SOGO Synergy: We Care for ‘Tasks’ of Today and as We Share the ‘Responsibilities’ of Tomorrow

SOGO Synergy
SOGO Synergy

While making any move in a forward direction, we, human beings have a naïve tendency to leave ‘something’ behind. In the maddening rush to make forward advancements, the utter negligence of effects and conditions of ‘What we have left behind’ is a humongous problem which we are battling.
The case of advancing electronic industry at paramount pace resulting in piles of non-attended e-waste left behind is no different. However, every single problem comes with its own solution nearby. In the form of E-waste Management service providers, we have found the panacea to this problem too.
SOGO Synergy is one amongst a few which have made a respectable and reputed mark of its own in the e-waste management sector. Be it with their advanced methodology of e-waste recycling or with their acceptance of innovations with changing times, SOGO Synergy is making all the right kind of noises that this industry needed for long. The noises of the rupturing of the status quo. The noises of bringing the long due changes.
The Start which Mattered
The SOGO Group of companies is a well-known name in the fields of top-branded IT products. After the establishment of SOGO Computers Pvt. Ltd. in 1993, the company has pioneered in technology re-distribution while serving as a leading IT Rental Service and Solution Provider and imports of high-end electronic products.
From the environmental perspective, the significant advancement came once SOGO group established the e-waste management and IT asset disposition solutions through its associate sister concern SOGO Synergy Pvt. Ltd.  Since then, the company has served the country as Cradle-to-Cradle solution providers. Not only, do they sell the computer parts and accessories, but also, they provide the means to efficiently dispose or recycle the same once they attain the end of life. SOGO is committed to maintaining quality, trust, and reliability for bringing additional values to the customer’s investments. Their efforts are entirely dedicated to serving their customers to the highest level of satisfaction.
Brain Behind the Inception of SOGO
Mr G Jayamuni Rao, the Chairman & Managing Director of Sogo Group of Companies, is the guiding light enabling the continuous advancement of the company on the roads of success.  He was judicious in gauging the fact that advanced technologies are the major contributors in discarding older electronic equipment as waste and that recycling is one critical aspect which is being overlooked. Until now, very few companies have realised the potential of this emerging business. He considered that the investment in this new sector would lead to a win-win situation for e-waste generator, recycler, and the government.
Moreover, the fact that it will further support the country tremendously by putting e-waste into productive use served as the motivation he required for setting of e-waste management business. The dedication and zeal to achieve success can be measured by the fact that he started his business journey as a travel agent whichbut today, he leads toa 300 -crore worth business of Sogo Group of Companies.
Talent Development at SOGO
The company encourages their employees to take ownership of their jobs and to strive for personal excellence. They share knowledge of each activity of scientific e-waste management while providing referrals to do their job independently. It’s Vision and Mission to drive the company as a leading IT Infrastructure Solution Provider by providing focus on various Market Challenges with consistency in Excellence to its Customers. SOGO Synergy has the blend of success for themselves and service for the society in this aspect. They aim to be the top achiever in the process of e-waste by observing scientific methods of recycling as approved under the environment protection act. The company is consistently making efforts to becoming a role model in e-waste recycling for productive uses and recovery of precious metals.
Philosophy determines the Methodology
While performing all E-waste Management Services, SOGO agrees to comply with all applicable permits of central Govt., State Govt., local laws and regulations all duly constituted authorities.
SOGO has adopted the essence of the ZERO WASTE movement as a recycler so that the resources of e-waste do not need to be discarded. They strive to ensure that all electronic equipment be refurbished, reused and recycled instead of being dumped in a landfilled.
As a Recycler, SOGO goes for ZERO Waste Technology by Recycling and Re-using the electronic scrap material without any wastage in the Landfill or Dumping sites. By doing so, the environment is greatly benefitted, and these landfills can be put to more for productive uses such as agriculture and infrastructure development activities.
Overcoming Challenges
The biggest challenge before the recycling industry is financial constraints in establishment of a sophisticated factory with machinery which does not harm the environment and ignorance. The unwillingness of the ones generating e-waste is also one major challenge in the way of safe recycling. In light of this, the recycler needs Govt. support to establish recycling facilities by observing stringent environmental regulations as well as manage a better model for recycling of e-waste. SOGO Synergy is well prepared to battle these with their tools of innovation and unwavering dedication.
Goals for the Future
The primary objective of SOGO is to establish a recycling unit with the principle to ‘GO FOR ZERO WASTE’ to enable the Govt. to use Landfill/Dumping yard for other productive uses. The company also aims to increase the recycling rate by observing environmental regulations for proper disposal of e-waste by creating awareness among the generators on proper disposal of e-waste and start a recycling movement under the principle of “Reduce-Recycle-Reuse”. They are continually moving towards more sophisticated technologies for achieving the targets they have set for themselves and for the tomorrow they have dreamt of for the society.
Faith Brightens the Future
The past is never in our hands. All that we have in our control is the present and hope for the future. The best feature of SOGO Synergy is that the company is not only making continual efforts to safeguard our present but also, they are creating the much requisite awareness among the masses at large to secure our future.
Victory has always gone to the sides of the one who has the strength in faith and conviction in efforts. SOGO Synergy has a perfect blend of both. Undoubtedly, they will be victorious rider on the roads to cent percent efficient e-waste management, ensuring a cleaner, greener and better tomorrow.

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