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Tripti Tiwari | Founder & CEO | CloudTrains Technologies

The below excerpt showcases the journey of the establishment of a Blockchain-enabled company which is consistently striving to transform the overall scenario of the business world.
Kindly brief us about your Startup. 
CloudTrains Technologies – Where Technology Meets with Passion. We’re experts in crafting products that engage your audience, sets your brand apart and, helps you achieve your goals. We develop (what people see and how they use it) for websites and applications. We focus on making sure these are both useful and easy to use. CloudTrains is a blockchain technology company that provides end-to-end blockchain development services to multiple business domains. Since 2015, the CloudTrains is into the IT industry serving their clients with the high-quality services. It is a software development company that understands emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Big Data, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Founders of the CloudTrains worked with many Fortune 500 Clients, 20+ Products funded, 2 Selected in Y-Combinator, Awarded by Apple & Selected in Microsoft Ventures.
They aim to transform any size of the company by offering blockchain solutions and make them achieve competitive advantages. 
Brief us about the Founder/CEO, and what was the source of inspiration for your company to be in the Blockchain segment.
Tripti Tiwari is the Founder & CEO of CloudTrains Technologies. After finishing her Graduation, She Started CloudTrains without any prior experience of Industry. She already decided in early days of her college, She want to be Entrepreneur and take her creativity and innovation at new level. She had lot of achievements in her bucket, she got selected as Microsoft Student Partner in Microsoft, she is Mentor of Change in Atal Innovation Mission, Member of Canadian Blockchain Council. Since 2015, CloudTrains is canvassing dream of others. We develop mobile apps, Software & website, which are the products of various startups & Enterprises. Right, from the starting Tripti was very sure about two things, one is to have an organization which works on emerging technologies and second we will provide high class services.
In 2016, When She heard about Blockchain, she decided to start work on Blockchain, pivoted our business model, and started investing blockchain technology in the startups and enterprises, so that more and more startups & enterprises will come forward with the best of the product ready in the initial phase.
So, For Tripti technology and her Customer always her bigger source of inspiration to use & invest technology and build a product for their customers by which they can take their business & products to new level of height.  Tripti believes that We are living in a time where people carry the entire world on their palm. In today’s interconnected and digital world, technological advancements are transforming the lives of people in an amazing way. The company incorporate advanced tools and resources to keep pace with increasing demand of industry. For effective utilization of new and upgraded technologies to attract users, the company constantly engages into through research and development. Working with different types of requirements and businesses has helped Red apple to gain knowledge about varied technologies and their impacts.
What are the different products and services provided by your company, setting you apart from your competitors?
CloudTrains have a set of multiple products, currently in a time where business become very fast, we decide to work on our products and make doing business process easy for our customers, we build AI based CRM & ERP System, Lead Management System with advanced workflows, multiple Blockchain Solutions, Chatbots, DApps, Ledger Systems. CloudTrains understand every aspect of the project and discover what could be the best solution as a business point of view. Apart from this, why we are different from our competitors, So in CloudTrains we develop two kind of products one is MVP & second one is full-fledge product. MVP helps our start level entrepreneurs to find feasibility of product in market & in between customers and this solution is very good in terms of design & development & cost. On Another Hand, where we work for Enterprises & their pain points, this is the complete full-fledge product build on latest technologies and give their businesses a new level of growth in terms of revenue & people. We worked with TIZEN and got selected in Top 16 Partner in World and our name announced in Shanghai, China. We face many Ups & Down in our Entrepreneurial Journey, but today We have multiple Offices, the First one in Gwalior, Second One in Pune, Third One in New Delhi and USA. Currently, we have a client base of 800+ Clients.
What are the key attributes that helped your company overcome the challenges that it faced during its establishment?
There are many challenges in Startup Journey, But Number of Challenges is always equal to your learning. Challenges make you strong & give a chance to you to get the best version of yourself. IT Service Industry has a very vast market space in today’s era. Each & every industry depends on technology for their success, growth & revenue. A startup is not only about ideas; it is much more than that. It is about team building, paying salaries, create a healthy & innovative work culture, working on new technologies on time irrespective of all the difficulties you face, being accountable to a lot of people, compliances, and so much more. We expend a very less amount of budget on marketing, we are using content & customer marketing as our strategy. We got our first client by one of my friend’s reference after from that 1st client to 800+ Clients value all we got on our trust & commitment basis. Whatever we commit to our customer we fulfill them. Client Reference, Meet Ups & Networking are our key marketing strategies.
As a Women Entrepreneur, Tripti said her challenges were very different. Parents support, financial support, Customer Acquisition, Marketing, Government Compliances. But After all this Believe in your team & yourself.  “We learnt that giving freedom to your people is the best thing a leader can ever do. It seems to be risky at the beginning, with most fellow entrepreneurs advising us against it. But our team proved them wrong, and we are proud of them today. So, believing in your people and having a strong desire to bring change can make any startup successful.”
With the massive tech-enabled advancements, what are the opportunities and challenges evolving with it?
After 2013, Technology World changes very rapidly. There are lot of new technologies came in market. So, our major challenge at that time to work with that technologies and keep our self-updated because in IT continues learning open a door for new opportunities. So, we decide to set up a R&D Department in our company and create a community of experts according to their technology, Soon in CloudTrains there are more than 60+ Experts who have expertise on different technologies. After this we start to work on new technologies, build solutions on that and we have a set of experts too!
Share with us your company’s contribution to its sector and how it is helping its clients in their business growth.   
CloudTrains is an innovative technology company that delivers software products based on the Blockchain, AI technologies, iOT, Virtual Realty technologies for organizations and growing startups. Our skilled team analyzes customer’s goals to rocket-boost businesses and develop long-lasting relationships with the organizations & people. We work on latest technologies and make that technologies useable in our daily life so this our contribution to IT Sector and impact on tech world. CloudTrains have in-depth knowledge of blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, iOT, VR and many other technologies how does it function, what problems it can solve and what could be its use cases across multiple industries. From idea evaluation to product design and deployment of the product, we provide end-to-end quality services that are required to build an application/product. We listen our client’s ideas & pain points, work on that, choose right technology & solution for them. Once we deliver our solution to our customers, we always continually in touch with them and resolve their problem.
We are specialized in building MVP (minimum viable product) for startups. Almost 80% of our clients are entrepreneurs who have a rough idea, need fast execution at lower cost and need a quality team which is approachable. They come to us with an idea, and we help them build their tech infrastructure. In short, we are a startup made to help other startups & enterprises.
We have also developed many products for enterprises like Samsung, HCL, TIZEN. CloudTrains got selected in Top 16 Partner from World in Tizen Developer Summit for better & tech enabled solutions.
How do you motivate creativity and innovation in the workspace while maintaining a healthy work environment?
CloudTrains is people friendly organization/workspace. We are having the best working culture, full of life, work life balance and happy team members with decent packages and 100% client satisfaction is behind the growth that we have achieved in just a year. With in one year after launch we have more than 40+ Team Size.
We always take care of our employees, even they are not our employee they are our family. We do lot of learning and fun activities to keep our team healthy, happy and motivated.
Brief us about the current scenario of Blockchain startups and your company’s future plans.
With the continued development of blockchain technology, we are not far from a reality where people can exchange value in a peer-to-peer manner without powerful market regulators and central authorities. Value transactions could be programmed and enforced in code, verified through mass collaboration, making fraud or any other interference an impossible task. This technology opens up new opportunities. It could potentially revolutionize the current models of commerce, energy, finance, politics, real estate, and many more industries. If the rise of billion-dollar marketplace platforms marked the last decade in the history books of technology, I do not think that it will be far-fetched to imagine that the next 10 years to be defined by blockchain, when we will see networks disrupt and decentralize entire markets, redistributing wealth and maximizing economic efficiency in the process.
In Future CloudTrains builds a blockchain platform & products, which delivers smart contracts solutions for industries like real estate, finance & smart cities. CloudTrains Technologies aims at providing an optimum solution for reducing the risks associated with the cryptocurrency transactions.

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