Namo E-Waste: An Abode of Innovations Conceiving a Cleaner Tomorrow

Success is never an overnight phenomenon. The overnight successes visible to human eyes also have countless hours, days & months of dedicated efforts and serious level of toils hidden beneath it. Having said that, it is also a matter of the fact that the height of a tree can always be predicted by observing the strength of its sprout. Here, we are talking in terms of Namo E-Waste Management Limited which is already making all the good sounds in the e-waste recycling industry, even before completing its initial five years of inception. For this success at stupendous pace, the efforts and dedication of its Founder, Akshay Jain shall definitely be credited.
The Early Hustle
As an entrepreneur, Akshay has always been very flamboyant in putting up his views on every platform. He sticks to a very tight schedule when it comes to sleeping and getting up on time. Regular with his fitness routine and meditation whenever he get a chance, has completely transformed his life not just professionally.
In fact, he is one of the youngest people to be invited to ‘Policy Making’ meets by various ministries. He has featured in many events as a speaker/panelist and also covered by leading media houses as one of the top budding entrepreneurs in India.
After successful completion of his graduation in Mechanical Engineering, he worked for Maruti Suzuki India. Thereafter, he attained his master’s degree in business management from Greenwich University, London. He was inspired by the responsible recycling mechanism present in the UK and the dire need for such a system in our country for our sustainable growth.
Realization of the Concept
Akhsay’s fascination for advanced recycling mechanism germinated the idea of a setting a responsible firm enabling the same. The idea got into the shape of Namo e-waste in 2014 and since then, with his enthusiasm at a young age of 28 years, he has taken big steps to reach the goal of building one of the best e-waste recycling facilities in India. Namo e-waste is the fastest growing e-waste management company in India working with many public and private sector companies.
Namo e-waste was incorporated in January 2014 after more than 2 years of feasibility study and various technical analysis. Recycling license was issued in August 2015. Meaning thereby, it took 18 months for setting up the plant and machinery to make it one of the best facilities in the country with zero waste discharge technology. The wait and efforts were worth. Right after its inception, Namo came up with the finest technology available for extraction of metals from e-waste and separating the hazardous content present in it. The company has attained the best recycling standards for e-waste by getting R2 certification along with OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. Today Namo’s team comprises of educated professionals and highly experienced members. Their current strength if of over 50 employees including 25 staff members. This team has delivered in all aspects and has contributed to the steep rise of the company.
Conviction of Responsibility
Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) – The EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) targets are given to the producers and manufacturers of electronic items by the Government in which they have to collect and recycle a percentage of their sales of electronics in the country. Namo e-waste acts as a PRO for these companies to meet their EPR collection and recycling targets. These rules came into force in 2017 and Namo e-waste became the first PRO company to recycle over 1000 Tonnes of e-waste for EPR. The share of revenue through this dimension is over 50% of our business
Innovation is a practice
Namo e-waste is associated with various citizen action groups and municipal corporations across Delhi/NCR for the door to door e-waste collection from the households, offices, and individuals by conducting community awareness and collection drives. The awareness drives consist of interactive sessions with the stakeholders by educating them through videos and other relative content. The company also organizes activities for children where they can write/draw/color a social message related to responsible waste disposal. Most of the citizen action forums consist of active senior citizens and women.
Namo e-waste also installs e-waste collection bins at the housing societies, RWA’s, offices and various institutions for disposal of low-value e-waste like small batteries, USB wires, remotes etc. The company schedules a pickup with the concerned and collect material for recycling from these bins. They have been able to cover over 1,00,000 people over the period of 1.5 years through this initiative. Also collecting and recycling more than 300 Tonnes of e-waste that could have ended up in dustbins and eventually to the informal sector.
The Shining Crown
In such a small span of its realization, Namo e-waste has already made a mark of his own in this sector. The responsible efforts resulted in plenty of much-deserved awards & accolades too. Namo e-waste awarded as Best Green Startup 2015, Best Refurbisher at Clean & Green India Awards, 2015 & Best Startup at JITO, London in 2017.
Moreover, Namo e-waste also got awarded as ‘Best Recycling Company of the Year’ at Green India Awards, New Delhi 2018 and bagged 2nd Prize at ‘3R Excellence Award for E-Waste Recyclers In India’ at 8th Regional 3R Forum In Asia and the Pacific at Indore 2018.
It is said that numbers speak a lot. In his field too, Namo e-waste has been making stupendous development. By tapping the major corporate and electronic manufacturers across India, Namo has achieved the numbers of recycling 2500 MT of e-waste (turnover of Rs.4.5 cr) in the year 2016-17 compared to 600 MT (turnover Rs. 10 lakh) in 2015-16. In the year 2017-18, the company has done a turnover of Rs. 8 crores. They are looking forward to achieving 25000 MT in the year 2018-19 with a turnover of more than 25 cr. The company is set to gross a turnover of over Rs.100 crore by the year 2021.
Namo e-waste has been a Pioneer in the fields of asset management and electronics recycling. The dedication they have been showing in their efforts speaks a ton about their future. Even Sky is not the Limit.

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