T-Mobile Suggests iPhone Users to Skip Latest iOS 10 Update

“Do not download iOS10,” the carrier tweeted on last week to customers who use the iPhone 6, 6+ and 5SE models. “Apple is trying to repair the issues occurring in connectivity.”
iPhone customers were warned not to download Apple’s  recent updates by Telecom company T-Mobile, in addition to an already existing  bunch of unsatisfactory problems about the iOS10 system.
The release of iOS10 was perplexed when major wireless carrier cautioned. Complaints of customers were arriving that as the update was done iPhones and iPads become an inoperable and recurring problem of rebooting on and off.
In an abrupt statement on Wednesday, Apple confirmed a “small problem with the update of software process influencing a short number of users during the first hour of obtainable”. The company said that the problem has been fixed, but has also suggested customers save their data and download the update through iTunes.
Apple claimed its software update as its “ iOS hugest release ever”, but users shortly complained about a lot of things. One of the problems is that after installing the software through Wi-Fi, they were asked to connect it to a computer with iTunes – and then the device will start hanging.
To recover their phones, users were suggested to connect and then reset the phones by holding down the home and power buttons.
Other users face the problem that the software discharges their batteries faster or suffers connectivity problems with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, though these problems will be solved as the device updates and telecom carriers adjust. But some users have discovered problems within specific apps, for example, the recently updated Messages app.
As part of its updates, Messages app has new features like animations and images in addition, which Apple hopes will compete with Facebook Messenger and other services. Searches of a  word like “huge” are being removed when in result explicit images appeared.
The advanced software is meant to improve a range of iPhone and iPad functions, including photography settings, rectified skill for the keyboard and fresh declaration screen and additional utilization for the voice-activated assistant Siri.

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