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Geoinformatics represented by its most powerful technology- Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has become an important part of many disciplines and cuts across all areas of modern information society. Geoinformation industry has seen in the last few years a huge boom. The geospatial industry has been expanding at a breakneck speed with ‘geo’ getting embedded into more and more workflows. The geospatial industry is quickly evolving because the capabilities of digital connectedness and collaboration are moving ahead exponentially. Innovative and leading player like DigitalIndian which is having IT and engineering infrastructure, centers the market with their traditional business model serving various projects with Government and Corporate. DigitalIndian is a professionally managed company based in Kolkata which believes in providing enhanced expertise including engineering services, GIS solutions, consultancy services, IT and ITES and profitability to build long term relationships with their customers and clients.
Technology Derivatives of DigitalIndian
DigitalIndian strive to keep abreast of the latest in technology through constant technology up gradation, training and development. They strive to exploit new technologies towards achieving better quality and productivity in their solutions and operations. They provide solutions to business, industrial, government and scientific problems through advanced technology applications, knowledge engineering, information systems, and consultancy services.
Their core competency is GIS services and the key activities which they provide are as follows:

  • GIS is a sophisticated system that allows you to map, search, compare and analyze real world data. By placing household, business, topographic or any preferred data accurately on a map, you grasp the greater picture and spatial context of your information. GIS is a valuable asset to any business, organization, market, and industry or government operation. GIS allows you to effectively deal with issues such as productivity, demographics, site selection, conservation, risk management, tourism planning, market research, real estate development, environmental analysis, economic forecasting, retail marketing, industrial analysis, recreation or urban studies.
  • Types of GIS Services, DigitalIndian offers are: Raster registration, Geo-referencing & Mosaicking, Conversion, Contouring and creation of DEM / DTM, Query generation, Cartograms & thematic mapping, Geometric Corrections to Satellite Imagery, Noise Removal and Enhancement of Imageries, Imagery Interpretation and Classification, Land Cover Map generation from Remote Sensing Data, Map based applications such as Route Navigation, Optimum Distance Calculation, Capacity Planning (for Dams), Customized solutions.

Training and CAD Services
DigitalIndian provides a wide range of CAD related services like CAD conversion, CAD drafting, Conversion of manual drawings to CAD, GIS mapping services, Architectural drafting, etc. They offer GIS mapping services to go along with their CAD drafting services. They can perform digitization/data extraction & attachment to all types of maps with the help of CAD. Their range of CAD related services include:

  • CAD consultancy services – Their staff support the use of CAD solutions in your organization according to your valuable need.
  • Paper to CAD – They offer complete Paper-to-CAD Conversions and CAD Drafting Services at competitive prices with the precision and quality on which you can depend on.
  • CAD and GIS – CAD may be effectively used in Vectorisation and Digitization of Structural, Architectural, Engineering, Civil, Construction etc.

DigitalIndian training activities include: Basic Training on Standard GIS Software Package, Concepts of GPS / DGPS Survey, Advanced GIS Training on Web GIS and GIS Development, Training on Remote Sensing concepts and Standard Image Processing Software, Basic Training on CAD Software, In House Training Facility and Corporate Training at Customer.
Pioneer of Disruptive Technology in GIS
Santanu Das, Founder & CEO of DigitalIndian, is a highly qualified technocrat with vast knowledge in industry. He started this company with an urge to provide earning opportunity for the vast rural population of India. The company was started with a meager 25,000 rupees as working capital and within a short span of time it has touched a substantial turnover engaging more than 1100 direct employee and 3000 associates and contractual workforce. With innovative ideas and tremendous implementation method, Santanu has pioneered the art of disruptive technology usage in the field. With a far-sighted vision and a penchant for technology, he has successfully implemented the idea of using DRONE for GIS mapping. With an aim to organic and inorganic growth for the company, he has made strategic collaboration with foreign partner companies in this field.
Success is about Clustering Potent Factors All Together
Simply hard work and dedicated workforce has kept DigitalIndian alive. Addition to this, high end technology and the right usage of latest gadgets has tremendously helped them to maintain the accuracy and timely delivery of the projects.
A Team of Expertise
DigitalIndian has a strong team of surveyors proficient in handling instruments like GPS, Differential GPS and Total Stations. They are in association with various sub agencies which provide efficient service in the field of Total Station survey.
GPS provides an accurate three dimensional positioning information of features that may be displayed on maps. GPS is unaffected by rain, wind or reduced sunlight and provides accurate surveying and mapping results. All these accurate geographically-referenced data are vital to effective planning, mapping and development. DigitalIndian’s state of art equipments provide high degree of accuracy, Development of Base Map through GPS Survey, Collection of Ground Control Points, Mapping of district, village, Mouza boundaries with the help of GPS systems and Topographical Survey.
Considers Client as Partner which Retain them for Long-term
DigitalIndian considers their clients as partners. Since this type of job needs high precision and a lot of public relations apart from ground clearances and departmental sanctions, DigitalIndian always keeps their client on the loop to work smoothly. They are reasonable in their approach towards   revenue and always stand by the clients.
DigitalIndian professionals work extensively with emerging technologies for improving their processes for meeting client requirements, increasing productivity and delivering Quality. They work with their clients as partners for building success solutions for them.

  • They assist their clients in understanding the full potential of GIS. With their deep understanding of GIS technology, they help clients in harnessing the power of GIS for enhancing their Productivity and Quality.
  • They provide cost effective solutions directed towards efficient use of digital mapping for solving specific business problems for meeting desired goals of the organization.

DigitalIndian’s mission for their clients is to provide a full range of consulting services in the information systems field; to provide highest quality performance & reliability; and provide their services in the most cost effective way possible.
How GIS is becoming Important part of Web Industry
There was a time when GIS was used for telecommunications, utilities, and oil & gas sectors. However, we are entering an era where GIS  has become service-based. This means the GIS professional connects with consumers directly through web-based applications. This helps businesses to access and analyze data across different network.
Spatial analysis is important to any business that values location as a variable to success. Site selection is a crucial function that is dependent on geospatial analysis. Data can be overlaid onto a map to perform statistical analysis in order to make better decision now-a-days. This has also evolved in integration of big data operations into spatial analysis which gives companies huge data to work with.
Internet of Things (IoT) also plays a huge role in modern era where it is directly integrated into a GIS layer stack, where the data is analyzed, visualized, and reintegrated into online applications.
Special application for iPhones or Android devices has been designed to collect geospatial data or explore it visually, anywhere and at any time. Professionals in the field can use these apps for data collection or as observational data, which they can then bring directly into an enterprise services environment in the cloud.
Strategies to Overcome the Upcoming Challenges
DigitalIndian is primarily focusing on the following challenges:
Keeping up with the market: Their marketing and business development team continuously monitors the market.
Planning ahead: As your business grows, your strategy needs to evolve to suit the changed circumstances. DigitalIndian try to keep themselves updated with new market opportunities. Following the same business model, but bigger, is not the only route to growth. There are other strategic options such as outsourcing or franchising that might provide better growth opportunities.
Problem solving: Every day brings new challenge that on urgent basis needs resolving, for which DigitalIndian’s management specifically works for troubleshooting. Identifying the key drivers of growth is a good way of understanding what to prioritize. Giving priority to their customers and maintaining the financial goal is the key.
Welcoming change: Regularly revisiting and updating your business plan can help remind you of the changing market conditions and the need to respond to them. DigitalIndian try to keep up-to-date plan to identify what action needs to be taken to change their business and the way it operates.
Don’t Compete Instead Collaborate with Competitors 
Since GIS has very vast and wider scope, DigitalIndian tries to augment their expertise by collaborating with competitions. So, they don’t treat other companies as competition rather they try to work jointly with them.

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