Chennai To Get AirScale Base Stations Soon

5G AirScale base stations that offer higher capacity for telecom service providers at its Oragadam facility will be soon started by a multinational communication and information technology brand Nokia. These multi-band stations will help telcos increase performance in networks. AirScale, “world’s first triple-band radio”, offers enormous capacity and connectivity to support future traffic growth, while reducing space requirements and the costs related to it. AirScale Base Station is compact, yet supplies massive capacity and connectivity to upkeep future traffic growth as the network evolves to 5G and Internet of Things (IoT). The base station is easy to mount and gives the flexibility to track all radio technologies, including 5G and supports all the network topologies, including Cloud RAN. There is an approximation that by 2020, there will be around 46 billion devices powering demand for the mobile broadband.

Nokia confirmed that it would commence the manufacturing of   its 5G-ready “AirScale”- multiband base station at its facility to meet the growing local and worldwide demand for mobile broadband in Oragadam, near Chennai, soon.

An integral element of Nokia AirScale Radio Access, the AirScale Base Station offers a smooth and flexible passage towards 5G and Cloud connectivity. And when there is a need to evolve to different radio access technologies or network architectures to meet future demands, it’s ready too. Flexible, capable, effective – it sounds like a mobile operator’s wish list for a base station. And that is precisely what the Nokia AirScale Base Station delivers. Working with any radio access technology, the base station offers a route to 5G and cloud, while also providing all the capacity and connectivity which is needed as the traffic grows. Multiband, compact and easy to install at a wide choice of sites, AirScale Base Station guarantees your network can assist customers without delay.

Carrier aggregation, 4×4 Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) and 8×4 beamforming are some of the advanced network features that permits service providers to increase the performance in their 4G networks and prepare for the evolution to 5G and IoT which are supported by the AirScale multiband base station. This base station will facilitate the telecom service providers to make performance better in terms of networks and upgrade to 5G and Internet of Things (IoT).