Divakar Vijayasarathy – A Triumphant and Accomplished Mogul in the Professional World

Divakar Vijayasarathy

Entrepreneurship is a serious business and one needs to have the nerves of steel to succeed in this profession. An ability to turn a small idea into a big venture is not everyone’s cup of tea. It isn’t an ordinary journey; it is the test of your patience, perseverance, the talent to handle success and a strong will to bounce back from failures. It is about embarking on an uncharted path, full of hurdles and adventures, but ultimately leading to manifestation of dreams that will change the course of one’s destiny, and apparently, which will look like an overnight success to rest of the world.
Meet Divakar Vijayasarathy, a charismatic, passionate and inspiring personality, with an infectious smile, who perfectly exemplifies the persona of a successful entrepreneur. He is the captain of his own ship who sailed through rough waters, to reach the shores of success.
The Multifaceted Leader
Divakar Vijayasarathy is the Managing Partner of DVS Advisors (“the Firm”). DVS Advisors is a contemporary tax and regulatory Firm with a specific focus on Direct and International Tax.
Divakar is regarded as one of the top-notch tax experts in India. He looks after the overall Firm’s operations and is primarily involved in top management recruitment, handling sensitive client relationships and acquisitions, integrating various arms of the business, identifying and acquiring potential target firms and businesses and forging new partnerships and alliances.
He says, “I carry a very important responsibility to facilitate in maintaining our present position in the market and also ensure that our Firm maintains a steady growth path for the future”.
The Journey from Dreams to Accomplishments
Divakar was born and brought up in a close-knit middle-class family; he was no ordinary kid for his age. He lost his precious years of childhood to some serious family miseries and thus, became mature at the very early age. Since then, Divakar has been fighting adversities with unrelenting hope and ambition.
Though he dreamed of becoming a doctor, destiny ended up making him an excellent Chartered Accountant.
Divakar always excelled in his academic & professional career and achieved several milestones. He was an All India Ranker in Chartered Accountancy Exams, and secured highest placement offer in ICAI campus. As a highly ambitious person, he desired to create his own mark and he constantly was in search of that one thing which would take him a step closer to his dreams.
Divakar took calculated risks in life. He quit his well-secured PSU job and entered the banking domain, earning a six-figure fat salary. However, destiny had something else for him; he quit this job too, and with a huge risk, started his own venture “DVS Advisors”, at peak of his professional career. This venture was incepted in the year 2007 offering tax, legal, risk and related advisory services. Years followed and then, a big breakthrough came in. The Firm setup its first overseas office in 2011, which was a remarkable moment for Divakar and his entire team.
Divakar excelled in writing too and went on to publish his first National Publication Book on International Taxation in 2011 with India’s leading publisher.
Due to Divakar’s sheer grit, out-of-the-box strategies and innovative ideas, his e-commerce venture was awarded the “Most innovative start-up in 2015”.The Firm acquired an NBFC in 2017, and started the first debt fund in 2018 (backed by investors from Middle-East), which was an important strategic step towards expansion of the business.
Looking back at the journey, Divakar says, “Never give up – entrepreneurship is not easy, but is also not difficult. Consistency, focus and determination are key drivers to success. Compromise short term losses for long term benefits and success will always follow you”.
Qualities that Shaped His Life
While sharing his thoughts about the qualities and people that shaped his life, Divakar says, “My dad will always be my role-model in life. His words, which I often heard while growing up, made a profound impact on my life”.
“He taught me to maintain a calm head in times of crisis, focus on details, be fair and impartial, smile in the times of adversity and most importantly, money never stays, it always flows, so never be attached to it”, expressed Divakar.
He quotes, “Remember – Life is not about having and getting, it’s about being and becoming”.
Divakar’s Notion of an Ideal Leader
Divakar believes, “An astute business leader should have an unbreakable resolve after failures and a sponge-like heart to absorb the disappointments, still maintaining the composure”.
“He should be a harmonious mix of Empathy, Hunger, Vision, Grace, and Impartiality”.
Organization that Delivers Value
DVS Advisors is an international professional services firm offering a wide-range of Tax, Legal, Risk and M&A advisory services for domestic and global business of all sizes. Headquartered at Chennai, the Firm has a global presence with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, London, Dubai, Zambia and Senegal.
The firm is part of MSI Global Alliance, an international network of independent accounting and law firms, which is headquartered in London.
DVS Advisors specializes in the services such as Structuring Inbound and Outbound Investments, Tax Structuring and its Management, Domestic and International Tax Advisory and Litigation, Transfer Pricing, RBI and FEMA Compliance and Litigation, Business Setup, Global CFO Services, Investment Banking and Debt Syndication and many more through its diversified team of professionals including Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Bureaucrats and Bankers.
Future Footsteps
While speaking on prospective future strategies, Divakar states, “We are planning to consolidate our various business verticals; our aim is to focus more on automation, and develop an organizational template for seamless acquisition and integration of smaller firms into DVS”.
Divakar believes in giving back to the society and desires to start a dedicated research academy on international taxation in future.
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