Yogesh Choudhary: Architects Business Ecosystems to Propel Innovation

Yogesh Choudhary

Being the driving force to grow new and upcoming business’s is what I live for. says, Mr. Yogesh Choudhary, who is the founder and CEO of Radiant Web Technology Pvt. Ltd. When passion, faith and a will to work hard are a person’s forte he can achieve anything in life. From the past few years, Yogesh has started working as a Brand Consultant and acts as a visionary to boom Business Enterprise’s.  The amalgamation of a Marketing background along with his expertise in the Tech industry gives his clients a run for their money.

Yogesh established his first venture ‘Radiant Web Tech’ in 2008 and this marked his first step into the business world. “Establishing and running Radiant has been a roller coaster ride” says Yogesh. Today Radiant has achieved numerous feats and is one of the leading Website-development companies in India.  Although, this is just the beginning and the company has miles to go. Born in the city Rewari in Haryana, Yogesh has completed his schooling and graduation there. After which he moved out to Pune to pursue his MBA with a specialization in Marketing. Here, he got selected as RM by a Finance firm during the campus placement. He worked there for a few months and later left his job to start his own company.

With his commitment and hard work, Yogesh has received many awards namely, the ‘Young Entrepreneur Award’ by the former Chief Minister of Delhi Ms. Sheela Dixit and the ‘Star of Asia Award’ in 2016. He was also honored with 50 Most promising Technology Consultant of India in 2015.

Radiant Web Tech – a Complete Digital Experience
Radiant Web Tech is a Web development and Digital Marketing Company based in Delhi. Radiant is a full-service agency optimized for a digital-centric world.  The company has worked with many top-notch brands from the industry, starting from brands like HCL, MDH, Trump Towers, Inox Group to Porsche and Audi. The company has worked for more than 1100 brands from all across the world.

Yogesh’s Passion and Motivation that Drives Him
As a successful and versatile entrepreneur, Yogesh tries to push the limits, to build a good company. He believes that sometimes standing up against conventional wisdom is essential to achieve something great. With such experience and zeal as the company’s backbone, he is always ready to support his employees and ready to catch them in case they ever fall.

His work being his core ambition; has been the very reason for him to be extremely committed to it. Building healthy client relations is his forte. He is a far sighted person, and looks forward to the long term impact of his work. Yogesh does not believe in shortcuts, and this is evident from the dedication he shows towards his work. He gives his 100% to his work and clients, and doesn’t leave any stones unturned to achieve the best results for them.

He is constantly motivated and inspired by Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, who has achieved great things through hard work, honesty, and integrity. He has been influenced by his work and personalities to a great extent. Yogesh’s father is his driving force and he idolizes him. He has seen his father accomplishing various milestones in his life with sheer honesty and hard work, which encourages him to follow his father’s footsteps.

Yogesh’s take on Recent Development in the Website Designing Market
Speaking of the current scenario of the Web Technology and Digital Marketing Industry, Yogesh asserts that this industry has emerged as a boon in this fast paced world. In this era of Digital Marketing, there’s a need to create a niche for helping consumers to discover products based on a combination of their interests.

He considers that Web Technology and Digital Marketing are destined to become more accurately measurable and performance-based industries. By combining human insights with machine learning and real-time predictive analytics, tomorrow’s digital world will provide an easy way to answer more marketing questions.

Advice to new entrepreneurs
Yogesh vouches for the fact that if one wants to become an entrepreneur, then one shouldn’t wait for the right time, it will always be the right time, provided one has a good plan and the zeal to see it through. Also, he thinks that the startup concept is highly overrated. “It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes blood, sweat and tears to build one.” he says. From a practical and logical standpoint, Yogesh advices the new enthusiasts to see both parts of the coin before dipping their feet in the start-up culture. A good analysis and most importantly, validation of the idea before starting any business is a must.

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