Cumin: not Just a Spice, But a Boon to the Body


Indian food! These words have a too much exotic effect on foreigners, as most of them have that clichéd idea that Indian food is all about ‘too many’ spices that can give a very spicy cuisine experience. One cannot deny that Indians use a lot of spices, but only few know that all of them come with great medicinal values. All the spices used in Indian cooking may be suggesting the importance of them and it is a hint that one must consume them, for different health benefits. It is like a unique way of our ancient forefathers to teach the value of the spices. Thus there are reasons to choose to talk about the spice Cumin here, as it is one of those spices that come with a number of medicated importances.

Cumin Seeds: what do we know about it?
This apparently ‘simple looking’ spice is very powerful in its own way. Originated from the Nile valley, this medicinal spice can be found in the tropical parts of the continents of Asia and Africa. Apart from India, countries like Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sicily, Malta, Cyprus, China, Indonesia and many more, are likely known to grow cumin. It is not that cumin is only popular in Indian cuisine. In Mexican food too, the use of this spice is very well known. Currently, this spice is being widely used in different cuisines all over the world.  In fact, it is quite surprising to acknowledge that, this is the second most used spice in the world, after black pepper.
With the fun-facts regarding this spice, let us move to the most important part of the topic which is the medicated power of this seed. Cumin is known to be very rich in minerals, along with vitamins A and C. This seed is high in antioxidants and thus capable to fight powerful germs. Here are some of the medical cures of Cumin that will startle to know that such an inculpable spice can be capable of taking care of a lot of health issues and even fighting some of the deadly diseases.

Cumin for Different Diseases
Here is a list of health issues and deadly diseases cumin can control with expedite.
Digestion: The enzyme present in cumin stimulates the saliva production and the digestive fluids which are the perfect remedy for digestion. Cumin also helps in dealing with bloating along with colic or diarrhea.
Immunity Booster: Cumin helps for the betterment of immunity. This seed keeps immunity strong for the better health, so that your body gets ready to deal with any harmful germs and a cough, common cold etc.
Asthma, Bronchitis and Cold: The enrichment in vitamin C adds to the antioxidant that eventually deals with cold and more complicated symptoms of Bronchitis and even Asthma. It has a stimulating agent called caffeine and essential oils as the disinfectants. Expectorant of cumin eases the mucus and phlegm which helps to get rid of cough, every time the patient sneezes or spits. And it also helps to cure the disease of the core.
Insomnia and Sleeplessness:  The essential oils of cumin add as a relaxing agent, that casts relaxation and it also works as an anti-depressant to deal with insomnia and helps you sleep better.

Skin Benefits: For skin issues like wrinkle, dark spot or dullness one can use this spice for betterment. The richness in vitamin E, the disinfectant and antifungal agents help cumin to handle different skin issues.
Anemia and Menstrual cramp: Cumin is full of iron components making it one of the major natural cures for anemia. For women dealing with the excruciating pain of the menstrual cramp, cumin can be a great help for them. It also helps to maintain the menstrual cycle.

Weight loss and Cholesterol: The leading health issue of the world, obesity, can be handled with ease with cumin.  The daily but limited use of this seed increases the metabolism rate of the body and it detoxes the body too. Cumin can also combat the LDL or “bad” cholesterol and triglyceride levels to control the cholesterol level of the human body.

Diabetes: Known as diabetes medicine, the research suggests that the seed components help to reduce AGEs that controls the type 2 diabetes. It controls the insulin level to prevent organ damages due to diabetes and helps to control the disease with minimal malice to the organs of the patients’ body. AGEs are responsible for the damages of eyes, kidneys, nerves and small blood vessels’ due to diabetes. Though there are number of information those are yet to be concerned of, for the proper medication of cumin for diabetes, the current research is too hopeful regarding cumin being a potential medicine for diabetes.

Cancer: Thymoquinone, dithymoquinone, thymohydroquinone and thymol are those anti-carcinogenic oxidation agents; which cure fatty acid of the arteries that leads to clogged arteries and colon and breast cancer.
The researchers are still working on the doses and the procedure to use cumin seed to get the ultimate medical benefits. But the possibilities are soaring high, to encourage us to use this spice in our cooking for a wholesome protection from different difficult diseases and regular health problems.

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