Digvijaya Singh Air Improves Figure in Probe into Aviation Consultant

Digvijaya Singh, CONGRESS general secretary’s name has appeared in the big volume of documents retrieved by the Income Tax Investigation Unit at the time of a raid on the premises of Deepak Talwar, an aviation consultant, on June 22.
The data, some of which had to be restored from deleted files, exhibits that Singh and his family members had been regularly upgraded during international air travel, usually on Emirates Airlines.
The Sunday Express that the value of the air ticket upgrades, over several years, was “substantial”, Sources in the I-T Department informed.
Mr. Singh informed the sources, “Someone called me informally and told me this kind of inquiry is on. But nobody from the Income Tax Department has contacted me officially or sent me any notice or called me for questioning. You can check the facts, like the number of airline upgrades and the value of the same from the department or from Deepak Talwar. All I can say is that no one has spoken to me officially about this.”
Sources close to the Congress leader stated the improvements were mostly on the New Delhi-Houston sector, from 2009 onwards. Talwar.
The search on Talwar’s place had yielded documents and account books exhibiting that between 2012 and 2015, his NGO, Advantage India, had met around Rs 143 crore in several tranches in the form of CSR (corporate social responsibility) funds from MBDA, Europe’s leading missile manufacturing firm, and the erstwhile EADS, which in 2014 was restructured as the Airbus Group.
While Talwar affirmed that there was “no wrongdoing”, all aspects of the case, including the airline upgrades for Singh and the funds received by the defence majors, are now under the examination. About the frequent upgrades for international travel he stated that he did not amount to accepting a huge favor, Sing stated as per the sources, “I need not respond to such questions. As a politician, I do not have to come on record.”

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