Comfort Engineers: Delivering an Array of Top-notch HVAC Services and Solutions

Comfort Engineers is a multi-disciplinary projects company with HVAC being a part of the repertoire of services. Infact, they are multi-disciplinary within HVAC as well when it comes to the types of technologies they work with & the various market sectors they serve. Every technology requires a specific skill set & approach &so does every market sector.
The various HVAC technologies which CE work with are: VRV/VRF, Chilled Water System, Evaporative Cooling System, PHE Systems, Geothermal Cooling, Radiant Cooling, Precision Air Conditioning, Constant Temperature Systems, Process & Machine Cooling & Ventilation, Fume Exhaust Systems, Furnace Exhaust Systems, Ductless Ventilation System, etc.
They serve the following sectors:Industrial, Automotive, Healthcare, Clean Rooms, Residential, Hospitality, IT/ITES, Electronic Industries, Manufacturing Plants, Offices & Commercial Building, Food & Beverages.
A deep understanding of the combination of job type & technologies in HVAC helps the company tailor design & execute the solution for the customer.
Journey of CE with Its Dynamic Duo 
Comfort Engineers is a Pvt Ltd firm with two Directors namely Mr. Vineet Seth & Mr. Rajesh Katyal.  While today startups are preferred over the conventional 9 to 5 jobs, the scenario was totally different in the past. Back then, quitting your jobs and starting your business was not cool and attracting talent to a new firm was tough.  It was a tough time for both – Vineet Seth and Rajesh Katyal to start as none of them belonged to a business background.  They slowly built a name for themselves by delivering each job on time and with utmost honesty and complete dependability. Gradually, the size of the jobs kept getting bigger and today they have done over 350 projects.
The biggest problem with the HVAC industry is that it has become over commoditized.
The management  at CE need to constantly convey to their customers  that they need to view HVAC as a solution and not a product. It is important that the  journey from the day they undertake a project to final delivery is smooth and hassle free. Today, it is a big challenge to make the customer realize that not all HVAC service providers are the same and while the services provided may be the same, the importance of the processes followed should not be overlooked.
CE, Keeping Itself Abreast with Newer Technologies
With regards to technologies, Comfort Engineers try to remain ahead of the learning curve by keeping themselves abreast with newer technologies that are being introduced in the market by attending training and seminars of various kinds across the world. For example, the company is amongst a handful of HVAC Solution providers in India to be able to do BIM modelling. Also, they are investing heavily to make themselves stand out. Each of their processes are completely digitized with the help of Promasch , a Cloud Based Software, they use to manage every project REAL TIME with respect to every information regarding every project and every department of their company. The company feels that in order to answer their customer’s questions instantly, they need access to every piece of information anytime and anywhere. Also, the software helps them understand the slowest part of the chain in order to take corrective action proactively. Each one of their employees has Transparent KRAs which are in line with their vision and the system keeps them updated of their tasks in hand.
Right Technology for Flawless Work  
While people are core to Comfort Engineers, theylook forward for the right Tech which could enable them with faster, better & more accurate outputs to serve their clients better. The software & tech they use across their company includes:

  • AutoCad —For 2D drawing work
  • REVIT—BIM Modelling
  • Autodesk Navisworks for Dedication
  • HD PsyChart 2.1 for design
  • Duct size 6.1 for Duct Design Tools
  • Promasch—Project, Material & Schedule Management
  • Greytip HR—Attendance, Payroll & Compliance Management

The Comfort Experts
Comfort Engineers alongwith hiring experts according to technologies or sectors, also train their existing workforce to update their skills in order to find newer ways of doing the same work to deliver a better, faster & safer output at their Project Site. The company also Cross Train their talent in terms of giving them a feel of their Non Core Departments in order for them to understand the system as a whole. They want to be a collection of Experts & Jack of all trades such that they are focused but without Blinkers on.
Altering Industry Scenario with Smarter Approach
Comfort Engineers with over the past few years of competitive environment realized that the way forward is DIFFERENTIATION. They are changing the narrative of the industry just like smartphones did when Mobile Phones started becoming a Cheap Product. They are a Smart Solution Provider with the necessary technologies in place which helps them to higher probability to repeat their success. Their motto is to learn from their mistakes &algorithimize their success such that they can repeat the success over & over again. The company does a lot of Data Analytics from Promasch in order to understand where they are heading right& where they shouldn’t. They then  try to eliminate such paths so that it never gets repeated. Clients get a transparent process of Project Management when they align with Comfort Engineers. There are two costs associated with HVAC projects. These are the cost which is when a project is finalized & the cost of the journey between start & end of a project. They minimize the second one for sure. They aim to make their systems maintenance free.
CE : Being Accountable to Final Output
HVAC is an over commoditized market wherein knowledge & the process of project delivery have taken a backseat. Another missing facet of HVAC projects is the absence of transparency between the HVAC solution provider and the client. Everyone has an opinion on how to solve the various issues that the HVAC industry faces but only a very few are doing something about it. At Comfort Engineers, they have an overall vision “To be the most admired company amongst whoever we deal with, namely, Clients, Consultants, Architects, Employees, Suppliers, Vendors & the Community at Large”. And in order to achieve this, Comfort Engineers work on Guiding Principles across their departments which are in line with the overall vision.
HVAC industry suffers from another phenomena, which is called the Product Selling Phenomena.  Every person is trying to sell a product and does not take ownership of the ultimate result. But, Comfort Engineers take pride in being accountable to the client for the finaloutput.
HVAC Industry is at Its Best
Future of HVAC solution industry cannot be brighter than this. People have stopped imagining any place without HVAC, be it trains or buses, food preservation, nuclear bunkers, bus/ truck cabins, even toilets. Comfort being an engineering company with concentration on giving what customer needs rather than what they want to offer. Excellent products are available in market but each product fits for particular requirements. For example, an in-line fan in a meeting room is required of very low noise irrespective of cost, whereas in a generator room noise may not be criterion but air delivery and balance is must. Comfort Engineers does not want to restrict themselves to a service or a plan in this growing market but are looking forward to associating themselves with entrepreneurs who want to work independently as business unit owner under CE comfort umbrella.
Bring the Change, Advice to the Young Entrepreneurs
“ One needs to bring a Fresh perspective to work, it is better to not see what has happened before.  Youngsters should change the way HVAC industry works now and write  new narratives. However the age old principals of honesty and transparency will always be in fashion. Be brave. Be fast. Be bold.”

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