Codewave: Delivering Wide-Range of Services in IT Industry


The days of low-cost commodity services are waning, as IT organizations seek stronger strategies with IT outsourcing providers in the era of digital transformation. Digital transformation, automation, and data analytics are not only shaking up the IT operations but also impacting the quality of services. The modern-day organizations look for ‘buy’, ‘build’ or ‘augment’ model where they expect their technology service providers to swiftly enter into short-term engagements and transform the business outcomes.
Today is the world of ‘pay-as-you-go’ model which turns out to be flexible for the businesses. The organizations look for a certain combination of talent which can be engaged for a definite period of time, can find the solutions with a ‘go-getter’ attitude, and augmented team instead of a service provider. The major key point to survive in the technology services industry in today’s time is to ‘share a vision together as a team’.
Codewave, overcomes the various impacts in information technology industry and has proved to be one of the prominent IT services company which delivers a versatile set of technical services in the IT industry. It possesses a compelling ‘product led tech’ strategy which makes its services unique and provides peer comfort to the customers. Codewave have the ability to build their services with the help of open source technologies and this approach makes it a unique designing company among the rest organizations.
The Rock-Solid Pillars of Codewave
Abhijith HK and Vidhya Abhijith are the two Co-founders of the company who both belongs to a sound technical background and possess two decades of magnificent experience in the IT industry. Being the key leaders, they both serve their best in fulfilling the responsibilities to place organizations on the verge of success. Abhijith heads the Digital Transformations Technology and Vidhya looks after the Digital Interactions and Experiences area. With their combined efforts, Codewave develops a sturdy ‘product led tech’ engagement for its customers to deliver the best services.
Codewave’s Formula to Elevate its Success Ratio
The company culture firmly believes in ‘five’ parameters which are Dependability, Competence, Ownership, Team play, and Impact. The company holds an incessant growth framework which believes in high- performers having great leadership potential and holding high score in all the parameters when their peers and leads review them. In accordance with the company’s perspective, a highly dependable person help the team to respond to the challenging situations, a highly competent person has the required knowledge, intelligence and ability to solve the problems, a person having high ownership quality takes responsibility for learning. The company culture believes that high team play is responsible for quality listening, expressive thinking and connecting the vital dots. It also emphasizes that employee having high impact feature can give concrete business results which will strengthen the roots of the organization in the IT services field.
Relentless Efforts for the Betterment of the Company
Codewave is making solid improvisations in expanding the ‘design-led engineering’ team. It aims to build a capable team to take a convincing plan which will make cost-effective digitization projects and innovations on a large scale. Despite having a lot of adversities, the company has adapted the vivacity to apply new learning techniques in the business area. It is making unremitting improvisations to increase the flexibility which fits in its core foundational values. Codewave is now looking forward to evaluate potential investments which will act as a catalyst for the company.
Designing a Significant Way towards Glorious Success
Codewave has set aggressive business targets for Q1 2019 and it is planning to organize workshops and events which will assist the organization in expanding its roots in the IT industry. The management plan of the company aims to take up disruptive digitization projects on the global level and to develop exciting opportunities for the young and passionate workforce. This effective plan will generate enough skills to prosper in the initial stage of AI (Artificial Intelligence). The company is thriving hard to create a micro-economy plan by implementing practices such as monthly monetary bonuses based on project profitability, bi-annual increments and promotions based on 360 peer feedbacks. The systematic approach of Codewave has been successful in filling the gaps between Finance and HR organizations.
From the time of its inception, Codewave has been thoroughly focusing on building a self-sustaining business. According to its learning experiences, the company has paid complete attention to strengthening the roots and foundational values in the IT industry and continuously developing its business practices. The current challenge for them is to serve large scale investments on ‘Digital’ arena to nurture the company, by obtaining unique talent and better accessibility to the market. The increasing success graph of Codewave reflects the tremendous opportunities it will have in the information technology industry.
Source :-The 10 Most Promising IT Services Companies

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