Ms. Neelam Verma: The Most Powerful Brand Communication and Digital Marketing Strategist

Neelam Verma
Neelam Verma

Amidst the falling graph of traditional marketing, the rise of ‘new age digital-social media marketing, brand building, communication, and public relations strategies’ is a phenomenon that is evolving to the advantage of modern enterprises if they know how to leverage it all.

Communication is all about how, when, where, what, and why you deliver your message after identifying your target audience. A brand message devised for an adult audience won’t work for toddlers, kids, adolescents, or youngsters who are not yet counted as adults. That is why you might have often seen brand messaging or communication strategies backfire to the detriment of the brand image.

Every ounce, titbit, word, letter, design, colour, sense, style, content, and persona of your brand image must be articulated, considering the tiniest details, before it is conveyed to your customers. Neelam‘s artistic nature has led her to a career in graphic design. Graphic design is crucial in public relations and digital marketing. It helps to improve the visual appeal and effectiveness of marketing messages. It aids in the creation of visually appealing and engaging content, the establishment and maintenance of brand identity, the enhancement of the user experience, the rise of social media engagement, and the creation of a more credible and professional image. After all, everything must be conceived and created by first considering public relations, which is the key to unlocking your brand’s true potential, and then projecting it through the current digital marketing trends, including SEO and its increasing significance.

According to Ms. Neelam Verma—the most powerful brand communication, PR, and digital marketing strategist—today, before engaging with a brand, every individual on social media goes through the brand profile to check its authenticity by checking the number of followers and likes they have, whether it’s verified or not, whoever is promoting the brand, whether it is being promoted by well-known influencers or not, and many other factors. A professional or brand with a blue tick has a high public profile, making them popular and genuine on and off social media.

Crafting a modern brand image

People prefer to work with verified professionals on social media platforms. This is why every professional and brand wishes to be verified on social media.

She furthers that the involvement of public relations has paved the way for brands to be verified on social media. Any public relations professional’s primary goal is to bring your brand to the forefront of public attention. A good public relations strategy will ensure that your brand has a positive impact on society and will increase the credibility and authenticity of the brand. Having a credible, authentic, and impactful brand will attract a large audience and increase the brand’s followers and like count, increasing the chances of it being verified.

This is where the term “digital marketing” intervenes in a conversation, and SEO grabs attention effortlessly. According to Neelam, SEO operates on three fronts: crawlingindexing, and ranking. She explains it with a case study.

Every month, Myntra receives 40-43 million organic visitors! They are ranked for over 2.6 million keywords. Myntra ranks first in these searches for over 150 thousand keywords. More than 90% of these keywords are generic. “We can say that people arent specifically looking for Myntra.” So, Myntra is doing well in terms of SEO.

Whenever someone searches for jeans or some other beauty product, and if you are involved in a business that sells jeans, then anyone looking for jeans on a search engine may find your business on Google or any other search engine platform. Myntra is capable of doing the same. If someone searches for any random clothing or beauty product online, Myntra’s page will definitely appear in the top five positions.

The Revolutionary Digital Shift

There isn’t a single person in today’s world who doesn’t want their business to succeed. “Following that, we will discuss the significance and impact of digital marketing,” says Neelam, adding that there are significant reasons to shift from traditional to digital marketing.

*Brings organic traffic: “As we all know, SEO aids a companys rise to the top of search results.” The top five searches on a search engine’s result page are where your brand can be found. SEO brings organic, relevant traffic to your webpage, which doesn’t cost you a penny.

*Building blocks for trust: Customers develop trust in a brand by seeing it among the top five searches on the search engine results page, excluding the ads section. The customer is reassured that you have a strong brand reputation and that they can rely on you with their money.

*Shortens the buying cycle: Everyone wants things done in a flash of an eye.” And we have all heard the adage, “Time is money.” SEO provides all the necessary details a customer needs to know about a particular company, good, or service, including the greatest offers, prices, fresh features, updates, offers, and discounts. The buying cycle will be improved if you provide them with all the pertinent information about the query they entered.

*Job opportunities: “The pandemic has altered everything around us, from our personal lives to our professional lives.” Everything has shifted online, and digital marketing has gained a lot of attention among businesses, whether they are small or large. Everyone wants to be on top and grow their business tremendously. Companies now rely entirely on online platforms for marketing, including branding, advertising, and conducting consumer feedback surveys. The result of the increased demand for digital marketing is a fantastic job opportunity. According to a recent LinkedIn report, digital marketing is one of the top ten most in-demand skills employers seek.

*The future is digital: If you are tech-savvy and want to help technology have a bright future, the Internet revolution has begun in India. Most businesses design their marketing strategies with the Internet in mind. The internet will be king in the coming years, and digital marketing experts will be in high demand. Every year, new technology practises emerge in digital marketing, and this cycle will continue to grow.

Everybody wants to be on top, and being on top requires both hard and smart work. If you want your product to reach more people through search engines, you must go for SEO tactics “the way we do” to help your business flourish and rank among the top five searches, if not number one.

Bringing Your Brand to the Top Five

Such exceptional skills and great working experience in the communication team and developing and implementing internal and external communication strategies to ensure unified, consistent, positive messages defines and promotes the corporate identity and mission.

Neelam excelled as a creative leader and demonstrated her talents as a result of her exceptional skills and attributes. The Times of India, Femina Magazine, The Speaking Tree Newspaper, Roots Advertising, Techbooks International Pvt. Ltd., Balaji Ads O Prints, Meena Bazaar, Fashion Bloom Magazine, Graphisads Pvt. Ltd., Balaji Ads O Prints, ILAD Packaging, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Zorba Books, Om Books International, Anand Group, and Tivoli Group. She provided leadership and was instrumental in the growth of each company with which she collaborated. Her actions aided firms in achieving worldwide success.


An Amplifying Passion for Art and Creativity

Sharing her incredible journey from the beginning, Neelam says she was strongly inclined towards creativity and art from a young age. She was always passionate about sketching and painting; she could even carve out the lead of the pencil in different shapes and forms. She was so engrossed in art and creativity that she spent hours imagining and creating beautiful works of art.

As Neelam grew older, her love for art only grew stronger. Her passion for creativity and art extended beyond painting, and she enriched her skills by learning photography, graphic design, and writing. Her creative spirit has led her to pursue a career in the arts. One of her biggest dreams was to work for one of the biggest media companies in India, The Times of India.

As a creative head, she knew that she had to pull up her socks to achieve her dream, so she started working hard and building her skill sets. Neelam started her career as a graphic designer slowly and steadily; her perseverance paid off, and her dream of working in India came into existence. She had worked there for over a decade and was sure she would work there till her retirement, but the pandemic shook everything. It turned everything upside down. At first, Neelam was devastated, as she had never imagined being unemployed in her life and was unsure of what the future held.

The Inspirational Momentum

But one day, something clicked, and she realized she should start her own business. She always wanted more control over her creative process and worked on projects that inspired her to work more enthusiastically. And with her newfound free time during COVID-19, she had the perfect opportunity to live her dream of starting her own business. So Neelam began researching. She even took a few online courses to improve her graphic design skills and also learned how to create a website. She thinks this period brought a digital transformation.

Thus, the crisis inspired Neelam to venture into the business arena. She has always wanted to work beyond her limitations and pursue a career in a field she’s passionate about; this was her main motivation for entering this field. Following one’s passion provides job satisfaction because, when you enjoy what you do, you are more likely to be satisfied with your job, increasing your efficiency.

Earning Trusts

The most difficult challenge for her, initially, was finding suitable clients. It was difficult to attract new clients and stay motivated during times of isolation, but with time and experience, she built a great client base. With a large client base come many projects on which one must work, so time management is critical. Managing finances was another challenge that taught her to be prepared for all the ups and downs ahead of time.

When asked about what professional values and qualities she thinks her clients’ value in her and her company the most, Neelam says, if she speaks from a client standpoint, every client wants to work with a professional who has immense knowledge about their field, is reliable, adaptable to changes, and capable of coming up with creative ideas in difficult situations. She has been working in this field for over a decade and has worked with a wide range of people, giving her expertise and high trust among her clients. She adds, “I feel this is the reason they value our work.”

The Most Reliable and Innovative Solutions

Sharing the USPs highlighting her brand’s uniqueness in the industry, Neelam says if they want to stay in business, they must keep their clients happy because a satisfied client will help any organisation grow. A satisfied client is one who has had a positive experience. She states, “My USP is complete reliability and providing innovative solutions with exceptional customer service.”

As an experienced professional, her advice to budding aspirants willing to enter the business world is pragmatic. For fledgling entrepreneurs who want to enter the business world, she recommends focusing on learning the ways you could manage your time and money, building an extensive network, and creating value for customers. Building strong skills and expertise is equally essential for success. Lastly, tenacity and a willingness to learn from failures are vital qualities for any entrepreneur.

Into a Techno-Advanced Future

On envisioning her company’s operations with the emerging technologies and automated tools that are revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations, Neelam divulges that when it comes to technology and automated tools, the most popular tool currently is chat GPT. Her standpoint about Chat GPT is that it is an AI tool that delivers a flawless solution to your concerns.

If I had to define how I envision or relate my company’s field to this specific innovation, I would say it can help me think of unique and creative ideas for various efforts.” Creativity is the most important skill in this industry. When you’re working alone, it can be difficult to come up with unique and new ideas. Chat GPT can assist you in breaking through creative blockages and helping develop new and unique ideas. Another feature of the AI tool that Neelam appreciates is that it provides feedback on design work. It assesses the design from a fresh perspective and provides insights that they may have ignored; this comes as an aid in the improvement of projects. UI/UX is another innovation that has transformed the game for professionals in this industry.

Before the emergence of UI/UX design, graphic designers were primarily focused on creating visual elements such as logos, typography, colour schemes, and other design elements. Following COVID-19, there has been an increase in the demand for graphic designers to create visually appealing and user-friendly digital products. With the rise of digital media, the focus of graphic designers has shifted towards web design, which requires designers to create layouts, graphics, and other design elements that can be used on websites. However, the primary goal remained the same. It brought a revolution to the business.

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