Compassco: Your Omni-Dimensional Window of High-Performance Gaming Desktops

Compassco | Prince Goyal

Gaming is an intense digital sport, demanding the highest level of commitment and intensity from the gamers involved in it. Although gamers must immerse themselves in the hyper-real environment of virtual reality, substandard and unreliable devices limit their experience, enjoyment, entertainment, and professional expertise. It is a constant battle of frustration.

Another issue Indian gamers in particular have to face is the cost. Even after paying a hefty sum for some branded products they might receive low quality or products with defects. Simply, the issues are of reliability and trust. These are the reasons a hardcore gamer himself and Compassco’s Managing Partner, Prince Goyal decided to provide a good reliable product to the market by creating an Affordable High-Performance Gaming devices niche.

He states that the main reason why gaming desktops still haven’t picked up in India is due to the lack of a trustworthy brand––price and other factors being secondary. That is why, “At Compassco, we build high-performance desktops. Our gaming division is known as Prowler Gaming. We started this company with one goal in mind––World Class desktops for the Indian market. As buyers, we ourselves were frustrated at the quality gap in India compared to mature markets,” says…

The Prince of HD Gaming Desktops

But why just desktops? “Because desktops are the best-performing gaming devices,” answers Prince. Over the last few years, team Compassco gained invaluable experience while running gaming cafes and esports teams. “We understand what gamers need. We are very process-oriented and that helps us optimize our manufacturing process and bring costs down while maintaining the quality we expect. We also offer remote and onsite support to our customers which covers all the possible hassles of owning a desktop,” shares Prince while assuring that customers can just focus on playing!

When asked what makes them stand out in an intensely competitive gaming industry, Prince reiterates that as mentioned earlier, they make gaming desktops. Their desktops come in many sizes and performance brackets. “Whether you have just started gaming or are a professional gamer, we have a product for you,” insists Prince. Each product is purpose-built with the needs of the user in mind rather than being a one product fits all kind of business model.

According to Prince, what makes them different from most of their competition is that they understand both electronics and gaming. “Let me explain this using a cricket analogy. Imagine a batting coach who is also good at woodworking. As a batsman, isn’t that the guy you want to buy your bats from?” he elucidates.

Building Deep Learning Workstations

Sharing his own journey in the industry and how he contributed to excelling Compassco’s brand story, Prince says that personally, he has been ripping apart computers since he got his very first desktop way back in 1999. Computers have been part of his daily routine for over 20 years now. Though it took a while to officially be a part of this industry. On paper, they started in 2016 but it was a few years before they properly started selling.

“Our technical strengths initially helped us gain projects that typically no one else would be able to execute. For example, we built a Deep Learning workstation that could be used simultaneously by multiple users by sharing the compute power but could also provide 100% power to one user when needed. We have always looked at problems as opportunities to grow and that has helped us sustain,” cites Prince.

Winning the Battle Constant of Hurdles

In considering the current scenario, according to him, the kind of challenges they face and had to constantly overcome are multifarious. “IT industry has been quite challenging for us ever since we started,” recollects Prince. There has typically been a shortage of components even before COVID started, and it became worse post-it. Cryptocurrency has also been responsible for the severe shortage of graphics cards, the primary component of a Gaming PC.

“We weren’t high up the supply chain to even benefit from the surge in demand for IT hardware. So, creating a product and keeping its supply stable has been a challenge. We try to minimize supply risks by holding larger inventories but that comes with risks of its own. So it’s a constant battle,” he accepts.

A Passionately Wealthy Wisdom

In his apt advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the Gaming space, Prince recommends, “My advice is the same to any future entrepreneur, not just in the gaming space.” It is extremely important that you do something that you are truly passionate about. It keeps you going on the harder days.

You should be able to tell yourself why you’re doing what you are doing. While being passionate is the start, one should also understand that the purpose of every business is money. Unless your business is making money, passion alone will not sustain it. “We still haven’t perfected the balance of both but we keep trying,” he reveals honestly.

Affordable High-Performance Gaming

On envisioning scaling Compassco’s operations and offerings in the future, Prince states that they have recently moved to a much larger space to increase their production capacity. “We realized that unless our production is at a certain scale, we cannot achieve what the Indian market needs–Affordable High-Performance Gaming,” he feels.

Esports is a sport of the Digital World and desktops are the leaders when it comes to performance. In the future, there will be a gaming device in every household in the country. “That kind of potential excites us and we want to offer world-class products at honest pricing to the market,” he concludes promisingly.

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