CorpRAS: Connecting an Organization’s Mission with an Employee’s Ambition

The future of HR is a hotly speculated topic. Will wearables help us track mood, productivity, and organizational health? Does virtual reality fundamentally alter the nature of the workplace? Are robots our inevitable teammates? Amidst it all, one prediction is quickly becoming more commonplace than all the others. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have already begun to change the way we understand how our organizations work, automate, and make the most effective decisions in our roles as people experts.
With growing demand of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, these technologies are becoming game changers in the recruiting industry and if utilized in good order, these technologies would be the foundation for success. Unlike various recruiting agencies, set forth in early 2016, CorpRAS LLP uses various Social Media tools as the trend is different from conventional recruitment portals. It has realized that the traditional methodology of recruitment is being replaced by Outbound hiring. Many service providers have come forward by changing the concept of hiring. As a responsible hiring agency, CorpRAS has opted for several engineering solutions that results in effective hiring of suitable candidates to their customers in accordance with their specific prerequisites. They have made their impact both in IT and Non IT sectors.
Distinct roles by Man-at-arms
After serving in the Indian Army in several offices and different geographical locations for 17 years, Rajan R, the CEO of CorpRAS LLP headed HR/IR and administrative roles for 13 years in manufacturing industry. Holder of an MBA degree in International Business, he had undergone the certification course in HR from the prestigious XLRI to add feathers to the cap.  His objective is always to foster integrity, excellence and professionalism in all the team activities. With attention to every detail, the company takes into consideration all factors to achieve their objective of not just meeting, but exceeding the expectations.
Training from entry to exit level
CorpRAS stands for Corporate Recruitment and Allied Services. Hence, they undertake a whole range of HR services – end to end, starting from recruitment – for all white collar jobs, Training and Development, Payroll and data management, Statutory and Legal entries, etc. To sum it all, CorpRAS process and develop an individual from entry till the time he/she works or exits.
Assisting hiring authorities as well as hiree
CorpRAS seek to assist the clients by shortlisting the best profile in just Two days. Along with this highlight, following are the salient features of CorpRAS:

  • An entirely software-based, no need of excel or hand-written efforts.
  • Sending evaluation sheet (prepared in accordance with the job description) along with the profile to make the client know about the candidate in detail.
  • Enabling the client to completely follow the process and the placement of each candidate for several demands at their convenient time.
  • Helps the candidates to log in and view the updates for the jobs they have applied.
  • The total process is cloud-based so that even the recruiter view the updates wherever they are through the Desktop / Laptop or Mobile apps.

Improving HR consultancy productivity
Initially, it’s difficult to get yourself recognized. But, that’s a problem that every HR consultancy faces and ultimately it boils down to ‘Do we have it in us to keep going and keep ourselves motivated, despite the cash/fund flow and not getting enough closures?’ CorpRAS has certainly got the courage to move on and their clients have really appreciated the way they function. This is the area where HR consultancies need to work on, rather than the competition that surrounds the industry.
Satisfy client and listen to your instinct
Rajan stresses on following two points while managing client. Firstly, to whomever the field of recruitment matter, it is essential to understand what the client wants. This is the thumb rule of recruitment. Sometimes, the briefs aren’t very clear. In that case, it is really important to communicate with the client and be satisfied about what they ask them. Secondly, it is very important to trust one’s scientific instincts gained through professional experience. With Rajan’s long experience in recruiting candidates, he believes that the instinctive call to the task is magnanimous. Hence, to summarize it all, one needs to be open about what the customer desires and take the candidate based on his instincts.
Delivering the right candidate
Although the world of Talent Acquisition has undergone a transformation, thanks to the birth of new and exciting technologies, ultimately the requirements from the customer side has stayed the same. No company wants a lousy, under qualified individuals. So, that has remained the same. Even then, a few factors that influence this criterion has changed.  Speed, accuracy, strategies – to name a few. Giving attention to these factors, CopRAS avers, “While we do want to be fast, 100% reliable, we know that ultimately selecting the right individual is what matters. And so we make sure that the profile that we ship is totally verified, and satisfies the demands of the client perfectly. The icing over cake is that, at CorpRAS, we promise to deliver the right candidate, no matter what industry, in just 2 days.”
Rajan while recollecting the clients experience, says, “Incidents? Hmm, I believe every client is different in their own direction. The challenges are plenty, however, being an HR professional, I am expected to brush those aside and deliver what I promise. And I hope to continue doing the same.”
Equating the professional and personal life equation
A healthy work – life environment is essential. Rajan opines, in this world of competition, “We forget that to efficiently function as an adept professional, balance is of utmost importance. Balance in terms of work – professional life and balance in terms of personal life. This factor keeps you in good stead, no matter what life throws at you. It keeps you stable. And that, is what every employer wants.”

Source :- The 10 Most Admired HR Solution Providers

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