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Pragyat IT Solutions
Pragyat IT Solutions

Technology, like everything else, has two sides: theoretical and practical. On paper, the vast majority of conventional definitions make perfect academic sense. Most seemingly perfect ideas, however, fall short when put into action. This is because actual implementation involves numerous unexpected factors that are nearly impossible to account for in theory.

Even the most successful businesses must adapt to the practical realities and keep up with emerging trends in the Information Technology (IT) sector. Furthermore, simply talking about digitalizing our country will not help if we lack the most important aspect of practical implementation.

Again, more than practical implementation in a few metro and urban areas will be needed. As a result, there is an urgent need for a developing, evolving ecosystem of the integrated and interconnected web of networks that works seamlessly and provides real-time solutions to real-life industrial problems.

Pragyat IT Solutions Private Limited was Co-founded by Pragyat Singh and his father to assist businesses in India and worldwide in digital transformation. The experts at Pragyat IT listen to you, advise you, and design with you, considering your business expectations and demands. “We strive for happy customers and ongoing relationships,” says Pragyat, the Managing Director. “The most important measure of success is how our clients feel about their experience with us.”

Testimony to the Technovations

And here’s what clients says about the company and its team.

A client, Narendra Kumar says, “I’m really impressed by the quality of services I received from Pragyat IT Solutions Pvt Ltd. You were right on schedule, charged reasonable prices, were professional and courteous in dealings, and delivered items well before time.”

Another one, Khushboo Kumari says, “Developers here at Pragyat IT Solutions Pvt Ltd are supremely talented. They know how to deliver on time while keeping an eye on details. My website is now so smooth to surf through. Thank You, Pragyat IT Solutions Pvt Ltd.”

And, Arjit Kumar praises, “We thank Pragyat IT Solutions Pvt Ltd for the wonderful job in helping us develop our program. Everyone was professional, excellent, and hardworking. Thanks to them, we were able to achieve our goal on time.”

Leading the Startup India Mission

That is why, in just three years, Pragyat IT Solutions has grown to a team of 30 passionate tech experts and over 300 happy clients with a 100% satisfaction rate. “We believe in the proper understanding of the client requirement so that services can be excellent,” Pragyat adds.

Telling about Pragyat IT’s inception saga, he recalls deciding early on not to work a traditional nine-to-five job. He never wanted to work for someone else but to put his mind to use in his work. He always prioritizes practice over theory. He has prioritized doing business over studying theoretically. He started a small business in 2016, but since he was more interested in technology, he registered his tech company Pragyat IT Solutions Private Limited, in 2019.

Speaking about his inspiration, he says, “I understand the issues because I am from a small town. Many people continue to rely on traditional methods rather than cutting-edge technology. As a result, Pragyat IT Solutions focuses on rural and small towns. We are also raising public awareness.”

Only by successfully connecting rural areas to technologies will India become digital. The heart of effective communication is genuine innovation and a positive customer experience. “That is what we are always doing,” he adds.

Pragyat IT was awarded a Startup India Certificate on May 19, 2020. Startup India is a government of India initiative. During his speech on August 15, 2015, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi first announced the campaign. This initiative’s action plan focuses on simplification and handholding, funding support and incentives, and industry-academia partnership and incubation.

Surmounting the Mountain of Challenges

After their certified status, Pragyat IT was constantly rising. Then came the COVID pandemic, which destabilized the entire world, including the company. Pragyat reveals that, like many others, he lost his father, who founded the company. “It was a difficult time for me to move on. But I never gave up hope, and remembering his dream, I began again to carry on his legacy,” he reflects.

On the other hand, the COVID pandemic boosted the technology industry and Pragyat IT. He furthers that they now have three physical branches and provide service throughout India and in over ten foreign countries.

Pragyat also shares that his father, the company’s founder, has been his greatest inspiration since childhood. He reiterates that he never desired to work for others. Being from a small town also presented him with numerous challenges, which he persevered in overcoming.

Furthermore, he believes that business is important not only for the present but also for future generations. “As a result, I’ve always wanted to start a business that will be around for future generations,” he says.

He says that as a startup, there were many challenges, but one of the most significant ones were

Building a team: “Without a team, we cannot move forward.” And, in the current environment, where startups are opening and closing daily, it isn’t easy to persuade employees to work in a startup, which was something Pragyat did successfully.

Establishing your brand: After assembling a team, it was time to establish themselves in the market and carve out a niche among the many old and large brands. “We are re-emerging as a reliable brand in the IT solutions market,” he says.

Managing finances: Successfully running a business entails managing investments, expenses, costs, salaries, payments, losses, and profits.

Pragyat says they overcame all these problems by providing unique solutions to their clients according to the client’s budgets. “We let clients grow first because if a client grows, we also grow accordingly. We always focus on the long-term goal of customer satisfaction. A happy customer will come to you repeatedly and bring you reference business, which our clients are doing for us,” he says.

That is why, today, clients admire Pragyat IT for the team’s professional values and qualities deeply imbibed in them. The most important thing clients admire in the company is that the team does not give a common solution to their clients. Rather, they always try to understand clients’ requirements and give them proper solutions. Pragyat adds, “We always keep transparency in our work. We also focus on making long-term relationships with our clients.”

Forwarding Futuristic Tech

As an experienced professional, his advice to the budding aspirants willing to enter the business world is deeply profound: “Do not try to copy others. No one knows your potential better than yourself. Recognize it and start working on your dream. You might fail several times, but every time you will learn a lesson that will guide you to a new height of future success.”

On envisioning Pragyat IT Solutions’ operations with the emerging technologies and automated tools that are revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations, he reveals that as a tech company, it is very important to keep itself updated with the latest technology. Also, somewhere for a tech company, new technology brings more opportunity.

Pragyat concludes, “Further, we can provide a better solution with the latest technologies. Apart from projects, we have service-based software and products, which helps us do a sustainable business.”

Pragyat IT Solutions Hall of Fame:


  • Fireboxx Best Entrepreneur 2022
  • Startup India 2020 by the Government of India
  • Certificate by IBMI Berlin Germany in Marketing and Communications
  • Certificate by IBMI Berlin Germany in Economics and International Business
  • Certification by Google in Digital Marketing
  • Star Entrepreneur by Be Star Studio
  • 100 Powerful Personalities by Glantor x news
  • Rashtriya Pratishtha Purushkar by Worthy Wellness Foundation
  • Swarn Karamyogi Sammaan by Worthy Wellness Foundation

Featured in:

  • CIO Look India Magazine 2022
  • Elysian Magazine September edition 2022
  • 100+ news website

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