ProGen Business Solutions: A Successful Company in Deploying Business Analytics Solutions

Rahul Sharma , Founder & CEO , ProGen Business Solutions

A steady rise has been observed over the past few years in the importance of data analytics, in organizations as varied as consumer goods companies, financial firms and many more. At the steering wheel of analytics, the way these organizations perform is not necessarily the ever-elusive data scientists but often the data analysts who understand business and his or her department in addition to the data it uses to drive decisions. ProGen Business Solutions is a Data Analytics company that helps customers to unlock the potential in their data assets through scientific application of analytics & statistical techniques.
ProGen’s Sterling Offerings
ProGen’s next generation Data Analytics Solutions provides intelligent and actionable insights to business users in the form of Interactive Visualizations, Dashboards, Reports, & Analytics Models. ProGen has an expert and avid team of Data Analysts and Data Scientists who help customers successfully deploy Analytics solutions by leveraging on the company’s rich legacy of business & technology expertise. They have a customer base spreading over 6 countries cutting across Industry Verticals and Business Domains. Most of the customers are Fortune companies or leaders in their respective verticals.
‘pi’, the Next Generation Data Analytics Platform from ProGen helps users with their data discovery, advanced analytics and visualization needs. With a variety of new age features that enables users to venture beyond conventional Descriptive Analytics, ‘pi’ helps users explore the realms of Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics thereby differentiating it from other traditional BI & Visualization tools. ‘pi’ has a state-of-the-art Machine Learning (ML) & Recommendations engine that provides users with actionable business insights for pro-active decision-making & also helps in configuring various predictive analytics scenarios. A scalable, secure, & multi-tenant metadata layer that can handle data sizes ranging from GBs to TBs helps ‘pi’ champion the philosophy of Self-Service Analytics and helps organizations run their Analytics systems with minimum maintenance overheads.
Swinging Trends in Analytics
One of the most important trends in Analytics that ProGen observes today is the maturity of business users in their understanding of emerging technologies in Analytics space and their demand for automated actionable insights to be delivered by the Analytics system. Users want to venture beyond the boundaries of conventional reporting and Dashboarding and are looking forward to experiment with the new age technologies such as Machine Learning, Spark, Python, R etc. and understand how these technologies can add value in their daily & strategic decision making. Organizations today are looking forward to work with vendors who provide highly responsive Data Analytics Solutions by combining the power of descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, & prescriptive analytics for enabling pro-active decision-making capabilities. 
The Passion behind ProGen
Rahul Sharma, the Founder & CEO of ProGen, is an evangelist of BIG Data Tools & Technologies and loves to use new age analytics technologies for helping customers solve their business problems. He is a Mechanical Engineer and holds a MBA Degree from SPJIMR, Mumbai. He has deep domain expertise in the field of BIG Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Enterprise Data Warehouse, Enterprise Data Lake, & Business Intelligence. Rahul works closely with organizations helping them design their Enterprise-wide Data Analytics Strategy by leveraging on New Age technologies such as HDFS, Spark, Solr, YARN, Elasticsearch, Python etc. He carries a rich experience of 15+ years in the field of Analytics and has avid passion for Innovations, Product Development & Consulting. He is a visiting faculty at the leading B-Schools & Engineering Colleges in India and also conducts Training programs for Enterprises & Government organizations around BIG Data Analytics.
Distinctive Player in Analytics
ProGen provides a unique mix of Products, Solutions & Services to the customers who are looking for a single agency to help them with their End-to-End Data Analytics needs. ProGen’s Data Analytics Platform ‘pi’ raises the bar for conventional BI & Data Visualization players by embedding Machine Learning & Statistical Algorithms that helps users gain actionable insights on the click of a mouse which otherwise is not possible with standard querying, reporting , or visualization tools. Configuration of various Alerts, Notifications, and exception scenarios is something that excites users as it helps them take pro-active decisions. This is achieved with the help of the Advanced Recommendation Engine in ‘pi’ that leverages various Machine Learning algorithms for the same.
Few challenges that are commonly faced by ProGen team in Analytics projects are related to data quality, availability of right data at the right time, clear documentation of business requirements for the Analytics project, confusing an Analytics project with a reporting or MIS Automation project & active involvement of Senior Management and project sponsor in the project meetings and monitoring of project progress. These challenges may appear to be trivial but have a significant impact on the successful deployment & timelines of an Analytics project. ProGen tries to keep their customers informed of the fact that “Analytics is a Journey and not a Destination. Your arrival at the destination in the world of Analytics is not permanent. The arrival is in fact the beginning of another journey, a new exploration, a new discovery.”
Sanguine Future of ProGen
The future of Analytics will be driven by innovations around BIG Data and Open source technologies. Leveraging commodity hardware and cheap storage techniques on the cloud would help organizations save millions of dollars on costly hardware and database costs that they currently incur in running & maintaining their BI & Analytics applications. With the new versions of Open source & BIG Data technology platforms such as Apache Spark, Hadoop Storage, YARN, R, Python etc. becoming more powerful & popular, complex analytics scenarios can be configured and executed on these systems at a fraction of the cost when compared with traditional BI/Analytics Applications.
ProGen’s future growth strategy is driven by 3 key values; Follow a value-add approach for solving the customer problems, Early adoption of new generation technologies in the Analytics offerings, and always treat customer as the most important person in the organization. With a proper execution of these key values, ProGen is confident to be at a leadership position in the Analytics space over next 2-3 years period.

Source :- The 10 Best Analytics Firms in 2017

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