E-Waste Recyclers India: A Visionary Chieftain for the E-Waste Management Entrepreneur- ‘Ship’ in India

E-Waste Recyclers India

An Activist, An Environmentalist or An Entrepreneur? All three of them!

Yes, she is known for donning multiple hats and that too with utmost perfection and sincerity. A graduate from Delhi University, she is an environmentalist at heart, spearheading the business of E-Waste Management sector in India, while keeping her core values of social activism intact. We are talking about Sunita Arora, a very well-known figure from the field of sustainable development in India.

Let us delve a bit deeper into her work-life and try to find the pearls of business successes blended with sustainable environmentalism.

The Thrust at Inception
Since the early stages of her life, she has believed that Sustainability and Development can definitely go hand-in-hand. Being an avid proponent of the green concept of sustainable development, not only she did impactful studies on the relationship between the two, but also, she has continuously worked to create a public awareness about the need of sustainable development.

With the booming industries and ever-expanding markets for electronic sectors, we were staring at the heaps of electronic wastes which were definitely not going to reduce on their own. There was a need to protect the human and environmental health from the harmful effects of the electronic wastes. This growing need for efficient management, of electronic wastes in our country acted as a catalyst and led to the laying of founding stones for EWRI.

Today, EWRI aims to turn waste into sustainable resources by extracting pure metals from end of life electronics in an environmentally responsible manner. At EWRI it is firmly believed that through proper scrap management technology and environment can happily co-exist. As a leading e-waste management company in India, it has assumed this responsibility with diligence and it continuously strives to make it happen.

The Art of Grooming
New and changing trends in technology are quite vital for any business venture. These can have a lasting impact on how customers reach the e-waste. Further, it does influence the company’s growth prospects too. Hence, under the guidance of Sunita Arora, it is ensured that all of the employees are always kept updated with the latest technologies and innovations. Multiple modes viz. Networking, Seminars, Books, Newspapers, Magazines etc. are used there to serve the purpose. Moreover, a healthy workplace culture in the organization is maintained at EWRI, where they can feel safe, comfortable, valued and assisted.
By using proper management abilities, the employers at EWRI addresses the needs of valued employees, anticipate issues and strive to dilute the stress teamwork among them.

Novelty and Uniqueness
The crux at EWRI comprises of Innovative Ideas, Right talent, Expanded Network, Impeccable Hard work and Best-in-class Customer services. EWRI puts great emphasis on customer satisfaction as well as taking care of environment, health and safety standards. Their USP is the self-motivated teams of professionals along with highly advanced technological recycling processing tools that provide cost-effective and timely services to the clients.

EWRI offers end-to-end solutions for the collection, recycling and safe disposal of electrical and electronic scraps. They obtain and recycle phones, computers, telecommunications equipment, consumer electronics, monitors, IT equipment & accessories, storage media, UPS, scientific & medical equipment amongst others that have been discarded or regarded obsolete.

At EWRI, they believe in the mantra of adaptability as per the market conditions. It is quite rightly said that any progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. Through the experience and prudence Sunita Arora along with her team at EWRI, make the clients aware of the best available opportunities for them. This in return, provides fruitful results in the most efficient manner.

The Work in Progress
Sunita Arora believes that being a part of the solution is the best way to solve any problem at hand. She, by the means of EWRI, is working in the direction of making earth a better place. They strive to ensure proper re-cycle of the e-wastes as much as possible.
At EWRI there exists a ‘de-assembly’ line where individual items are de-manufactured or disassembled.

The Way to Avert is to Prepare
Among various challenges, Sunita considers the complexity in recovering precious and rare earth materials as the major one.

She emphasizes that the technological development in this area is important in order to ensure that the recycling plants have the flexibility to cope with multi waste streams.

She believes in the promotion of Reduce, Reuse and Recycles theory. In this line, she further adds “We are absolutely striking the balance in the journey for the Industry and we are confident that the market demand for this is there. With increased regulation pressure, policy change and awareness in ways to deal with waste, we think the demand for recycled e-waste will keep increasing”

Mapping the Route Ahead
Sunita believes in working for the present while keeping an eye on the future. She says, “The five Year Goals exercise is very important to frame the on-going activities and for everyone in the group to help achieve their goals & objectives”

In her school of thought “Working with conviction, courage and leadership helps to get what you want”
She is quite right in saying that it takes more than a good idea to fuel a successful business endeavour. Ideas are always cheap but the effective execution is a much greater part of success along with a focused plan to achieve the objectives.

Source :-The 10 Most Valuable Waste Management Solutions Providers

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