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HR is an ever-evolving realm of business management that’s essential to companies large and small.  Not only do HR professionals have to stay on top of legal and technological developments in their fields, they have to constantly sharpen their marketing and talent management skills in order to stay ahead of the employment curve.
New Horizon provide complete HR solutions under one roof which includes designing process and system covering entire lifecycle of an employee. Starting from what the screening test is, to what to ask during interview, how do you induct an employee in organization, what salary to offer in which structure, how to define role & responsibility, Company HR policy, Retention policy, PMS plan and last exit process.
Woman behind fistful of talent
Falguni Sheth, Founder of New Horizon is a post graduate in HR, having rich experience of 24 years handling all wings of HR. She has so far handled 7500 employees competently.
HR outsourcing was not very familiar subject a few years ago. People only interprets HR as a Recruiter. Falguni has very aggressively spread awareness about HR  consulting especially for SME through establishing an online presence, organizing regular HR awareness session, writing different blogs, through association and through their newsletters. She is also a first HR coach in this domain, coaching business owners to have HR in their organization.
Melding of mind for clients’
New Horizon strongly believes that to have HR function is no more a luxury but a necessity. So they are working on the mindset of not only employees, but also the employer, changing the perspective of owners, and get working on system base and making HR function on auto mode is their USP. They try to focus on the result rather than activity with the required focus.
Because of New Horizon’s designing of customised modules and handholding of clients till implementation and to get desired result, has put client business on automode. They have system based HR process and not people based approach. They feel more powerful while dealing with employees. They have achieved their business goals much faster and smoother as the business goals and individual KRA is in the sync.
Clients have full proof process for hiring the right resource, retention strategy in place. Company’s ideal suggested salary structure has saved their manpower cost to a great extent. So far New Horizon as a company must have saved the approx manpower cost of 4 crore among their client. They have more discipline and regularity of employees. The right kind of policies have created right culture in company.
Tackling today’s employee
Big corporate companies have in-house HR Dept where as SME’s does not have that resource. Their HR consultants have very good role to play in guiding and coaching Business Owners. New Horizon is there to direct them towards growth with its expertise in much cost effective way as day by day handling employees has become more complicated and full time job.
Piles of information, data and insight
New Horizon always studies the Job profile of a position first. They advise client on what type of experience, skill set, resource they should hire and accordingly help them finding out right person at right place by different screening test, functional test and proper sequence from verifying documents, reference check, salary negotiation, final placement to mentoring till settling.
Truly pearls of wisdom from HR veterans
The most common problems which New Horizon face from clients is employees don’t get retained for a long time. Lack of the right kind of employees has been observed. Also, employees do not take ownership of their work. There is no time & leave discipline in employees. Absence of the right kind of systems’ to evaluate their performances. Employees get disappeared once salary gets transferred to the bank.
These are some of the issues which New Horizon incorporates in their customised module and offer solutions. One of their clients had very high employee turnover and they were only busy hiring and training new employees, with New Horizon’s advise and implementation brought retention ratio to 90% from 45% in just 9 months. Another client had a very flat salary structure, for them they made ideal structure which was retaining tool, motivation for employees and absolute compliance proof.
Formation of strong-headed HR
With changing time, new generation is handling business and they surely understand the gist of why HR is vital and a must function for the organization. Survival is the ability to swim in strange water, similarly every company needs an HR not only for growth but even for survival.
If company adheres to legal compliance, have the right kind of policies to make culture very strong and treat employees as partners rather than just staff, then the company can really grow well with satisfied and motivated workforce. With changing time youngsters have their expectations, career path plan and ambition very clear. This can be achieved with best HR practices.

Source :- The 10 Most Admired HR Solution Providers

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