Dr. Gopakumar Nair: A Personification of Intelligence and Passion

Dr. Gopakumar Nair:

Over the years there have been fast developments in the fields of IP (Intellectual Property) Laws, Technology trends, R&D and innovation; although the current scenario demands better communications, patient deliberations, willingness to listen and appreciate other’s views and perceptions, with open mind to go back to the drawing board reconciliations. With this goal and zeal Dr. Gopakumar G. Nair, set up Gopakumar Nair Associates (GNAs) group, he is the Founder and CEO of GNAs.
Having been associated with numerous organizations, he has travelled all over the world on behalf of the Government’s Export Promotion agencies, Industry Associations and Chambers of Commerce. This exposed him to various World Trade development organizations such as GATT, ILO, WTO, TRIPs, Uruguay round, Doha round and many global protocols such as Montreal Protocol, at a very early stage. Exposure to these rounds and protocols enabled him to closely notice the potential impact of Uruguay Round, WTO, TRIPs and other treaties on small–medium industry. Subsequently, he opted out of Industry by merging his pharma company with a larger entity and chose to become a service provider.
After acquiring new legal skills combined with pre-existing technology skills, he consequently became an independent IP practitioner, advisor and consultant.
Inspirational Journey from Childhood to becoming a “Patent Guru”
Born to a humble Keralite family of Nairs, he spent his early childhood in pre-independent famine days. In spite of all the odds, his family was extremely educated, his father had MA.LT degree, and was the college principal in the 1930’s onwards after which he became active social worker. He has witnessed the struggle and success of India right from the era of Netaji Bose, Gandhi, and Nehru to Narasimha Rao, Manmohan Singh; through trials, tribulations and fair residual progress till the current Modi resurgence into global economic dominance, growth and leadership.
In spite of inadequate financial support and odds, Dr. Nair went on to do Ph.D. from National Chemical Laboratory, and post-doctoral studies at IIT-Powai. He has also studied Management courses at Jamnalal Bajaj, Patent Law from Institute of Intellectual Property Studies and LLB from Mumbai University over a period extending from 1962 to 2006.
Dr. Nair has a scientific research background, Pharma Industry experience (as CMD, MD, Chairman and Director) of nearly 50 years, and active public life participation in various Industry Associations and Educational & Academic Institutions. He provides consultancy and retainer ship advisory services to a large number of entities, industries, corporates, academia, R&D institutes, start-ups and individual inventors; he is ably and efficiently supported by a team of highly qualified professionals in achieving this goal.
On the legal front, his contributions are phenomenal. After becoming a Patent and Trademark agent and later completing his LLB, he went on to become an IP Attorney, IP Advisor and Consultant. Always being on the top of his game he has served as the interim Dean of Institute of Intellectual Property Studies. Currently, Dr. Nair is known more as an “IP Guru” or “Patent Guru”. He is recognised in India for his stature in the field of Patents in particular and IP in general.
Dr. Nair is a Reflection of his Role Models
Throughout his life span Dr. Nair has had many role models. If just one person to be mentioned, it would be none other than Amitabh Bachchan; his resilience, fighting spirit, magnificent obsession for humaneness, humor and humility is outstanding. Dr. Nair also admires Dr. Yusuf Hamied’s (Cipla) obsession for National pride and self-reliance, his passion for pharma research is commendable. He also considers Mr. N.H. Israni’s (Blue cross) and Mr. Ajit Singh’s (ACG worldwide) corporate management style and networking as unique and worthy of emulating. The common thread of all these individuals is their passion, excellence in their respective fields and goodness in all of them make them commendable role models.
About the company
The original company was Bombay Drug House Pvt. Ltd which later became M/s BDH Industries Ltd, where Dr. Nair served as the Director for nearly 40 years. He has also served as the CMD of M/s Bombay Drugs & Pharmas Ltd. from 1978 to 2002.
With his unending thirst for knowledge and passion for intellectual property, Dr. Nair founded GNAs in 2002, Gnanlex Hermeneutics Pvt. Ltd in 2007 and Gnanlex LLP in 2016. He also founded a knowledge broadcasting platform for IP training, known as Patent Gurukul. Under his wise guidance and watch, CIPROM was registered as a Charitable Trust in 2002. Presently, Dr. Nair is a leading IP Advisor and Consultant for many reputed research organizations and corporates.
GNAs offer superior solutions to clients in the areas of intellectual property protection and enforcement. Their experienced and expert senior patent and trademark associates provide support to clients in many of the technical aspects of IP, TM, patent practice, patent Non-infringement services, freedom to operate opinions as well as patentability, infringement and work around solutions.
A Glance into the Bright Future of GNAs
The organization has emerged as a leading, reliable and efficient intellectual property service provider, specializing in Patents. The association looks forward to strengthen its presence in this field to take a leadership position.
Budding entrepreneurs are increasingly associating with GNAs. Addressing them Dr. Nair says, “Innovation, Innovative pathways and novel products with breakthrough technology applications are the way forward. Common sense, presence of mind, sense of humor, agility and sound health, sound knowledge and experience in chosen field are essential requirements of a business leader.”
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