JVS Technologies Private Limited: Introducing free to use web based EHR to bring all physicians online

JVS Technologies Private Limited

Over the years, with a vision to provide cost effective IT software products to healthcare industry, JVS Technologies started its operation in establishing foots in healthcare domain in the year 2002. In last 16 years, the company has grown exponentially and has expanded its business in 35 countries.
The company with its vast experience, comprehensive solutions, innovative thinking and world-class customer support system, is well positioned to reap the benefits from the high growth rate of healthcare industry. Further, with the recent launch of personal health record apps connected to electronic health records system, it will allow the patients to carry the medical records in their smartphone while visiting the physicians.
By introducing big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), they make their software smart enough to reduce the users workload and increase accuracy. It has launched an integrated and scalable EMR & HMS software solution for physicians, clinics and hospitals and covers most of the areas of Healthcare IT.
Recently, it has ventured into mobile e-commerce segment for future growth and to introduce diversification. They offer a robust mobile ecommerce platform under the brand “Quick eSelling”.
JVS Multi-Lingual Product and Services
JVS Group headquarter is based in Ahmedabad with office in New York and having clients across the globe, including developed nations like USA & UK to war prone & under developed zones like Palestine, Somalia and Afghanistan. It has more than 100 business partners and is on the path of expanding its business in rest of the world.
Being a 100% product based company; JVS provides multi-lingual solutions for healthcare domain, which includes all the basic functionalities of clinic management system and hospital management system with various device integration for seamless flow of clinical data from device to software and to the physicians’. They also provide software solutions for various medical specialties like SoftCath & JVS-DiComPlus software for interventional cardiology, OncoSoft for Oncology specialty, Laboratory Information System and software for Pharmacy Stores.
With a unique approach of providing all-in-one integrated IT solutions, it also offers an integrated ecommerce mobile app platform for B2C & B2B in ecommerce segment. By realizing the struggle faced by majority of physical businesses to survive today because of changing buying habits of consumers, it has come to rescue of brick and mortar businesses.
It is beyond the reach for most of the retail and wholesale business to develop and maintain ecommerce mobile app due to high cost of development and maintenance. JVS brings the advance technology in hands of these people with Quick eSelling free to use mobile app platform to launch their ecommerce mobile app with-in hours and with “Zero capital expenditure. It will be a direct threat and challenge to large ecommerce portals like Amazon & Flipkart to sustain their growth.
An Ingenious Mind of the Organization
With a broad base of experience in IT product development and marketing functions, Saket Singhi, Founder & Managing Director has repeatedly demonstrated a strong ability to incubate and develop new business solutions with big results and minimal investment. His primary areas of expertise are in building new teams and functions, resolving business issues quickly with innovative processes, technologies, and leverage existing investments. In addition to his extensive experience running a product based IT company, his love for technology coupled with his understanding and empathy for the business gave him a unique ability to develop futuristic technical solutions.
Rewards Gained by the Company
JVS feels proud to be one of the first to develop a market for clinical software’s in India and being among top product based Healthcare IT companies, having well established products being used by clients in more than 35 countries. Since 2007, JVS is official partner to Cardiological Society of India in successfully running National Interventional Council (NIC) – Clinical Data Registry.
Since last five years, more than 1000 customers have been added to the company. It has also launched world’s first plug and play software with storage device for interventional cardiology.
Challenges in Delivering Adequate Solutions
For a bootstrapped IT product company, it is always difficult to develop or penetrate into the market quickly with new products and ideas. By walking on a lonely path for the past 16 years in order to grow, the company worked towards developing the market by providing innovative products, offering scalable solutions, best quality support system and worldwide marketing. Today, JVS team with dedicated efforts has created a niche place for itself in healthcare industry with more than 2.5 million patients registered in on its SoftClinic EHR software.
Future Roadmaps
E-commerce and mobile commerce have dramatically changed the way brands reach customers, making it faster and easier for consumers to make purchases on the fly while avoiding the hassles of going to the store.” J. Hilburn Davis
In today’s competitive world of eCommerce, all physical businesses are struggling to survive or grow. JVS has ventured into eCommerce space with vision to help brick and mortar businesses compete with leading marketplaces like Amazon & Alibaba.
Saket Singhi states, “Our current focus area is to bring all brick and mortar shops online with free to use “Quick eSelling” mobile eCommerce platform and offer them the same technology which is used by large marketplaces, to create a level playing field.
Source :-The 10 Most Promising IT Services Companies

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