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Anshul Sharma |  Founder | Fluper

Businesses need technology to stay updated and offer solutions that are unique, and one-of-a-kind. For this, they need to adopt technology in its functional form and create solutions that can be implemented and used by anyone and everyone. That said, it is not easy to change the entire infrastructure or the organization’s working according to new and emerging technologies. So more often than not, they hire specialists in these niche technologies to help create solutions for their clients. Delivering Blockchain-based solutions for such businesses customers is a young start-up Fluper Limited.
The company has emerged as a one-stop destination to building Blockchain-based solutions in governance, healthcare, banking, pharmaceuticals, and capital markets. With a team of 250+ professionals, the startup has already become a recognized firm among users when it comes to delivering advanced and cutting-edge solutions. Apart from Blockchain, it is also known for its exceptional mobile applications in different domains, including travel, media, IoT, AR/VR, food, and much more.
The New Start-up on the Block!
Anshul Sharma Founded Fluper at the young age of 23 and instantly became a source of motivation for many. With his positive attitude and hard working nature, he has made Fluper a ‘Trusted Organization’ globally. Blockchain became an obvious choice of technology for the company given the frenzy it has created in the world. It offers the latest tools for authentication, as well as, authorization in the digital era that prevents the requirement for a lot of centralized administrators. Consequently, it allows in building new digital relationships. After considering its increasing demand in the global market, Anshul and his team decided to decipher all its advancements to give businesses a new approach.
Being a leading company in providing Blockchain and mobile solutions, Fluper is constantly trying to innovate something advanced and modern. These experts are aware of the fact that in order to survive in this cut-throat competition it is important to follow the latest trends. Numerous organizations are adopting Blockchain technology to enhance their business productivity and ROI. And that’s where the opportunity lies.
Opportunities and Challenges
Anshul believes that technology is helping the organizations to save their time and consequently, money. Exchanges are quicker, particularly with the internet. He adds, “We all know that massive tech-enabled advancements have also augmented the efficiency of roughly every industry in the globe. We can now pay with bitcoins rather than using banks.”Although technology is unquestionably making our lives simpler, the effortlessness of accessing the public information presents a broad variety of legal allusions for businesses, such as data security, social media related liabilities, cybercrime, virus attacks, and more.
With immense opportunities, the Company also faced multiple challenges in the beginning. What kept them floating was their clear mission and vision and the ability to work together as a team. Anshul says, “Well, strategies vary but your mission can act as a dynamic force behind the position you are trying to achieve. We knew that our mission will serve to cement our long-term goals. We made 20 diverse tactics in motion; however, we kept them reliable with the same vision and mission.” From the beginning, they focused on teamwork to drive creativity and help in brainstorming ideas that are not possible in working solo.
Scalable Solutions
Fluper offers various Blockchain powered solutions, in order to develop innovative products that increase the digital currency like bitcoin, cryptocurrency, etc. Fluper’s Blockchain professionals utilize their expertise in the building of incorruptible digital, as well as, distributed ledger for economic transactions. Here is the list of some services it offers:
• dApps Development
• Supply Chain Development
• Custom Cryptocurrency Development
• Custom Blockchain Development
• Smart Contracts Development
• Cryptocurrency Wallet
• Private Blockchain
• Blockchain Testing

With the potential to offer customized business solutions and the ability to diversify, Fluper has become a known brand in the market and already has several associations, such as BBC, IBM, and Oracle.
Let Creativity Flow
The management at Fluper believes that creative employees can aid cultivate business by giving better solutions to issues, growing sales opportunities, and making products and services exclusive from competitors. Therefore, it is quite necessary to motivate creativity, as well as, innovation in the workspace.
In order to promote a creative workplace, Fluper offers a stimulating environment, encourages individuality, harnesses creativity in the workplace, facilitates anonymous suggestions, takes action based on employee input, rewards out-of-the-box thinking, and much more.
In the Offing
With a mission to become number one in the market, Fluper is planning to come up with the most advanced solutions. It wants to open new doors for the organization so that they can grow their business globally. Fluper is always ready to assist its clients around the clock with a team of seasoned professionals who have the capability to fulfil all kind of business requirements.

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