Dr Piyush Srivastava: Bridging the Indian Digital Divide by SCAP Technologies 

Dr Piyush Srivastava
Dr Piyush Srivastava,

Exemplary powerful leaders have a knack for finding perfectly pragmatic solutions to the most significant issues faced by their society, community, and country. For India, it is the issue of the digital divide.

According to Dr Piyush Srivastava, India is emerging as a superpower equipped with the latest technologies. The research and progress in cloud computing, AI, ML, IoT etc., have been outstanding. The penetration of internet-enabled technologies within society is worth appreciation.

Yet a digital divide exists in our country. Many small businesses and service sectors still lag behind in adopting digital Technologies. It is the void we at SCAP Technologies are trying to fill,” he says. SCAP Tech is committed to leveraging the best practices of Information Technology in the business and service sector, which still lags in adopting technological development.

Leading A Technology Driven Startup

SCAP Technologies is founded by Dr Srivastava, who works as the CEO. He has a vast experience as an academician and as a software engineer. He holds a PhD in Information Technologies and MCA, MSc(IT), MBA and LLB. His several research papers on IT have been published in several National and International Journals. He has various achievements to his credit. The recent one is that of being chosen as a brand ambassador at the G20 event held in Lucknow. SCAP Technologies is the manifestation of his vision.

Along with his work, Dr Srivastava was involved in various innovation assignments, many of which were in IoT. Innovation has always been his passion. Technology has always been his hobby. SCAP Technologies is a blend of his hobby and passion. Initially, he worked on designing some business solutions for his friends. But, gradually, a need was felt to involve more developers as more and more people were interested in getting precise software solutions.

As a result, these footprints led to the creation of SCAP Technologies, the manifestation of his vision.

Exposure to the Latest Technologies

SCAP Technologies firmly believes in admixing the business with human values. Every employee is treated as a part of the family. They are given every opportunity to grow and learn. Their views and ideas are always listened to. Dr Srivastava adds, “We ensure that the employees get job satisfaction. In any IT company, its employees are the best resource. Hence we see that they are groomed and nurtured properly. To produce the best result.”

The clients are treated empathetically. Dr Srivastava and his team of SCAP Tech strive to give clients the best solution within their budget. He insists they try to dive deep into the client’s requirements, pain points, and expectations. After a phase of thorough understanding, they create a solution for the clients. He shares, “We create strategies for a normal organization to shift their business or services on the digital platform gradually.”

Our Creative Endeavour

Guided by Dr Srivastava, the team SCAP offers services like digital marketing, software development and providing web-based solutions. “The future will witness more and more IT penetration in our lives. Technologies driven by AI and ML will make the adaptability of various applications. Hence we are working toward AI, IoT and Data Science,” he states.

Every business needs a solid business model with sound planning and good infrastructure supported by a skilled team. SCAP Technologies firmly believes in admixing business values. Every employee is treated as a part of the family. They are given every opportunity to grow and learn. Their views and ideas are always listened to. Dr Srivastava ensures that the employees get job satisfaction. In any IT company, its employees are the best resource. Hence he sees that they are groomed and nurtured properly – to deliver the best result.

The Best Brains in the Industry

At the managerial level, he says they have dedicated and sincere people who are continuously working. They hold several brainstorming sessions. It resulted in the growth of the company. Apart from Varanasi, the company has a presence in Noida as well. Very soon, they plan to open their office in Mumbai as well. Having a presence in the metro city ensures the easy availability of the best brain in the industry.

Dr Srivastava says having a big vision and hard work towards that vision is the recipe for success. They have a unique way of doing work. They take the technologies to a height where the clients are not only satisfied but rather they feel mindful. Their products give clients satisfaction and more so over peace. For this, constant and sincere efforts are required. Dr Srivastava has a strong team working behind every project. With the project development, they try to incorporate better platforms, technologies and new ideas to make their products acceptable and enjoyable.

Making Tech Simple and Affordable

Pain, trouble and criticism are also a part of the journey. But, they take it very positively. Dr Srivastava says, “Challenges help us to shape our strategy more profoundly. Rather, they help us to reiterate our problem statement and solutions that we have planned. It has always helped us in producing better results. We are always open to new ideas. The IT sector is ever evolving.”

Hence, it is very necessary to understand market dynamics and technologies. Market research, consumer behaviour, and technological advancement are some of the arenas upon which they always keep their eyes. They have a very strong system of feedback. The feedback system helps them to have an insight into the organization. The feedback that they get from their clients is extremely helpful. Based on it, policies and mechanisms are made to improve performance.

Last but not least, it is always felt that the blessings of God and Teachers are the driving force of SCAP Technologies. Gratitude to the invisible helpers for their invaluable support,” concludes Dr Srivastava.

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