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Over the past few years, HR recruiting consultancies have become a dependable way for organizations to reduce operating costs, streamline internal processes, and focus on core business operations.
To ease this trading of skilled manpower, Transcend HR Consultancy provides recruitment solutions to their overseas clients. Apart from this other services includes visa processing, technical skill set assessment & third party inspection for technical categories etc. They are the only office set-up with a Technical assessment infrastructure & backend recruitment office under same roof which helps their overseas clients as a one stop shop for their entire recruitment needs. 
A bestower for efficient manpower
The journey of Transcend began with Mr. Mustaq Ahmed who is founder & chairperson of Transcend. Working as an offshore Electrician he realized talent gap between current manpower against the manpower skills required by companies and understood that there was a huge shortage of technically skilled manpower required for gulf countries and employers were facing difficulty in hiring them without the required skill set. So, he decided to start a recruiting company which provides additional service of training and testing candidates technically in their required category, which is first of its kind in South India. 
A well organized team of Transcend
Transcend realized that the major resource that India has is the human resource with various kinds of skill sets and they are exceptionally good in identifying & sourcing right candidate with desired skill set from different parts of the country.
The legacy of Transcend is handled by Mudasar Mustaq, MD at Transcend, holds Dual masters (MIT-MBA) from James cook university, Singapore shares the challenging journey he came across, “Soon after I joined Transcend we failed miserably in many recruitment drives which put us into serious thought of finding alternative plan by learning from our mistakes and then I understood that right people are the asset of the company. So, I formed a team who are creative & understood the myth of recruitment process, also giving them freedom to execute creative ideas which provided best results. Team work is what has brought transcend to this level.
I’m very proud & thankful to my tech savvy team members (to mention few L. Arun, R. Surender, Mohsin Khan, Basheer Basha, Rafeeq Ahamed, Anil, Noorul Ariff and Santha Kumar) who under the guidance of our directors Mr. Mustaq & Mr. Ravi Lakshimi Narayanan  leave no stone unturned during the recruitment process and make it successful.”
Fringe-benefit for the Clients
Transcend’s clients are benefited by their unique recruiting process which involves deep networking with huge database of candidates, market research of desired skill set available in India and their in-house trade testing infrastructure to assess skilled technicians with 3rd party inspections like BV, DNV as per client’s standards. To sum up, they provide solutions for recruiting needs which client requires at same place which reduces their foremost cost.
Lack of skilled recruiters renders trouble
Shortage of good recruiters is a major challenge, all the best recruiters are already working with the top recruiters and they won’t leave them for the other consultants because they will not be paid that well nor will they be able to adjust to the new environment. Initially, Transcend was making mistakes in this area by trying to find best recruiters. So, after a lot of discussion, they came up with an idea to train and upgrade their new staffs to become best recruiters in the market, which in turn retains them as key player in market space.
Parameters to place candidates
Transcend source candidates whose skills are absolutely critical to the desired industry. So, main focus is on 3 parameters to evaluate candidates such as Industry-specific skills, Tool proficiencies & Hard skills. 
Industry specific skills
List all essential skills upfront in your resume so that you pass a recruiter’s preliminary screening. For an instance if you are in plant maintenance industry, inspection, preventive maintenance & other measures to maintain systems has to be mentioned in resume.
Tool skills
Tool skills are the software tools or machinery you can operate that are critical to the job you’re pursuing. Some jobs, such as in petrochemical industry or construction industries, require a basic set of skills for candidates to be hireable. 
Hard skills
Hard skills are the things you’ve learned through schooling or training, and are often tied directly to your work experience or degrees and certificates you’ve earned. Fluency in a foreign language, proficiency with ASTM codes or certificate in inspection (CSWIP) are examples of hard skills to be mentioned in resume.
Connecting bridge between job openings and job seekers 
To satisfy the needs of their clients, firstly, Transcend studies client’s organization, their products & services, competitive advantage, corporate culture, competitors, strength, niche expertise etc. Then, they offer holistic manpower recruitment and placement solutions by providing clients with candidates, refined and shortlisted through a simplified screening process.
Usually consultants do not deliver suitable guidance to the hiring managers before recruitment process and the hiring managers do not provide useful feedback on why they are rejecting candidates at screening or interview stage. So, before going to the interview workshop they ensure that there is no misunderstanding between them. Provide clients with insight analysis of Job openings against Job Seekers and current market conditions subjected to geographical areas where the interview is conducted. Transcend constantly interact with their client’s hiring managers at every stage of the selection process and upon their feedback & approval they proceed, by doing so the rate of rejection is reduced.

Source :- The 10 Most Admired HR Solution Providers

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