NetEdge Computing Solutions: Revolutionizing the IT Services Industry

NetEdge Computing Solutions

The current trends in IT services are driven by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of things (IoT), Analytics, Big Data, Block Chain, and Cloud Computing. Fintech has become the talk of the town with the implementation of Blockchain technology and the rise of cryptocurrency. The financial sector is witnessing disruption due to technology which is making organization like banks, credit unions etc. to adopt the latest technologies to remain significant player in ever changing industry.
Understanding this, NetEdge Computing Solutions, an innovative IT Consulting, Software and Product Development Company, is working extensively to connect such organizations with technology to help them scale up their businesses.
NetEdge’s philosophy is to establish a partnership relationship with its clients in which attaining the goals of the client results in mutual success. They work with the clients to architect and implement solutions to meet their business objectives and shorten the time to market. As the name suggest, they work at the edge of the ever evolving and ever growing Net of Technologies. They have a proven track record of developing IT solutions and services using latest technologies and deploying professional staff that will complete the project on-time and within budget.
The Pillars of NetEdge
The Management Team at NetEdge consists of well qualified and experienced industry leaders. The team is led by Dr. Manoj Saxena, who is Managing Director and CEO of NetEdge. He has over 30 years of experience in Information Technology and a Ph.D. in Distributed Artificial Intelligence from IIT, Delhi. His focus is on Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Distributed Systems, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing. He personally mentors and encourages the research and development at NetEdge, providing new ideas and initiatives that add value to the services and exceed customer expectations
Vomaara Digital is led by Ayushi Srivastava, CEO who is an expert at Digital Marketing. She has two main focuses: her clients and her team. She inspires people to believe in their dreams and motivate them to work together with full sincerity. With her clients she likes to be proactive and puts their interests first. “Our team is our biggest asset. We spend lot of time and efforts in keeping the team current with the latest technologies,” says Ayushi.
On Demand Employee is led by Kanika Pateriya, COO who specializes in Digital Technologies. She encourages a culture of openness, responsibility and learning. She believes that if we can reduce stress from people’s life they are more focused on learning and perform better at work.
Exceptional Services
After working for over two decades with global customers, NetEdge realized that all a customer need is a partner that either has or can find solutions to their problems or help them fill the gaps in their strategy and execution. Therefore, they focus on solving business problems for their clients.
In the current age of Digital Technology, where it is disturbing every aspect of business, organizations need to be agile in adopting these technologies. To enable organizations in their digital journey, NetEdge is incubating agile business units which are focused on Digital Marketing and providing resources and solution using the latest technologies.
Vomaara Digital is their Digital Marketing unit with its focus on helping clients generate more business using digital tools and techniques. It acts as a consultant, coach, strategist, executor, and campaigner for its clients. Vomaara enables its client to connect with right businesses and people as well as build their brand through content and social media marketing. They feel proud to call themselves as The Digital Growth Hackers.
NetEdge’s On Demand Employee (ODE) is a unit focusing on latest digital technologies and solutions. It has a team of experts on latest technologies to build business solutions for its clients. ODE provides variety of services right from developing an application to developing a long term strategy for the clients to adopt Digital Technology. They establish a partnership with clients in which attaining the goals of the client is the only driving motive.
Highly Acclaimed Initiative
NetEdge is currently focusing on developing talent in latest Digital Technologies and innovation to provide meaningful and cost effective services and products to their clients using these technologies.
To foster Entrepreneurship and Developing Innovative solutions, NetEdge has established the World First Incublator at NOIDA in year 2016. Incublator is a combination of traditional Business Incubator and Accelerator. It is a Unique and Highly Flexible Approach to Support and Nurture Startups in Emerging Startup Ecosystems,” says Dr. Manoj. NetEdge Incublator provides Flexibility of an Incubator and Agility of an Accelerator, which are both essential for the development of Talent and Innovative products and services using the latest technologies.
NetEdge has successfully tested this model for last 2 years at NOIDA and the results are very encouraging. So far they have incubated around 10 companies and these are at various stages of their growth journeys.
Future Roadmap
NetEdge is very excited with the Innovation happening in the technologies currently. They are working very hard to develop the expertise on latest technologies and build innovative and meaningful solutions using these technologies to improve the quality of life.
As per Kanika Pateriya, COO of On Demand Employee, “To prepare ourselves for the future, we have adopted two prong strategy. First is to establish NetEdge Incublator to support young entrepreneurs live their dream and second to expand the horizons both globally and within India.
NetEdge is already in the process of establishing offices in different geographies and expand their Innovation and Delivery centers to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities within India.
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