the top of the competitors’ list. Few rose to the challenge during Covid-19 times and are reaping the benefits. These companies have not just brought about revolution but have also remained committed towards their goals even in the face of adversities. And this commitment is the catalyst for success.

As it is universally accepted that change is the only thing that is constant, new organizational models are replacing the old ones with technology being central to this change.

To sustain and succeed in an ever-evolving world we need to shift our thinking, adapt, adopt, and revolutionize business models with constant innovations. The brighter side is that there is a whole range of possibilities to choose from and improvise changes as per individual, global and customer needs.

Revolutionary companies have changed the local and global economies. Economies – that are efficient and flexible. New information technologies make it feasible for bringing about revolution in businesses and people can make well-informed choices.

There is not a single sector and a single country that have not been swept by the tech wave. Right from our traditional and most widely practiced profession, agriculture, to education, healthcare, non-IT industries, shopping and monetary transactions, technology has revolutionized the functioning of each of these. Quick, easy, and uncomplicated are what make them popular. Making the most of the availability of choices and the demands, some companies have shown the way for many others to follow suit.

As a token of appreciation for such revolutionary companies that are leading the rest of the pack, we have featured them in our latest edition of Insights Success, The Revolutionary Companies to Watch, 2021.

The pandemic situation is not an end, it is just a bend which if treaded carefully and smartly there will be no stopping to move ahead and apart from the herd.

We hope you have an inspiring read.

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